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My Bestfriend’s Wedding #2

I first met Anna through my high school bestfriend Cat.

We were never formally introduced and I only know her as my bestfriends’other bff. From there we became friends on Facebook and as day passes by, I get to know her or at least find her interesting and someone who I can totally relate to with her posts, mostly memes, videos and thoughts about bands that I also listen to. I said to myself, I think “we can be friends”

Almost 2 years of being online friends who would like each others posts, laugh at the same video and listen to the same bands, We finally see each other in person by total accident.

I can still remember it was late 2013 when we bump into each other at the ladies restroom on our previous work. We saw each other and the rest as we call it is, history.

That night, we were almost inseparable and would hang out till morning with my then traineees on a Friday night. Sleepover at my sister’s place and endless chats as if we have known each other for years.

That night in the ladies restroom paves its way for the two of us to connect and build our own friendship that stood still for years.

And I will always be thankful knowing that I found a best friend who shares the same admiration for Heavy Metal music and go ga-ga over Backstreet Boys, make up, hanging out at the mall, explore restaurants and appreciate the wonders of food whenever we can, attending concerts and sharing of the best, funniest and wittiest memes for everyone to see.





I am proud to have known you as a strong, independent woman who also shares the same love and wisdom for her family. You made me admire you even more with how I see you put your family as your number one priority.

I know Adam and Miguel are luckier in more ways than one having you in their lives. You are truly a pretty, brave soul.

We also get the chance to have a friendship with each others family (I gain a friend on her little sister Joan) and be always present on our special days. I am the godmother of her adorable son Adam Carlisle and I get to tag along my nephews on his celebrations and they hit it off too!






This year made it extra special as my best friend takes on another, and one of the biggest adventures of her life, as a wife. Cozeth got engaged a year ago with her long time boyfriend Miguel and last June 18, they sealed it with a kiss.

A week before the wedding, we threw a simple and intimate bridal shower for Anna along with her high school bff Geena and sister Joan.

There were minor bumps when we were planning with her other friends and at the time, there was a storm making it more challenging for us to have her go to Cazuela with no hints or guesses about her bridal shower.

Thank goodness, that it went well and all were crying happy tears as we reminisce about our friendship, memorable experiences and message for the bride. It was a happy day indeed.

We were still in high about the bridal shower when in a blink of an eye, it was already Monday. It’s the wedding day.

I just got home from a Leadership Training (previous blog) Sunday Morning, but I have to pack my stuff and meet Cat before heading down on her place the night before the wedding. We initially wanted to have a slumber party, but everyone’s energy is shutting down and we decided to have ourselves a nice and long sleep specially the bride.

We woke up with a heavy and tasty breakfast cooked by Ana. I remember telling her that they were so chill and calm, far from how I see myself on my wedding day. I guess they really made a great team planning the whole thing smoothly.

I then found out that the wedding is mostly D-I-Y (do it yourself)

We take off at around 9 a.m and drive to Philip’s Sanctuary in Antipolo and the location is perfect for the event as it caters to the place, big enough for the hair and make up, photo shoot, rooms for the guest and entourage and it has a complete dining and living area for the guests and their families after the long drive.


Time to prepare! The Bride goes first.

Anna is like a living doll. She was and will always be the pretty, 5 foot girl that I know but the saying is true. A woman’s beauty definitely grows on her wedding day/ happiest day.

I can’t help but take some photos bts.

We were then told at around 1 p.m to get ready.

This is it ladies.

I actually decided to do my own makeup using my Lustrous makeup set, but I need my hair done with the same glam team who did everyone’s hair and makeup.

How do you like my make up?

Yay or Nyay?

The wedding starts at 3 p.m

We were all celebrating as the weather grant our wish for a sunny day to a beautiful Monday. It was raining hard days before and the weather made sure that everyone gets to witness how inviting the place is for Anna and Miguel’s beautiful wedding.

I was one of her bridesmaids and I am so happy and proud that her wedding is nothing short of magical and enchanted. The kind of wedding that I always envision for Anna.

(Some are grabbed photos from Clip Media Photo and Film)


I love you so much tey!

Here is my message to my best friend, the beautiful bride.

I am over the moon happy for you two! Miguel Anthony Velasco Anna Cozeth Ramos 😊 Your wedding is truly enchanting. It is simply beautiful! What made it beyond special is knowing the amount of love that both of you have for each other and I get to be a part of this lovely celebration.

Mahal na mahal kita Tey! and I would not mind any long drive just to see you, more so on your special day. Thank you for the friendship and thank you for having me. It was such a great feeling knowing that the wedding that you always deserve finally happen! Ganda ganda mo nakakaloka e!

Miguel, Thank you for loving my bestfriend!

#Miguel&CozethFinally ❤


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