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Oh! Snap! 

Sharing you my camera roll for the first month of 2017.

I’d say it was a fun and wild, roller coaster ride )



Me and my equally cute friends finally made our imaginary catch up into life! Missed these two so much, We’ve been friends since 2012 and every now and then we never fail to catch on the latest with one another. This one was taken at Burger King when me and Mitz decided to visit Ces in our former company 🙂


This kind of shot was always predicted.


This is also the first time that I brought along my girlfriend and introduces her to them. We’ve been together for more than a year and we were so caught up with life and work that it took a year for this to happen. They love her too!


I also get the chance to meet the new set of trainers of Results. Too bad that I was not able to meet them before I resign last 2015:)


Our family photo! Here we are flashing our smiles with our baby Miel 🙂 We made sure to wear crowns and have this photo taken on New Year’s Eve.


My sister Roxanne and nephew Rhailey Nickole. The best thing about celebrating with my sister? She want’s nothing but a fully loaded table for special occasions Ha-Ha!


Me and Hazel bought pink and blue tiaras the morning before New Year’s eve. We just wanted to welcome the new year in our full control and hopefully slays it for the better.



When we were asked by my sister to join her at her goddaughter’s debut party. It was an awesome night 🙂



After the party, We decided to treat them frappes. It turns out my nephew is Starbucks’ latest fan 🙂
This was taken at Ristorante Bigoli, when my girlfriends’ mom and sister paid us a cisit 🙂
Our typical Sunday afternoon, visiting Mama and eating altogether by dinner 🙂
Family First ❤
ASDA UK Training Team 🙂
It was a fun filled afternoon in Rhailey Nickole’s 7th birthday party! I hosted and eventually played along with the kids! McDonald’s prizes are cute, so I had to Ha-Ha!
Daily shift must haves!
This is where I’ll be waiting….
Sunday night with the siblings! Bonding and #tbt stories while enjoying tacos and salsa!
Welcome to my crib! – Miel
Took the family out for some burger madness! ❤
Clash of Burgers Kapasigan
My last day with my class. It was a fun but tearful end of shift for all of us but we ended it with our strong team goals in the future and a photo op with our slogan entry! I’ll miss you Wave 14!
Slappy Cakes SM Aura ~ Meatballs Pasta and Breakfast Skrillex ❤
Fun date with the bestie Anna Cozeth ❤
Back in my element<3
Anna is an aspiring make up guru, so she dolled me up that day. I took x number of selfies after Ha-Ha! I ❤ it!
When we got a call from le sister and invited us over cause she is “craving” for some meat and fries Ha-Ha!
Thank you for this beautiful bouquet ❤
She knows me too well… Chocolates + Flowers + Red Velvet. Ugh! You’re forgiven Hahaha!
We meet again…..
These sweet and cute gifts knocked on me! 🙂 Thank you! I love them all!
Me and my girlfriend took a break during the first week of January. We both needed a time off from each other, but we also know that nothing worth having comes easy. We both suffer and learned our mistakes and mishap both in our relationship. By the end of the day our love for each other prevails.
Welcome to our new home! ❤
Pinoy Meryenda ❤
You’ll never know if you will not try.
Happy Birthday Bebe Mitz!
Feels good to see and hang out with these lovely earthlings again ❤
Mitz’s Party 🙂
The original trio with their first mentor 🙂 #ASDATeamTrainers
Grocery time with love 🙂
Happy Fiesta Buting! Cooked my Sardine Pesto Pasta and deep fried oreo cookies + cherry wine! ❤
Happy Valentines Day! Thank you my love for the gifts and your love!
I love you!
Thank you my love for spoiling my cravings! Jolly hotdog + Garden Salad!
Dinner time via Casa Olarte ❤


Happy Birthday Mama ❤
Scallop? Pizza? Scallops Pizza? I had to in no time!
Breakfast date in Bannaple!
Finally! #Yeezus ❤
Ferrero Cake + Carrot Cake ❤
Tiramisu + Grandma’s chocolate! = Tonsillitis!
Happy Monthsary pretty! ❤
Home Delivery is our 2:AM life saver! Ha-Ha!
#roominspiration – Pinterest ❤
Date night ❤
Cole Sprouse ❤
Soon…. #TrainingTeam
Donut tell me, this ain’t beautiful?!
We decided to lock ourselves this weekend!
Obviously, that is my strange habit :/
McDonald’s Fish and Fries ❤
GIRLS  (Van-Angel-Rosalie-Me) #ASDATeamTrainers
I love you!
#surprise! Thank you my love! ❤
Now Playing ….




Can’t wait to share the rest of my selfies, #ootd, groupie and random photos in my phone’s gallery for the other half of this year!


Hoping that it’ll be more exciting and fun…..


Till the next!


The Moody Mina ❤


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