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Anyone can cook – Sardine Pesto Pasta 

Every time I invite my friends over to our place and entice them that I’ll cook my specialty dish. I would always get this kind of response


Mind you that these people are my friends who I’ve anticipated to spend quality time with and exhaust my effort to cook  to just be skeptical about my invite in return. No, No, skeptical about, Me cooking!


Well, If I were them. I would.  Ha-Ha!  So what am I blabbing about? #sadreality 

I know that there will be a time that I need to get myself together and start learning the one thing food lover should possess.

I then remembered a line from one of my favorite Disney movies Ratatouille.


I used to believe that cooking was and never will be my forte, It’s even safe to say that I am more of, the “one who tastes and eat” rather than the “one who cooks”. In all honesty, I am still learning and I can still say that to this day “I can’t cook for sh*t” I still have a lot to learn, but lucky for me when I finally decided to be focused and put every thought of starting from scratch when I adapt my friends’ recipe that has been mine ever since till I master it. Master what? Cooking.


Now, I’m preparing this dish whenever we have visitors and when my girlfriend crave for it. For someone who has no idea or at least a strong background and  knowledge in terms of cooking, starting with pasta dishes is not bad and is actually helpful. It’s easy to prepare, require little amount of time and you can basically play with the ingredients since it can blend with any seasoning and toppings.


My girlfriend, friends and trainees said that it tasted good. Now, I am not really sure if they are just being nice or what, but when I tasted it’s not bad and made me go back for another round. Now, I am not sure if it’s just the typical hungry me or it does taste good Ha-Ha!

Sharing you my Sardine Pesto Pasta ala Mina

Why dare to try?

  1. You can prepare this dish for 30-40 minutes
  2. You will just spend a little over 400 pesos that can serve 4-6 people
  3. You’ve reach this part so why not give a shot and do something when you feel like doing nothing Ha-Ha!
Fussilli Pasta. Cook the pasta first. 1.Boil water in a large pot 2.Salt the water with at least a pinch of salt. It adds flavor to the pasta. 3. Once water is boiled, add pasta, wait for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the pasta will not be overcooked. 4. Drain and put on a separate plate. Note: Pasta is 340 grams

Before I would call it “spiral pasta” until I got schooled that there are different kinds of pasta.I used to think that there are just a few like angel hair, bow tie and shells but there are a lot. You can check link below and be guided accordingly. Your welcome by the way 🙂

3-4  canned Spanish Sardines. Place it on a separate plate and remove the carrot or pickles if there is any, drain half of the sauce, but you can leave a teaspoon that can add flavor to the pasta.
2 canned mushrooms. Drain and slice it in half specially if you like the shrooms like me! Ha-Ha!
3 sachets of Pesto Powder
1 knob of garlic, minced
1 medium onion, sliced
1 full butter (Not in photo 2 tsp vegetable oil, 3 sachets of pinched pepper, 1 pinch of salt)
Sautee onion and garlic till turned brown
Add Spanish sardines. Sautee for 2 minutes, then add the mushroom for another 2
Add full butter and let it melt for 2 minutes this is to lessen the fishy taste and smell because of the sardines
Once the butter melts, add the pasta and mix, continue mixing for 2-3 minutes on a medium heat stove level. After that add the pesto powder and mix for 1 minute till the pasta turned green.
Voila! I don’t know what’s up with this shot. Haha It did not look as green-y as it really looked like, maybe because of the lights. Anyway, In less than 20-30 minutes, you can now serve this to your friends 🙂

Today, is me and my team’s picnic day and each groups will bring food and drinks. I decided to cook for them and the thought of making this post strikes on me while waiting for the water to boil Ha-Ha!

Here is our humble table during our team lunch, They bring cake, spaghetti, chicken and fruit salad! It was fun and fully loaded afternoon for the team 🙂 The sardines pesto pasta is best served with garlic bread on the side, so we ask Francis who bakes to bring some. It was divine!

Pink Day for Team Mina! 🙂
Ariba Wave 14!!!!

The pasta was a hit and left no evidence of having one in our main plate. Maybe it does taste good! *blushing*

The face I make when they love my dish!



If you have some easy to cook pasta recipe don’t hesitate to share on this page!

To trudge and devour the magic of pasta!

Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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