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#MinagoestoDublin ✈

How’s the form?

say what

How’s the criac?


say what 2

Okaaaaaay. I guess what I’m really trying to say is………….

How are things with you? , How is everything?

I know, for sure that so many things happened then and there and I just had a realization after checking my post settings that it’s been months since my last entry.

Ugh!!!!!! I can’t believe this. I’ve been off my blog for so long and what else is to expect, but a 5-ish list of blog entries sitting on my journal and that long to nonsense introduction I just had is a sham just because I don’t know any other way to excuse my as*.


I know, I know I’m the worst but hey, hey I’m back and it may take me months for cake’s sake, but I am so ready to let my nostalgic self , random thoughts and memories to turn into words. After all, I will not pass on writing this one yes the one that I am typing now and be back on track. Again. I hope.

I’ll be sharing about a once in a lifetime experience about my recent trip to a special place, for a special reason. For someone who used to be lost and found her way back to where she really needs to be and be given a chance to be in the other side of the world is just pure magic.


*Deep breath*


Late February of this year (2017) I applied for a post in our company. I took my chance along with my skills and tenure during the application process. As fate would have it. A friend and colleague got it which is totally cool. I’m happy that he was the one considered and I would actually prefer him to get that instead of the others. I mean, I know the guy.

Days after the announcement, I received a call from our Director and she told me if I am interested to go through another application, but this time for a different campaign for a different site.

In my mind, I was kind of hesitant, maybe because it was an unexpected call, but then she told me that after reviewing my profile and tenure, she agreed that I am somewhat perfect for the post for a launching account in our company, that’s the time I pay attention and sort of buying the idea to brand and sell myself again.


She then asked me if I have a VISA and when will it expire, in no further due, she explained that if I pass the interview I’ll be one of the associates that will travel to UK to undergo a crash training for the account. That’s the time I knew I have to brand, sell myself and close the damn deal in an instant!


After the interview, I had to wait for nearly 2 weeks for the result. I remember that I have an ongoing class that time when my Supervisor talked to me and started to tease me with hints like ‘Congrats” that I have no time to entertain not unless confirmed Ha-Ha.

I remember it was a Thursday, I got a call from our Director and she congratulated me for making it! I am hired as the program’s new Trainer and I will go to Dublin, Ireland! I made it!!!


She said that I have to start preparing all my travel documents and the expected date of travel is between March or April.

This is the time in my life when I realized that all these years, one’s hard work and passion surely pays off. It’s been 4 years in the making and that same chance that was taken away from me years ago, is now here again, and is here to happen for real.

I cried out of happiness and just feel, plain grateful.

I browse on Pinterest to find a quote that pretty much sums up my life at the moment.

After receiving the confirmation, I had to wait for 2 weeks to transition to my new account. It passed by so fast that I finally realized that I am now inside a Training room filled with new people that soon became my new friends / “sissums”. I remember my former team asking me to visit them days after my transition. Glad and happy to know that I mean a lot to them and I felt the same happiness knowing that my new team are as competitive, creative and fun as they are and within a week we have so many plans for the launch of our account.


As much as I want to be helpful and share how I processed my VISA. I can’t. Everything passed by so fast and I was processing my documents while attending to my on going classes. All that I can share is that when we were applying for our Irish VISA, we had to do a dry run with our Director who had traveled before and practice us with some FAQ’s during the interview process. It turns out that UK Embassy is compliance driven, strict and keen to details for all applicants. Funny, cause we had to dry run for 3x just for them to make sure that we will not screw up Ha-Ha!


2 days before our flight when I was awakened to the reality that (“Hey, you. You have to pack your bags now, arrange your clothes, check your toiletries and go to the effin money changer so you’ll have euros!”) I am days away from leaving the country when my colleagues told me to not forget their “pasalubong” I was like, Oh that one is for me?! Shoot. I have prepared nothing till this day. Ha-Ha!

Let’s just say that I was kind of pre-occupied with everything that I fail to keep on track.

It is a surreal feeling and opportunity that was given and confirmed in no time and I am still trying to keep up. I did not feel weird about it,after all it’s been a tough journey before I reach this part and the emotion that I am feeling at the time is, wait what’s that word again? Yeah, I am overwhelmed.


During our Quest Training. We started with 10 support members from different programs with nothing but our expertise in our field and hope that our account and the new family that we are trying to build is as fun and strong as we all hoped it be. It was a fun, informative and crazy-happy week with these fellas 🙂

I started as a Call Center Agent at the age of 19. I was a graduating student at a time. Took calls for 2 years. In between those 2 years, I was offered to be a Team Manager, but I knew that teaching = training people, public speaking is what I am passionate about so I waited until there is an opening in the Training Department. I waited. When that time came, I applied and got promoted as a Trainer. I was 22. The youngest in our team alongside, probably the strongest training department with tenured Trainers, Managers who are now promoted in the Global Training field that I’ve ever met and get a chance to work with. I once think that I was a cat in the room full of lions. Till this day, I see them as my inspiration to be good, better and eventually be the best in this field.


As the year goes by, I know that I have been able to improve myself not just in terms of facilitating but all other aspects of becoming a trainer. With all the feedback from the people I’ve worked with and trained. I know I got the skills but not enough to become the best. I have my shortcomings and inner demons who haunt and let myself be compromised. Again.

Opportunities came, Was I qualified? Yes, but was I ready ? Not sure.

Sadly, I decided to not be ready even if I know, I can. I settle to just go where the wind takes me. When I hit rock bottom that’s when I decided to take some time off and find myself. The old me who is certain to who she is, what she is capable of doing and someone who knows what she wants. A year later, this happened. That’s when I know that I won’t let myself be a victim of my own and do it right this time.


My family and close friends did not fail to show their support and happiness for me. It even came to a point that my sister and friends end up saying the same thing when I told them the news. “You would have gotten this chance long before. Now that you have this again. Don’t waste them. Not everyone is given a chance like this. Put it to good use and your advantage”

Geez. I may have disappointed and defeat my own self for so many times, but there is no way that I’ll let them be disappointed again.


From the time I got the confirmation, We were asked to fix our documents for our 2 week trip in Dublin, Ireland. We went back and forth in the UK Embassy and it’s been a tough and strict application process before we finally get our VISA.

When we got approved and received our VISA, Itineraries, hotel papers and all documents needed, we only had 2-3 days to pack up and fly to Dublin. We even had our training the same week, the day before our flight. We fly, Saturday evening and I never had the luxury of time to have my eyebrow thread and not to mention, buying a coat after we have been advised by our clients, Google and weather.com that it’s going to be cold AF once we land. Ha-Ha!

The next thing I know, I was at the airport waiting for the on-boarding.

My sister, friends and Hazel were much more excited to drop me off the airport.

My crew. Waiting to say Bon Voyage Min Min 🙂

Oldest. Youngest. Kid

This time, it’ll be the two of you guys for the mean time. Have fun! Ha-Ha!
We would have formed a heart ❤


We are so ready! We were advised about the 18 hour flight and since this is my first time to be riding in an airplane, the only thing that bothers me is that I will not be seated on a window seat. Ha-Ha! As me and Frances were saying “Ready na kame!”

We are all happy and excited that we get to fly with Emirates Airlines and for a first timer, I enjoyed their service and it lived up to our expectations and great reviews from their customers worldwide. The Flight Attendants are friendly and not to mention they are all pretty and always wear a smile that ease the nervous wreck in me for the first 7 hours of my flight Ha-Ha! But not on our first flight from Manila to Dubai though. Let me get back on this one as this blog continues..

I did not post anything about me flying out and my Facebook account was filled with messages and comments when I posted this out of nowhere on a Saturday night. “Make my way back home When I learn to fly (high)” – Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly keeps playing on my Ipod.
Lucky for us and to a first timer like me, there is no delay on our flight. This is it ladies!
I was sitting in the middle section of the plane. On the other side is a guy who is fast asleep when I got in my seat, the other side is a 40 year old woman, busy watching CNN. “This should be an interesting flight” Everyone was laughing hard when I was sharing how the 3 of us would ignore each other and for an 8 hour flight, we would wake up cuddling and sharing a blanket like care bears! Ha-Ha! when we were all up, it’s “you don’t exist” time again like we were not best friends earlier Ha-Ha!
I was pretty much dead the entire flight, maybe because I was so busy doing what I do best. “Cramming” I was even in the mall, buying accessories and toiletries hours before my flight! Ha-Ha! My body automatically turned on when it’s time to eat! My favorite part of the flight. Ha-Ha! Our snacks include bread and pastries and a Jr, coke in can. It was nice while it last. Ha-Ha! After I finished my tray, I-sleep-again.
Sorry for the bad lighting, most of the passengers are asleep when we had our lunch, I had steamed fish and rice, bread & butter, fruits and coffee with creamer if you don’t like to have beverages. A very small portion of liquids is being served, this is also to prevent you from going back and forth to the restroom to unload, which gives hassle to your seat mate. Not if you are in a business class, but You are NOT. Ha-ha!
If I am not sleeping or eating I am definitely binge watching movies provided for our convenience since Wi-Fi is not available. I am a huge fan of Kill Bill and I even bought DVD copies for the first and second volume. So imagine my wide smile when I saw it on the selection. My Kill Bill heart! ❤
And to my delight, the movies all go in my favor as they are all my favorites! The second movie on my list is Matilda. Here I am watching the showdown between Agatha Trunchbull and Bruce over a chocolate cake! Ha-Ha!


Suicide Squad is ♥ “I need a machine gun” ❤
Harry Potter is next… “Oh you may not think I’m pretty, but don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me.”
We made it! We had to a connecting flight from Manila to Dubai and Dubai to Dublin and this is for another 7.5 hours. Dubai International Airport is ginormous!! We had to wait for a little over an hour. Here we are smiling and surviving that 8 hour madness. My butt hurt a little Ha-Ha!
Where is Coco and Karl?
Someday, I’ll step in this store again and will step out with a handful of my own orange boxes and paper bags. Someday.
My Gucci heart almost faint.
Ready for flight #2!
But first let me flaunt my Yeezy,shall we?
If ginormous is not enough, this is us riding a shuttle that takes us to our plane. Sick,huh? When we take off the shuttle, We were asked to go up straight to the actual plane. Me: Is that even normal? So that can happen? That is so cool! Ha-Ha!
It was a bright morning when we started our second flight and let me tell you that the calmness and freshness of this selfie did not last long as I was shaken to the extreme. As smooth and drama free experience is what I have hoped for and thought of achieving on our first flight, my newbie as* fail to be exempted from the cruelty of Turbulence.
Clearly, the flight has not yet started when we took this shot. We were not seated next to each other and I was seated next to an Irish couple. I wish I was as calm as the guy pictured on the back. It was a fine morning, Yes, but it is cloudy and windy during our flight from Dubai to Dublin and that’s why I had to suffer and my real life gifs are as follows.
That’s me and that’s us! Ha-Ha! That’s how I see and feel the entire time. Now who can blame me?! Who?! Ha-Ha!
Me during turbulence? I am the guy in the right
giphy (1)
We are moving and bouncing as early as the first 40 minutes of our flight and I literally don’t know what to do or think.I keep on checking the FA’s and try to read their faces,hoping that although trained, they will give me a raw signal on their faces saying this is it we will die!!! O.A ko, pero nakakakaba talaga. Frances and Vicci were seating next to each other and G, how I wanted to change seat to the guy on their row because I needed to see them and be with me in any f**c*ed up thing that might happen. They never fail to assure me that it is normal but I refuse to believe and I know that it’s all a lie and they just wanted to calm the freaked out kid in me Haha!
They advise me to keep myself busy so I did and I fail.Ha-Ha!
I guess, Emirates felt my meltdown Ha-Ha! Make up did not do any good, so how about food? Here is our first meal = breakfast. It’s a combination of a salad and fruit snacks with of course bread and butter, It helps but only for a few minutes Ha-Ha!
Lunch time! Indeed the rumor is true, airplane food are strategically awesome! It also represents the airlines so it better be good! We had pesto pasta, caramel cake, chocolate pudding and for the main course, beef with mashed potato and veggies on the side and white wine for our drinks. I suddenly forget how to be O.A at the moment! Ha-Ha!
Wine was such a good idea to calm my nerves so what I did was to go straight to the Galley and ask for another cup(s) It worked and tastes good so I ask for bottles served on my seat.
This is how I looked like after my “wine tasting” Ha-Ha! For the first time, from the time we started our flight,I calmed down,watched movies,drink and drink till the last hours, I sleep. Mine and everyone else’s problem is solved. Ha-Ha!
❤ My favorite, August Kessler Rieling wine. Situated in the Assmannshausen in the Rheingau region, the wine estate of August Kesseler consists of vineyard sites in Lorch (for Riesling and Silvaner wines), on the slopes of the hills around Rüdesheim and in the area called “Assmanshäuser Höllenberg”.
The obligatory “window shot” It looks like a dream! ‘We are getting close’, I sigh.
We are here! Welcome to Dublin, Ireland as announced by the Pilot,We all shouted and applause.Thank god for that wild but still safe trip!
What’s running in my head, when we arrived safely and me not throwing up the entire time! I know my angels up there guided me and had a power trip with all that bouncing and stuff, Nice one and Thank you Mama!
All smiles! We made it ladies!
One thing that we are proud of? Our freshness and glow after that stressful flight Ha-Ha!
But first, #ootd in Dublin Airport.

As expected, the cab fare is as unreasonable in our country, but with the cost of living here in Dublin,it costs us 4,500 in pesos for a 10 km ride.
Carlton Hotel is our residence for less than 2 weeks. It is a 4 star hotel and we were welcomed by their staff and crew. Memorable experience is the moment we stepped out of the cab, it is freezing cold! Not the kind of full blast air con for some hours but it seems like passing through your skin and bones! NO kidding! It is super cold! and the crazy part is that it is Summer time when we arrived, what more during Winter?! Going back. Carlton is so beautiful and we get to have our business class room, each!
I see you, Carlton.
Vicci is our go to person with all the work around, especially with the hotels and itineraries. You go girl!
My room! Seeing this now,makes me miss everything about Carlton.
My room ❤
My favorite part of the room, why? I get to feed my bath tub obsession ❤
My outside view. We all have the same room type and view and we get to see buses unloading locals and tourists, most of them are athletes competing for what we thought is a Rugby tournament.
My 5 am soul at its best 🛀🚬
One of the best pasta and pizza restaurants I’ve ever been to! 🍴🍝🍕🍃 Anyone who will travel here in Dublin, should try this.
Me and my date, Frances. All smiles. Dante’s is a cozy place with a full clear window outside which I like. The staff is nice and recommend their best sellers for new customers like us. The price is at its best too! Ha-Ha! Funny story because, the waiter who assisted and served us is a total cutie and I am trying to make all the pa-cute moves as possible, because, why not? Ha-Ha! He recommended all of the food that we ordered and it did not disappoint. He even suggested places that we should visit while in town and drew a map! We were laughing and all and we did not forget to give compliments to the food when a lady stepped out who serve our first meal, not smiling at all. It turns out that she is the girlfriend. I mean no harm though! He said goodbye when we were finishing our dessert and states that it’s his end of shift and girlfriend sure showed who is the one held hands with cutie. Ugh! I hate that I forgot his name. But that was fun!
The serving can be shared by two,🍴🍝🍕🍃 This one is the Chicken Broccoli Rigatoni* For €12.95 = 804.78 pesos It’s a Rigatoni with chicken breast strips in a creamy garlic sauce with broccoli and Grana Padano shavings. 1 word for this #DIVINE
Next on our table is BRUSCHETTA, Pomodoro. It’s a garlic pizza bread topped with fresh pesto, cherry tomatoes and red onion for €6.25 = 388.41 pesos. It is plain delicious!
We had the Chocolate Oreo Layer. Dante’s signature chocolate dessert with layers of chocolate parfait, crumbled Oreo cookies, whipped cream and chocolate chips for €5.95 = 369.76 pesos It’s heaven! and mind you that their menu are all good for 2! We were happy, bloated when we stepped out Dante’s! It’s an awesome experience of dining and we were saying that we should have Dante’s here in PH too!



One of the main highlights of my trip is getting to ride the Dublin Bus. When we landed, we wasted no time but to visit the town and explore as many places as we can. Carlton Hotel turns out to be the last bus stop for our Bus # 42D and in Dublin, you are only to ride the bus # in line with your address or at least the drop off / bus stop. This has been their practice that lets them follow their bus schedules. This was not our bus, but let me take a selfie with this cutie. This was our main mode of transportation during our trip. We have to be ready on or before 6:30 A.M outside our hotel when going to our account’s main UK site. There was this instant that we ran late (because of me) so we requested for a cab, paid by (of course!) Ha-Ha! A ride costs us less than 4 euros = 248.58 pesos. We ain’t complaining. It is fast, convenient and has strong WiFi for free!
Hello!!! Exciteeeeed! Here we are on our favorite spot in the bus, the upper deck! It’s funny because streets in Dublin are narrow and when you are sitting on the front chairs, the bus follows the movement especially when we passed by roundabouts. Since you are sitting in front, it’s as if you are riding a carnival ride. Ha-Ha!
The drivers are nice too! This guy was already part of my selfies before we get in. Look at the next picture. When we placed our fare he asked us where we are from and when we said ‘from the Philippines’ he said he loves Manny Pacquiao and would love to visit! 🙂



bus 2




I would not pass on a selfie, that’s for sure. It feels surreal that I am thousand miles away from home and I get to visit another country. It may not be for a vacation, but I am as happy to be here because of my capabilities and work ethics that our company sees in me. I am riding in one of the hop on/ off bus for city sightseeing. This bus is dedicated to tourists who wants to have a tour for not less than 2 hours and see 23-50 tourist spots and historical places in Dublin. From Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown, we rode a bus to Spire of Dublin that leads us to most of the establishments like restaurants, malls, pub and museums and services for tourists. Although online bookings and schedule are available, tickets are available on the exact day by scalpers associated with the bus company. Ticket ranges from 22- 26 euros = 1367.19 pesos
The coldness and lighting hit us the right way. Our favorite spot to all our bus rides. Ha-Ha! We even had our own FB live to share our sight seeing to our friends and families. Funny because some of my friends left comments like “Why are you there? When did you leave for Dublin? And the most common is “Will you be back here in PH?” Ha-Ha! I know, I have a set of interesting friends. ha-ha!
Hours after we land and right after our sight seeing, We went straight to Carrolls to do shopping for hours! Ha-Ha! Carrolls is a gift shop for all Irish items and souvenirs. They have nice staff who is smiling at us and are very friendly. Of course. we spent hours to make sure that we will bring home some cute ref magnets, key chains, shirts and mugs like what a normal tourist brings home to their loved ones Ha-ha! I got myself 2 Irish snow globes and some figurines for my family.
Our favorite hobby in Dublin, shopping! ❤


After our adventure in Carrolls, We decided to go and check out other malls near the Spire of Dublin. I forgot the name of the shopping center(??) and since we spent hours for spending and shopping, we needed to re-fuel by adding carbs in our system and Nando’s is the place to be. This was my first time in Nando’s and I am glad I get to experience it in Dublin because we do not have one in the Philippines. Vicci “Where do you want to eat” Me “Anywhere with rice!” As glad and thankful that I am for arriving safe and having a blast discovering Dublin is my close to dismay reaction when I found out that they are not big on rice! KFC, Mc Donald’s, they have all the chicken in the world but their meal has all the mashed potatoes, but no rice. On our first day. I was challenged in the coming days! Ha-Ha! Going back. THANK GOD FOR NANDOS! I went back for more!
I know I am. Since may No Rice policy ata sa Dublin, Nando’s was a life saver. Frances and I came back for probably 2 – 3x hahaha! Sarap!

It was a fine Sunday afternoon and we are in awe with the beauty of Dublin. These are some of the photos taken by Vicci (color grading by yours truly) Part 1. Taken during our Hop-On Hop-Off Bus ride.


We have a free breakfast service during our stay in Carlton. I am really excited to take my breakfast everyday not only because it’s a buffet set, but the girls and I, we get to have our start of the day chat and planning the activities during and after our training.


“Full English breakfast” or “Fry Up” are made of dreams…. carbs and bacon!! ❤


“Full English breakfast” or “Fry Up” are made of dreams…. fruits, cold cuts and cheese! ❤


“Full English breakfast” or “Fry Up” are made of dreams…. shake and yogurt ❤


“Full English breakfast” or “Fry Up” are made of dreams…. pastries and chocolates ❤


“Full English breakfast” or “Fry Up” are made of dreams…. milk, orange, honey and apple juices ❤
My favorite! Pancake maker! You just have to press the start button, wait for 15 seconds and your moist, close to perfection pancake comes out at the end. The side table has spread in different favors to top your pancake! Yum!


A great breakfast for a great day ahead!


#ootd for our first day in Training 🙂


This is it ladies! Time to make our site proud 🙂


Our main sites office offers dishes based on the country and its cuisine. It is usually made up of a main meal and salad on the side. We have our lunch and snack voucher, but employees are charged based on the weight and serving that they decide to put on their plate.
Training mates!

One of our Global Training Partner Alessio!


Costa Rica Coffee became part of my morning routine!


Chicken and some greens


On our way home!


On our 3rd day, We decided to take off the bus, 2 stops away from our hotel to check on the stores and restaurants. Of course, our Dublin experience will not be justified without us having their famous Fish and Chips!
I was not able to upload the picture of what we’ve ordered because it got messed up inside the paper bag and is not post – worthy hahaha! The serving is BIG! You can choose whether you like your fish, Ray, Fillet, Smoked, Cod Portion or Fish Burger. I had the Fresh Fillet cod for £6 = 136.54 pesos, Chips are thick and long cut chips with flavors to choose from! I had the Freshly Cut Chips for £2.40 = 54.62 pesos. How you eat it is also a first for us! It’s either you squeeze it with lemon, vinegar or just plain salt! Ketchup is out of the picture! ha-ha! I had mine with lemon! it’s superb!


Lunch time!


With our Product Trainer Connnor! 🙂

We were so thrilled when this lady greeted us in Tagalog, the moment we stepped in T.G.I.Fridays. She is a fellow Filipino who manages the Blanchardstown branch for nearly 10 years! We get to have a chat with her for some minutes because the place is packed of people, well it was a Friday. She also asked one of the waiters who is assisting us, to bring out a complimentary ice cream cake on her name! Such as sweet lady! 🙂

Our free dessert!



Thinkin’ maybe you’ll come back here to the place that we’d meet And you’ll see me waiting for you on our corner of the street So I’m not moving, I’m not moving.


My “Mamamatay na sa lamig” pose :p


Me and Frances decided to experience some fine dining and landed inside Flanagans Restaurant.


Better not ask who ordered those 2 plates of rice! Hahaha


We ordered their best seller – Baby back ribs and it did not disappoint! So is the price! Hahahahah “it’s worth it”


We had a big and sumptuous lunch and we are about to doze off so we stop by the nearest Starbucks to get some frapp and extra shots to keep us awake to review our modules. We keep teasing that “oh this is not a vacation, darling” hahaha!


The Dublin weather got us good!


Here are some additional pictures from our Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus experience.

Shout out to Vicci for taking these awesome pictures during our ride. I was so busy doing my FB live and take my family and friends on a virtual tour around Dublin.

Dublin is a different world for me. The houses, buildings and structured areas are so beautiful, it’s as if they were a 3D picture. People are so nice specially to tourists like us and always greet us with a smile. No traffic, No pollution and food are not bad at all.

Looking at these pictures still put a smile on my face.

Thank you God for the opportunity and experience.

My absolute favorite! Clam Chowder ❤ One night, we decided to book a reservation with our hotel’s indoor restaurant. I got this bad boy and we also ordered for some mashed potato and bread for the chowder. So delicious!
What I like about our main site’s office pantry is that it’s very diverse and caters to all nationality and you get to try their delicacies’. We have the section for American, Indian, European and Asian food! I got this plate of salad and corn ❤
I can’t resist to this roast chicken with potatoes and fries.

On our second week, We need to travel and check in to Dundaulk, Dublin to visit our other site and get to know the Training and Operations team. It’s a little less than 2 hour drive from our hotel.

This time we stayed at Crowne Plaza and I must say that I’m not really a fan of their red interior hallway and narrow hallway. It gives me us the creeps. Service is nice though! 🙂
We stayed for 2 days and 1 night before we head back to Carlton on our final day.

Grabbed photos from Frances, just because I got busy online again…



But first? Wine.


Hi! From Dundaulk Training Team!
Cheers! from Scott who is Scottish and probably one with the thickest accent from our Dundaulk Training Team. He is super nice and was a cool trainer during our session!


Hello from one of our Dundaulk Mentors, Mark who assisted us during our visit.
Second to our last night, our awesome host and Global Training Director made sure that we get to experience the famous Guiness pint and I love it! I had number of serving! Ha-Ha! Here we are celebrating a productive, fun filled and without a doubt, wonderful 2 weeks in Dublin!
This bad boy made me smile in no time! I love the taste, foam and combined sweetness. But if I am to describe this in Tagalog. “Masarap siya pero nasa dulo tama” 1 pint is for £10 = ₱600 This is one of Dublin’s pride and I am glad I get to drink like a local before leaving the morning after.
All the love and beer for these ladies ❤


Thank you for being a great host Marc! We can’t wait to show you around Manila, our style 🙂


First thing that comes in my mind when I wake up? I will fly again and a flashback of how I got in and landed did not help. All that I can do is this. Sigh “Not Again”
The morning after, We need to hurry and make sure to pack our bags and not be late on our 10 A.M flight. Staff and crew at Carlton bid their goodbye and some gave us a hug, their thank you and happy and safe travel to their newly added satisfied customers! I would definitely recommend Carlton to all who will visit Dublin. It lived up to its star ratings.
I am thankful for this once in a lifetime experience and opportunity alongside these inspiring ladies. I never thought that I would set foot outside the country much more a paid trip. I know that my Mom is guiding me on this journey and I know she is smiling the entire time.


All the learning about the account and culture about our market are some of the vital pieces that we took home and willingly shared to our collagues and future associates that will complete the missing piece of our account.

To a stronger, happy, customer focused, culture driven account. We are on a good start.

I’ve been saying my thank yous since the start of this post, which I truly am.

I am just plain thankful for all the experience, new life lesson, new people in my life that made me feel whole again. This is where I wanted to be and always wanted to do. To train, deliver,  and inspire my trainees.


My mantra never fail.

“Everything happens for a reason”

This reason is always beautiful and always for the better.


Love lots!

The Moody Mina 💋



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