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Whenever I hear the word teamwork. I was always reminded with the quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
In this industry where teamwork is a vital portion of our machine’s engine to success, we get used on always being the advocate to our associates, the future leaders on how one small effort leads to the inertia of the business’ triumph.

Work, life and how to balance both, happened and get in the way that leaders who leads does not realize that we also needed to reinforce and supplement what teamwork really meant. After all, we must always lead our people by example.

Last Saturday, June 18, Training, Quality, Reporting, Workforce Team got to spend the whole day with nothing but excitement on what our Senior Leaders kept on their sleeves.
All were welcomed by the beautiful amenities of Villa Rina in Laguna.The place as I must say is a haven for leadership training, conference, seminars or simply a place where everyone can spend the day, taking a break from work to relax, learn and have fun.

Good thing for Alorica – PayPal Support Group that we get to have the best of both worlds.

The training session was called Evolve Leadership Training and proper expectations that include the agenda were discussed that add hype to its Support audience. Managing teams, improving training, meeting deadline and deliverables had taken part with the supports’ daily lives that leadership training made everyone thrilled and enliven.

The support group was divided into 6 teams and the training started by letting each to identify their strengths and opportunities as a leader that made way for the rest to also understand the work ethics of their colleagues. During the first part of the session, each group has shown competitiveness and eagerness to showcase their teams’ value whenever a team can.

Dave Si, Director of Operations facilitated the session and it was nothing short of a fruitful and nurturing discussion that ran for 8 hours that made everyone not wanting to miss anything on a blink of an eye.

The session includes the introduction of an upcoming project that aims to help and increase the overall experience of our customer’s by identifying and matching their profile, the start of the Customer Profile via Gamification.

The main highlights of the session includes discussion about Situational Leadership that aims to drive leaders to adjust his style to fit the developmental level of the followers he or she is trying to influence.

Leadership Profile also aims to break the norm of how we see a leader and their skills to influence, but also an understanding that great leaders also share certain qualities and attitudes of their followers not just by profile preference.

Dave also shared his learnings from his 14 years of experience in the industry that is evidently the part of the session where everyone were hooked and had their own self-realization and more so inspired on how our Director shared his far from perfection milestone.

How he used to be when he was just starting and how it eventually changed and soon made a greater impact that made him the inspiring, goal driven, empowered leader that he is today.

I even mentioned this to everyone that “Today, is definitely, one of the happiest days for our Support and Operations group to come together as one and learn together as a team and have fun as a family.

We could not be more proud knowing that after some minor-major bumps, highs and lows, failed attempts and now achievements are coming together, proving that waiting and working hard every day, indeed pays off.

Evolve Leadership Training was truly a success. Proven on how each support members expressed all the learnings that they have absorbed, how their own colleagues both inspired and serve as an instrument for them to learn and grow as an individual, how the session taught them that success between a leader and their team takes two to tango and not just a one sided work and most importantly how success can be attained not just by its end results rather a collaborative, innovative effort, wellness and inclusion of each members of the team leading to its favorable outcome.

“The strength of each team is individual member. The strength of each member is the team”

We also get the chance to bond and enjoy after hours when the clock hits 9 p.m

Sharing with you our impromptu “photo shoot” while enjoying the jacuzzi at Villa Rina, our pre and post Evolve Training that is a definite proof that this team knows when to talk business, have fun and show some mad love to the camera. We won’t say No to a picture, that’s for sure. Ha-Ha!

T’was a memorable experience that only light up the path to our brand new road, same family but now with a clearer vision, ready to take on another life changing travel that is worth of every pain and recognition.

Forever grateful to be part of this family.



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