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What’s in my bag

There was a line in Etiquette for Mistresses (a film that stars Kris Aquino, Claudine Barretto, Iza Calzado and Kim Chiu) that made its lasting appeal in my head.

It is the scene between Claudine Barretto and Kim Chiu, where she is training Kim how to pick the appropriate bag based on their status. What status is she specifically referring to? Being a classy mistress. I don’t even know if there is such thing I just had to come up with that Ha-Ha!  She said the line “You, are your bag” in a tone that is close to reality. Women of today’s generation are believed to consider not just carrying a bag for the sake of having one, but it’s now an accessory that defines their place in the society.

Don’t worry, this post will not dive into the details with the social taboo do’s and dont’s because ain’t nobody got time for that! Ha-Ha! Or me finally coming out of being a mistress because again ain’t nobody got time for that! (Never was and never will be)

You, are your bag.

This is simply true, especially for someone who has a thing for handbags ever since. It was actually my mom who influenced me to become one and pick the right style based on the occasion and place and discover the brands that gives justice to being fashionably affordable. 

Mama used to have Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors and been an avid fan of Secosana for local brands. I even got the chance to borrow some of these bags when I was in college and since then I’ve always considered it as one strong accessory to my outfit. It is probably the most useful and simplest way to add attitude to your overall style.

But let’s not forget that this is not an excuse to spend more over your needs for the sake of fashion statement, But it can be a  valuable reward especially for women. After our hard work, it’s not a crime to treat yourself with something that you can also use in a daily basis. That’s how I look at it.

I also see it as the fastest way to determine one’s personality, whether it’s for someone who is a girly girl, sporty, classy or even living their teenage dream! Because then again, you, are your bag. 

My girlfriend knew this from the get go, It turns out that she used to observe this side of me back when I was still her Trainer, and being the most awesome girlfriend that she is, She got me a present last Christmas that made me the happiest kid on earth. But truth to be told, knowing that I have her as my girlfriend is more than any expensive gifts that I’ll ever receive.

This was her first out of her 3 gifts, My heart was closed from bursting out of joy for having someone as generous as her during holidays. Ha-Ha! I love you, love ❤

This calls for another What’s in my Bag entry and as I’m trying to finish this post, She got me another one last Valentines that will give me my 3rd entry.

She got me this Victoria’s Secret Floral Saffiano Tote Bag
I recently purchased this Hello Kitty bag charm. (Fact # 10 – I love anything Hello Kitty and with all of my stuff you’ll surely spot a number of cute pink items from this cute cat)
The constant stars inside my bag (L-R) Ray-Ban shades, Hello Kitty mirror, Baby Bench bubble gum cologne, hair brush, hair scrunchies, lipsticks (Lime Crime, Ever Bilenna, Nichido) eyebrow brush + gel, Ever Billena light natural face powder, Ever Billena Studio Fix concealer, napkin, lighter, make up pouch from Mama.
The constant stars inside my bag (L-R) Lucky Meltdown umbrella, company ID, iPod touch + earphones, healthcare card in case of emergency, candy, bag hook, coin purse, strepsils specially if I have a long day of discussion with the class, baby wipes
Fact #12 – I am a big fan of writing in any form, even on paper. I like to write and add color to it. My girlfriend got me this journal since I specifically wanted to have a thick paper canvas. When she return this was one of her gifts and this is the most beautiful journal I’ve ever had! It has a lace on top of it + it matches my bag! I also have my Hello Kitty mini notebook where I saved my credentials from work since 2014. Stick notes, pen, colored pens, Stabilo, whiteboard markers and my pencil case. #keepinitoldschool eh 🙂
A clear proof I’ve been productive that day! Ha-Ha! If you look closely, I always start my journal with some food for thought to keep me positive and inspired for that day. See my top to do list? Be Happy 🙂
I put all the notes and letters from my girlfriend, nieces and nephews. Every time I feel tired or out of focus, I just open these and happiness strikes me in no time.Oh, yes. I have the sweetest girlfriend ❤ 

When I reached this part of closing this post, I realized that my girlfriend sure does take me back from the girly girl I used to be Ha-Ha!

My bag collection  is starting to grow and I could not be more thankful to have someone who supports and spoil me with it. I made sure that it matches my mood and personality that makes me confident and happy with the way I look and look forward into going to work or in any place.


Share how you state your fashion using your bag or how it gives impact with your overall look 🙂

P.S No selfie for me because I am the living proof of #wokeuplikethisbetterhideitedition

Then again, I am my bag. 


Love lots,

The Moody Mina ❤


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