Real Woman have curves

I’ve decided to change this section of my blog to something more relevant (I guess?) It used to be a section titled #shamelessselfies  (the hashtag was sooooooo 10 years ago Ha-ha) but since I am an advocate of supporting women from all shapes and sizes to be nothing short of proud with what we  have and what we all are.

Loving yourself and accepting your own uniqueness is one trait that may have gotten vanished as time passes by and one’s idea of the word beauty nowadays needed someone else’s validation and number of likes on social media sites. 

We are all beautiful no matter if we are a size 2 or not, We don’t need the permission and approval from anyone just to feel good and positive with how we look. 

Accepting your flaws and inner self is one of the main keys to happiness. 

If you love it, others will see it through. 


Beauty doesn’t come in just a size 2. Bigger ones are just the same, but on a bigger package


You can check my lookbook account and hype these looks.



Till the next!

The MoodyMina ❤



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