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What’s in my bag 


First of all, I am really happy to see a progress when it comes to updating my blog. I was able to finish and publish 3 posts within a week plus finishing the other pending posts that were already published *Oops* I am really hoping that this is just a start and I’ll be inspired to write as many as I can.

Yes, Toby. I am proud of myself too *sobs*

So, last weekend my sister decided to hand over her Christmas gifts for me and Hazel and it was the sweetest and cutest! Colorful shoulder bags.

It has our favorite colors and I am really excited since the bag is perfect for my stuff and work essentials.

I also appreciate the fact that she has one for my girlfriend. It was a happy scene. Thank you Ate 🙂

I knew that I’ll be using my new baby by Monday and it then gave me an idea to post another What’s in my bag entry.

It’s been ages since my last entry from last year, Hey, that totally rhymes Ha-Ha!  But I know that I would not pass on this one.

So here you go…

Mine is this one. I’ve always been a sucker for anything with black and yellow, So I knew that this will land a spot on my hands. Another awesome thing is we get to share bags in between the week! Ha-Ha!
It’s a Monday and since I have to wait for another week before the start of my actual class, I only bring my basic essentials.
Pink Pouch that comes with the bag – This is where I keep my money and Coin purse – This was a gift from my then Manager when she visited Japa. Hi Ms. Dei! Cellphone Charger, Book – Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, Healthcard – in case of emergency, iPod Touch, Hello Kitty earphones, Starbucks sticker holder for 2016 planner, Pen and Markers.
Makeup pouch – This is my Mom’s pouch and I got it when I did some spring cleaning in our old house months ago. This is where I keep all my beauty essentials like Hair BrushBeauty 21 eyebrow gel liner, Nichido eyebrow razor, Nichido liquid eye liner, Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil – black, Ever Bilena Studio Finish concealer, Nichido lipstick – Temptation Red Matte, Nichido lip liner – Rose Berry,  Ever Bilena Powder Foundation – Light Natural, Bench Bratsplash Strawberry Shake. Hair scrunchies – black and green. 
Hello Kitty black umbrella, Hello Kitty mirror, Bratz sun glass case, RayBan Pink Aviator sun glass. Yes, you’re seeing it right. I decided to finally use my Bratz sun glass holder that’s been sitting in my then room for years. It was a Happy Meal that I got xx years with my Mom Ha-Ha! So yeah, It’s close on being authentic Ha-Ha!
If I don’t have a class, This is what basic needs look like inside my bag. And yes, It’s pretty loaded once I have a new hire class since I have to bring handouts and other training materials that I brought along with me.
I just realized that looking from this post and angle, One can assume that the owner of this bag is really into pink and hello kitty! Ha-Ha! I guess that is what’s happening since my girlfriend is trying to fulfill my then dream of having everything Hello Kitty! Ha-Ha! I used to throw it out the window but I’m glad she’s spoiling me with all these cute stuff. I also told her that she should also bring her health card every time in case of emergency and with the current weather umbrella is a must have.

And there you have it. Two things that I’ve learned from this post

  • Pink items can lighten up the view from your bag regardless of how messy it can get
  • No one is ever too old to feel young and cute with Hello Kitty items. I‘ll be sharing our collection so far probably soon. 

My phone didn’t make it so I decided to have a separate photo of it including my #ootd that day! Ha-Ha!

Shout out to my sweet girlfriend for always reminding me how much she loves me with that stick note I place on the back of my phone. It says I love you

I’m just over the moon happy that I survived Monday hence the shirt! Ha-Ha!

One of the very few attempts of doing a mirror selfie, but I look cute here though 🙂

I recently got my Christmas present from my girlfriend and I am too excited to be doing another What’s in my bag entry 2017 post.  Yey!

Share What’s in your Bag entry and let the world know what kind of keeper you are 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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