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What’s Inside my make up kit

Hi guys!

It’s a start of another week and I since I am slowly fulfilling my promise to this blog for a regular update (for the nth time),  I thought of sharing something that most, especially girls can relate to.

Now, If you’ve been following my blog or have read my previous entries, for 1sure you have already seen some of my What’s in my Bag entries. I started mine after watching Saab Magalona’s years ago, fast forward today when it became a trend  and now local celebrities willingly shared their items for everyone to see.

The bag is everything and to us girls, the contents inside is as important or in a more familiar phase, it contains the “can’t live without” items to survive a day out in public.

I have shared my make up kit before, but never really get into details about the brands that I am using and provide feedback, comments and suggestion. I thought this would be a perfect start since I am slowly preparing to make my own makeup vlog. SOON.

and here it is.

Makeup Bag
I know, it’s too girly for me, but what I like about this is 1) It’s a gift from my sister and I think it’s really sweet of her when she found out that I needed a new one. 2) It contains everything that I needed and I meant ALL of my essentials can be kept in this bag and this is a convenience to us girls and also to our bag.

This one is from Avon.


Look at what’s inside. I always bring this bag on weekdays and it contains everything that I need before going to work and it may be a handful for a touch up, but it is also convenient to find everything in one place.
I will share my makeup essentials and content of my make up based on how I am using it in order. I always start with my Maybelline Fit Me – Matte + Poreless foundation. The coverage is perfect as one drop goes a long way. I also like that it does not come off easily, especially when I sweat. This retails for 399 pesos and I would definitely recommend this product.
When I went shopping, I asked Maybelline’s make up assistant at their booth, “what would be the best shade for my skin tone” and she recommends Natural Beige – 220 since my shade is lighter. I also get a lot of good feedback from workmates that this liquid foundation is really working and they are using it too.
Is it obvious that I did my make up haul at Maybelline? Ha-Ha! After my liquid foundation, I am to apply my Maybelline Noveau Instant Age Rewind Concealer Stick – Medium Shade. I use this stick to cover my eye circle and dark spots and it applies smoothly.
I now apply my Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake. This one is pure awesome! To be fair, it no longer needs a high amount or coverage of liquid foundation or concealer (well, it still depends on your skin tone and so far it works for my shade) This is also recommended by Maybelline and I’ve seen celebrities and make up vlogs using the same foundation.
I also like the gold color of its compact. So classy ❤ Is it obvious that I use this every day? Ha-Ha! The brand is fading on me Ha-Ha!
After I clear and put enough coverage on my face, I now apply my Maybelline V – Face Duo Stick. It’s a concealer and highlighter stick in one. Trust me! This one is what I am obsessed with out of all the working products from Maybelline. Unfortunately, I did not get the name for the color shade but the contour stick is a bit lighter compared to mine so I have to apply 2x, but it’s entirely my fault for picking the box / stick without swatching it first. The highlighter is pure love! It works its magic and lasts for hours! Try this one and you will not regret. I mean 2-1? Dead give away GOOD DEAL
Before I splurge on Maybelline, these 2 are my go to concealers and my absolute favorite. When I feel like my face needs to breathe every once in a while, I only apply my Moist Labo Matte Cream from Korea. Guys, this is the BEST! It last for hours and the coverage is enough without any powder on! (it’s actually a gift from Madam Dei on her recent trip) and Ever Billena Advance Shine Free Concealer is not bad.
I used to be obsessed with the “drunk blush” trend and I started with the blush powder from Ever Bilena but my friend who is a Make Up Artist recommended this lip and cheek tint from the same brand. This Ever Bilenna Advance Lip and Cheek Tint is one of my make up essentials that I always bring even when I am just to bring a pouch. It is my MUST HAVE. Aside from the fact that it’s 2-1, with the right amount and pat – spread on your cheeks, the finishing looks natural and lasts for hours. I will post a picture with me just wearing an eyebrow liner and the lip and cheek tint that gives me the natural – light look that I like to wear everyone once in a while. This is a new tube because I finished my first one and it lasted for 1 month.
This is my other contour set. These are cream based and I still have to test it for myself. The first – thin brush is what I use for my eye shadow and the big one serves as my applicator for the foundation and for blending (sometimes) Oh btw, I originally ordered a complete brush set and the contour palette is a freebie. Awesome right?
Now to one of the most important items of my make up kit. My eye brow pencil kit. I know that all girls would definitely relate to #kilayislife and spend too much time shaping the right angle for the eyebrows. So far I am happy with my recent purchase still from Maybelline. It’s the Fashion Brow in the shade of light brown. It has a spoolie brush from the other end and it saves me from my committed make up crime before – Super Thick eye brows! Before I would always pick the shade of brown and since I am just starting, I have yet to control the thickness of how I apply it and ends up in a very bad way Ha-Ha! Now, I learn. The shade is enough for one stroke and spoolie makes it even and look thinner from a far. I also have my black Ever Billena Advance and my Ever Billena eyebrow razor and sharpener.
After the face, I now apply my eye shadow. This one is Maybelline The Nudes. It contains 12 shades of eye shadows and this is simply perfect since I am trying to learn the right amount for my smokey eyes and the nude shades are pretty awesome for laid back to my “no make up” peg for some days. I sometimes use the white shade and apply it to the lacrimal caruncle (I googled it) and create that shiny effect that make my eyes pop!
The Nudes retails for 675 pesos. The back part of this make up contains a tutorial on how to apply and master the quads, trios and duos eye shadow. I am using it and so far, it’s been very helpful playing with different shades.
This also lands a spot on my make up essential. I have to say that I mastered the winged eye liner and Ever Bilena and Nichido are my go to brands for my eyeliner pen. Note: This is not waterproof (is there any) but what I do like about it, is the pen makes it easier to apply and create the perfect winged eye for the ladies.
My other eye products are Cover Girl eye enhancers and Bare Minerals in the Magic Touch (Presto and Flicker) shade. When I go out or wanted to go extreme with my make up, I always apply the Presto (pearl shade) to enhance my eyes.
Here we have my Maybelline Mascara. The Hyper Curl Volume Express and Magnum Big Shot. So far, the Magnum Big Shot gives justice to all the positive reviews I am seeing online and hearing from my workmates. I sometimes do a no eye makeup look and just go with the mascara. I love it!
and of course, my lipstick collection. The final touch of my makeup. This is just the other half of my lippies since I have my other make up kit at home. L-R: Nichido Runway Red Matte, Ever Billena Pink Punch Matte,Ever Billena Toast of New York (Dark Brown) Color Lip Stain Take me high (Red Orange) Color Lip Stain Ready for you (Red Wine) Nature Republic Cream Lipstick (Light Brown) Revlon Matte (Dark Purple) My go to lippies are the Nichido Matte – Red and Ever Billena Pink Punch. One thing about my lipsticks or when I buy my lipstick, they need to smell good or there is at least a touch of gloss.
I also got the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Lip Liner in the shade of Khair. It’s long lasting and somewhat gives me the Matte Red that I always wanted! I used to have a brown lip liner but I always thought that red is my power color so I got this one.
My Hello Kitty mirror, safety pins for clothes emergency, hair pins, hair tie and my 3 year old brush! Ha-Ha!
I also have my toiletries handy. PH Care feminine wash, Ponds facial foam, eyelash extension glue and my Hello Kitty wipes. Am I vain enough? Ha-Ha!
My babies ❤
This is one of the looks that I did myself using most if not all the products inside my make up kit. Again, I’m still learning and enhancing my skills with the contour and eye make up so please don’t judge Ha-Ha! What do you guys think? Is it worth the entire bag? Ha-Ha!

There you have it. A combined tour and make up review of my essentials and my make up bag. I hope that you get something useful from this post such as what to buy and what not to buy or at least try.

I know that less is more and it will always be good to have much less of a make up as it can do some minor effect as you age, but I am always a firm believer of making every moment count and making yourself look and feel good is something you owe to yourself and to your audience.

Do not forget, the world is your dance floor, dance to all the tune and be a beautiful soul that captures every frame in all tempo ❤

Share yours too!

Till my next!
The Moody Mina ❤


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