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Me, myself and I

Let’s get to know each other with our next activity called “4 windows of life” in an upbeat, highly excited tone. “Yeah, that’s sounded a lot like me”

“You have to fill out 4 sections of your paper based on the category that will help us to know you better using your own words

First part or window of your paper, list down 5 different facts about you. Something that is not included in your resume or the ‘usual suspects’ 

That’s ME written all over this meme when I asked my trainees to do their 4 windows of life. Note: I have to convince them that what we will do is something very anticipating and useful Ha-Ha!

…. That’s my first activity to every first day of New Hire classes that I’ve handled. For the first 5 minutes, I let this activity set the mood of the class and the main goal  is to break  the wall from each other. Trainee to Trainee and Trainee to Trainer.

*cue* Strangers to this.

I’ve handled hundreds of classes already within my 6 year tenure as a BPO Trainer and I have to say that this has a 98% success rate to get the buy ins of the class and to also have an overview by 10-20% the personality and little background of who they are as a person. This is definitely my class’ ice breaker.

All of my trainees reminisce what they have written and learned from their colleagues who are now their friends, once we are done with the training and get to hang out outside the office as part of the usual “graduation day”

I would like to believe that this is an effective approach rather  than creep them out on our first meet and greet.

Ummm. No.

I never really had a chance to think through my list. Maybe because I was the last one and we needed to take our break and keeping them folks for another minute after the first 20 finished, is a training suicide already. So I just smile and assure them that I am human and tend to bite when needed hahaha!


I thought of sharing my list here in this blog and instead of giving 5, I think I’ll pitch in for 20 just because.

I may need to know myself a little better too! Ha-Ha! 



Facts about Mina

1. December 21, 2013 when I had my own guardian angel. My Mother who succumbed from rectal cancer. I miss her every day.


2. I am bisexual. I had relationships with men and women. I am currently single.

3. I am a #90’s kid by heart and will always remember the culture and memories that I grew up with, which leads me to my next self fact.


4. I am Nostalgic. I always reminisce the past, how I live in it, the people with me, the weather, the emotion, my life then to my life now. The memories I’ve kept in my head created its visual every time I recollect my then life.


5. I love it when it’s raining – I am a Pluviophile.


6. My typical rest day nowadays, involves home delivery, binge watches movies or T.V series, browsing the internet, read books and SLEEP. I used to live extreme during the weekends, but I guess it comes with aging or the so called #TitasofManila phase haha!


7. I love eating! Obviously. My favorites are pizza, burger,cheese, salad, chocolate, pesto pasta, white meat,steak, mussels, crabs and shrimp!


8. I can’t swim. In our family, its only Mama who can and she is a great swimmer. 


9. I have fears of plugging things and touching animals. I can’t touch, even a slightest damp to any animals, even our dog Miel. I just can’t. Now, I just added another anxiety on my list. Fear of travelling in the air. 



10. I am a neat freak and I used to have OCD with the door locks, especially at home.

giphy (1).gif

11. Sometimes I wish I was a good rapper.


12. My playlists contain different genres of music from Local, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Punk, Trash Metal to Indie, RnB, Hip Hop and EDM. I like variations playing in my ears.


13. I love Hello Kitty (which I am collecting till this day) and used to collect Tweety and Pucca. Surrounding my room and work station with Hello Kitty makes me relaxed and feel pretty and positive Ha-ha! I don’t know why and how, but I do.


14. I can’t sleep without a pillow pressing side of my face + my usual sleep time is around 3 or 4 am.


15. I used to design my own clothes. I have a total of 6 designs made into real ones. I started watching runways on Fashion TV at the early age of 8.
Here we have Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, they are one of my fashion icons ever!


16. I am an Aspiring Fashion Stylist and Indie or Music Video Actress.


17. I am a huge fan of horror and gore films with the likes of SAW, Hostel, Hills have eyes, Wrong Turn, Cannibal Holocaust, The Ring, The Grudge, Suicide Club, Ichi the Killer, Infection just to name a few.


18. I love reading books, magazine and even posters or flyers! I used to read as if I am a news anchor or radio jock that used to by childhood dream.

love to read

19. Surprisingly, I am an Ambivert.


20. I am moody and can be very emotional. My zodiac sign is Cancer, that’s why


Here’s a selfie about the woman described above 🙂

As I check my list again, I know that one will think that this person is all over the place, has a strong personality, explorer but still scared, indecisive and melancholic.

Now that I have to read the list again, made me realize that yes, that is totally me!

I know I may change some items anytime soon, but this should help me next time we create our 4 windows of life since I have an upcoming class! Now, all I have to do is pick the top 5. Ooh, that’s harder than creating the first 20! Ha-Ha!



You can also try to list down facts about yourself and still be amazed with what you’ll come up with!

Share it to your friends or even on this blog.

Lucky for me, I now have a decent list to use or else I might end up saying the exact same thing below….

Ha-Ha! Nah.

Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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