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#MinagoestoDublin ✈


How’s the form?


How’s the criac?

Capture 2

Okaaaaaay.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is………….

How are things with you? , How is everything?

I know, for sure that so many things happened then and there and I just had a realization after checking my post settings that it’s been months since my last entry.

Ugh!!!!!! I can’t believe this. I’ve been off my blog for so long and what else is to expect, but a 5-ish list of blog entry sitting on my journal and that long to nonsense introduction I just had is a sham just because I don’t know any other way to excuse my as*.

I know, I know I’m the worst but hey, hey I’m back and it may take me months for cake’s sake, but I am so ready to let my nostalgic self , random thoughts and memories to turn into words. After all, I will not pass on writing this one yes the one that I am typing now  and be back on track. I hope.

I’ll be sharing about a once in a lifetime experience with my recent trip to a special place, for a special reason. For someone who used to be lost and found her way back to where she really needs to be and be given a chance to be in the other side of the world is just pure magic.

*Deep breath*


Late February of this year, I applied for a certain post in our company. I took my chance along with my skills and tenure during the application process. As fate would have it. A friend and colleague got the post which is totally cool. I’m happy that he was the one considered and I would actually prefer him to get that instead of the others. I mean, I know the guy.

Days after the announcement, I received a call from our Director and she told me if I am interested to go through another application, but this time for a different campaign for a different site.

In my mind, I was kind of hesitant, maybe because it was an unexpected call, but then she told me that after reviewing my profile and tenure, she agreed that I am somewhat perfect for the post for a launching account in our company, that’s the time I pay attention and sort of buying the idea to brand and sell myself again.

She then asked me if I have a VISA and when will it expire in no further due, she explained that if I pass the interview I’ll be one of the associates that will travel to UK to undergo a crash training for the account. That’s the time I knew I have to brand, sell myself and close the damn deal in no instant!

After the interview, I had to wait for nearly 2 weeks for the result. I remember that I have an ongoing class that time when my Supervisor talked to me and started to tease me with hints like ‘Congrats“that I have no time to entertain not unless confirmed Ha-Ha.

I remember it was a Thursday, I got a call from our Director and she congratulated me for making it! She said that I have to start preparing all my travel documents and the expected date of travel is between March or April.

This is the time in my life when I realized that all these years, one’s hard work and passion surely pays off. It’s been 7 years in the making and that same chance that was taken away from me years ago, is now here again, and is here to happen for real.

I cried out of happiness and just being plain grateful. 

I browse on Pinterest to find a a quote that pretty much sums up my life at the moment.           Clearly my life-quote/ food for thought every day.


After receiving the confirmation, I had to wait for 2 weeks to transition to my new account. It passed by so fast that I finally realized that I am now inside a Training room filled with new people that soon became my new friends / sissums. I remember my former team asking me to visit them days after my transition. Glad and happy to know that I exist and mean a lot to them and the same goes with my happiness knowing that my new team are as competitive, creative and fun as they are and within a week we have so many plans already for our launch.

2 days before our flight when I was awaken to the reality that (“Hey, you. You have to pack your bags now, arrange your clothes, check your toiletries and go to the effin money changer so you’ll have euros!”) I am just days away from leaving the country when my colleagues told me to not forget their “pasalubong” I was like, Oh that one is for me?! Shoot. I have prepared nothing till this day. Ha-Ha!

Let’s just say that I was kind of pre-occupied with everything that is happening that I fail to keep on track.

It is a surreal feeling that was confirmed in no time and I am still trying to catch up. I did not feel weird about it,after all it’s been a tough journey before I reach this part.
To be continued….

During our Quest Training. We started with 10 support members from different programs with nothing but our expertise in our field and hope that our account and the new family that we are trying to build is as fun and strong as we all hoped it be. It was a fun, informative and crazy-happy week with these fellas 🙂

I started as a Call Center Agent at the age of 19. I was a graduating student at a time. Took calls for 2 years. In between those 2 years, I was offered to be a Team Manager, but I knew that teaching = training people is what I am passionate about so I waited until there is an opening in the Training Department. I waited. When that time came, I applied and got promoted as a Trainer. I was 22. The youngest in our team alongside, probably the strongest training department with tenured Trainers, Managers who are now promoted in the Global Training field I’ve ever met and get a chance to work with. I once think that I was a cat in the room full of lions.

As the year goes by, I know that I was able to improve myself not in terms of facilitating but all other aspects of becoming a trainer. With all the feedback from the people I’ve worked with and trained. I know I got the skills but not enough to become the best. I have my shortcomings and inner demons who haunt and let myself be compromised.

Opportunities came, Was I qualified? Yes, but was I ready ? Not sure.

Sadly, I decided to not be ready even if I know, I can.  I settle to just go where the wind takes me. When I hit rock bottom that’s when I decided to take some time off and find myself. The old me who is certain to who she is, what she is capable of doing and someone who knows what she wants. A year later, this happened. That’s when I know that I won’t let myself be a victim of my own and make it right this time.

My family and close friends did not fail to show their support and happiness for me. It even came to a point that my sister and friends end up saying the same thing when I told them the news. “You would have gotten this chance long before. Now that you have this again. Don’t waste them. Not everyone is given a chance like this. Put it to good use and your advantage”

Geez. I may have disappointed and defeat my own self for so many times but there is no way that I’ll let them be disappointed again.

From the time I got the confirmation, We were asked to fix our documents for our 2 week trip in Dublin, Ireland. We went back and forth in the UK Embassy and it’s been a tough and strict application process before we finally get our VISA.

When we got approved and received our VISA, Itineraries, hotel papers and all documents needed, we only had 2-3 days to pack up and fly to Dublin. We even had our training the same week of our flight. We fly, Saturday evening and I never had the luxury of time to have my eyebrows thread and not to mention, buying a coat after we have been advised by our clients, Google and weather.com that it’s going to be cold AF once we land. Ha-Ha!


The next thing I know, I was at the airport waiting for the on-boarding.

My sister, friends and Hazel were much more excited to drop me off the airport.

My crew. Waiting to say Bon Voyage Min Min 🙂


We would have formed a heart ❤


Will miss you Punk ❤





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