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Drummer Girl


I was 13 years old when my Mom enrolled me in a 20 day drum session with his former student who used to play with Willie Revillame’s rock band, back in his low key music career. I remember my first complete song was Hoobastank’s The Reason.

Then I started a band with my high school classmates. We have done covers from bands like Sandwich, Kamikazee, Sugarfree, Chicosci, Black Sabbath and Slapshock and later played our set during fiestas around Pasig. We experience the best life, starting a band during the prime years of OPM music and renting a studio for 100-150 pesos / hour was a major deal and the longest, most exciting 1 hour of our lives.

People would express how cool that is, having a teenage girl playing the drums with boys as her band mates.

That was surely some of the best days of my teenage life.

Fast forward 15 years when I had the chance to play again in front of my workmates and a younger crowd during our Anniversary Party.

I also hosted the event and needed to utilize my small amount of time to change and get ready for our sound check. That one should explain the heavy make up and sets of bling on me Ha-Ha! Who would have thought that my contour and highlights have done me good while playing and sweating like a kid!


I was half dead = drunk as early as the first 2 hours of the event, as I was treated like a princess and get the first dibs on any cocktail at the bar. I remember one of our Managers saying “Give her whatever she wants, she’s our host, she needs her adrenaline rush” The sweetest line played in my ear and pretty much, that’s what I get for being cute and upbeat in front of the stage Ha-Ha!


That night was a blur. A sweet, satisfying, fun, energetic and one memorable night that triggers my kind of happiness that may have gotten idle but stays with me forever.

Playing the drums, making music is always a great idea.


I am just loving every minute of that night with my favorite people and new favorite crowd.

All photos taken by: Lyle Yamsuan.


It was the kind of happiness that completed both the person that I am now and the inner heavy metal kid inside me waiting all these years to feel the adrenaline rush of holding the drumsticks, pound the snare and hit the cymbals like no one else’s business.

That night was fuck*ng perfect ❤

Little drummer girl is and will always be inside and when it’s time to go heavy metal hard? She sure is to pound!


Here is the link to our first practice. Hahaha! I am hoping to have more sessions and videos to share, but this will do for now.

Hi, Mama! Hope you love our set from up there! 😘



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