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#MinagoestoDublin ✈


How’s the form? *cricket chirping*

How’s the criac? *cricket chirping*

Ok, Those are way cooler and relevant when done in person, but I guess what I’m really trying to say is………….

How are things with you? , How is everything? I know for sure that so many things happened then and there and now, I just had a realization after checking the calendar that It’s been months since my last entry.

Ugh!!!!!! I can’t believe this. I’ve been off my blog for so long and what else is to expect, but a 5-ish list of blog entry sitting on my journal and that long to nonsense introduction I just had because I don’t know any other way to excuse my as*.

I know, I know I’m the worst but hey, hey I’m back and it may take me months for cake’s sake, but I am so ready to let my nostalgic self , random thoughts and memories to turn into words. After all, I will not pass on this one yes the one that I am typing now  to start again and be back on track. I hope.


I’ll be sharing about a once in a lifetime experience with my recent trip to a special place, for a special reason for someone who used to be lost and found her way back to where she really needs to be.

*Deep breath*


Late last February, I applied for a certain post in our company. I took my chance along with my skills and tenure during the application process. As fate would have it. A friend and colleague got the post which is totally cool. I’m happy that he got it and I would actually prefer him to get that instead of the others. I mean, I know the guy.

Days after the announcement, I received a call from our Director and she told me if I am interested to go through another application, but this time for a different campaign for a different site.

In my mind, I was kind of hesitant, maybe because it was an unexpected call, but then she told me that after reviewing my profile and tenure, she agreed that I am somewhat perfect for the post for a launching account in our company, that’s the time I pay attention and sort of buying the idea to brand and sell myself again.

She then asked me if I have a VISA and when will it expire in no further due, she explained that if I pass the interview I’ll be one of the associates that will travel to UK to undergo a crash training for the account. That’s the time I knew I have to brand, sell myself and close the damn deal in no instant!

After the interview, I had to wait for nearly 2 weeks for the result. I remember that I have an on going class that time when my Supervisor talked to me and started to tease me with hints like ‘Congrats“that I have no time to entertain not unless confirmed Ha-Ha.

I remember it was a Thursday, I got a call from our Director and she congratulated me for making it! She said that I have to start preparing all my travel documents and the expected date of travel is in between March or April.

This is the time in my life when I realized that all these years, one’s hard work and passion surely pays off. It’s been 7 years in the making and that same chance that was taken away from me years ago, is now here again, and is here to happen for real.

I cried out of happiness and just being plain grateful.





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