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3 A.M Musings

Sharing with the world an excerpt of how I suck after being bitten by a love bug.

This is how I used to feel about my post “M.U” stage with this guy who once made me the happiest girl in the world. I found this sitting on one of my notes written last 2015.

Me and him are friends and will always be friends  *cue* Gwen Stefani’s – Cool.


I’ve just gotten to realize that I used to have all the hugot in the world and how love can bring out your inner Shakespeare and hidden jeje mode. Mixed together and a cute synopsis were made. Ha-Ha!


Because of you, I get to appreciate all the days that there is on the first month of Summer.

Oh man, I miss you. I miss us. I miss the thought of you. I miss having you in my life.

It’s been years, but here I am, still being awaken by the thought of you living in the depth of my mind, breathing in and out with my heart and it still lingers to my soul. In that moment of everyday, I knew, you will and forever be a part of my being.

You made me the happiest. That night when the world paves its way to just the two of us, I will never forget. The conversation that never gets old and every word still play back in my ears. The inevitable feeling that only you can give.

For you can only understand me and I understand you. Our fears, our happiness, our dreams, Our story for us to know and keep.

It’s been years when I had you.

Sadly, our love story had its final page with no content on how it ends. It just did.

It’s been years when the man that I truly care and love, vanished.

No sign. No reason. The best summer of my life ended like the leaves in fall.

The love that starts and the love that never happen. It just ended in a blink of an eye.

It’s been years when I had to let go.

If only. I had the courage to tell you how much I love you. I would. I got scared. Sorry. Funny because all along, I was only waiting.

Waiting for you, for us, for something.

Somebody owns you now.

Don’t you worry kid. I still love you. I have been loving you for years. In silent.

The hardest thing that I have to do is see you happy in your life that I am no longer part of.

Every day, I wish it was me. If I can only turn back time and fight for you and fight for us. It’s me and you, only you.

I miss you.

I love you.

I am happy for you.

In another life and I will see you? Without a skip of a heartbeat, I’ll tell you, I love you.



I made this, still with a waiting heart, but reading and sharing this with everyone made me realized that words with the heaviest content does come from the most vulnerable state out of love and hope.

Till the next!

The Moody Mina



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