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My Life as a Trainer : Alorica 2016 

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness” – Ashton Kutcher. 

I may not be a total fan of Ashton Kutcher. Well, Okay, I guess I kinda liked some of his works like What happens in Vegas, No Strings Attached, Punk’d and That 70’s Show but that’s it. that’s it?! Ha-Ha! I think I am more of a Danny Masterson if you ask me, so there you go. But he really got me and everyone with one of his tweets that I wrote down in all of my planners and consistently share with my trainees every now and then.

This makes me feel positive and happy, especially with what I do for living. Training people.

I’ve blogged about this before and I finally have the time to do another appreciation blog post with all my trainees, work mates who definitely made me feel free with what I am doing and simply be happy with it.

I’ve been with my new company for 6 months now and everything went by so fast. We started Wave 0 for a retail account for 10 days and next thing we know is that we’ve been training one class after the other. It really is a promising account and in less than a year we needed to have more floors for all our new hires.

These guys and gals made my job a whole lot easier and keep me inspired to strive for more.

My very first class. Wave F4 B. I was nervous on my way to work during our first day since I’ve been off training for months. But this class turns out to be one of the sweetest classes that I’ve ever handled. This was taken during our last day. I and their Team Manager Billy ordered pizza for everyone to enjoy. It was also our appreciation week in the office 🙂
Little did I know that while I was finishing my deliverables for more than an hour after class, They’ve been waiting in our pantry area the whole time. Some of them fetch me in our office and ask for a minute. The minute I stepped in they were all gathered in our function room. Singing “More than words” They brought an acoustic guitar and it was a special scene. Jushan presented me a board that says ‘Thank you Ms. Mina from Wave F4 B. It has our class picture in it and a mini notebook with all their messages written on it. I also have a mini portrait that one of them drew and this was my profile picture at the time Ha-Ha! + a box of chocolates.
My next wave is for George (another line of business) Wave F8 B. These guys paid me a visit after their shift. Went to the training room and excited to share their experience of taking in calls and brag with their individual achievements like high CSAT scores. Their class was probably the smallest class that I’ve handled. With a total of 15, But they sure know how to cover our lack with their humor and competitiveness.
One should know my 3 shots rule with every groupie shot. Ha-Ha! This is our 3rd 🙂
My Wave F10 B with their Team Manager Karen. This was during our early team lunch. This wave is one of the most competitive out of all the class I’ve handled, they also have a strong bond that 5 days a week is not enough, they have their mini session every weekend too! Ha-Ha! Two of them recently paid a visit and told me that most of them got transferred to Back Office. I couldn’t be more proud of this wave!
One should know my shots rule with every groupie shot. Ha-Ha! This is our 3rd 🙂
During the first week of November, I was asked to cross train this team as they were moved to email support. I have to say that despite the stressful travel from Pasig to Alabang. This class made sure to give me a stress free breeze, especially with all their email responses. When I got back they paid me a visit and they were excited to share that 3 of them received 3 100% scores in their QA evaluation! And later on they said that “It’s all because of you Miss Mina” I blushed in an instant 🙂
Oh, you know what it is 🙂
George Email Wave 1. This my recent class that finished their training just last week. The overall experience with this class in one for the books as I have to join them as early as their Language Training till their Product Training with me. And this is all for 1 month! Imagine the travel time, traffic, hustle, drama and everything in between from Pasig to Alabang during the busy hours of 8 pm onwards. But as they say, There is always a bright side, even the shitty stuff. Mine happens to be this very class. I still got lucky because the class has a light, happy environment for everyone. They also got excited with our theme days every Friday. This was our hat theme day 🙂
Taken during my our last day in Training and my last day in Alabang. I still need to get used with our shifting site schedule, especially with my case and my cute cushions. Ha-Ha! My girlfriend told me I lost weight Ha-Ha! Maybe with all the walking. A part of me can’t contain the excitement of being able to rest with all the hardships, but most of my being really liked my stay there. The people in particular. I even thought about talking to my partner and consider moving in the south Ha-Ha!
#stripesday It is 🙂
After the announcement of the names who passed the training and with the help of these 3 in playing a prank to some of them who “didn’t pass” We pulled that one off! Ha-Ha! Joyce, I supposed the class’ speaker at the time hand out chocolates to each of us as their way of saying thank you during our training. Mine has a note with my caricature that says Thank you from the entire class. Look at the pullover and the wing eyed liner! Hahaha! Approve!
The class’ Team Manager Eugene, Quality Kiel and Language and Development Trainer Greg. The 4 of us also created our own bond all through out the training. And I can’t say thank you enough with these guys as they truly made me feel welcome in our Alabang site and helped with whatever I may need. Shout out to Greg for lending me speakers that really helped us shaken our psyche every after lunch Ha-Ha!
When the clock hits 3, They know where to find us 🙂
And of course, all these wonderful experience with the help and support of my Training Family. Here we are enjoying our pizza. When we all feel tired with work and BS, pizza is our comfort food! And as seen in our faces, It always worked!
They blessed my phone with a groupie 🙂
All smiles! 🙂
Another one showing our outfits Ha-Ha!

It may never be an easy road for everyone to take but we were able to stand still and put justice in our department by exhausting all our efforts to train and mold the next set of achievers in our roster.

The people and most definitely the experience are what makes this journey of mine nothing short of special.

I have a new class as I am making this post and I can’t wait to add more pictures in my next blog. Captured moments that will always remind me that sticking with what I know and love to do the most is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Miss Mina has been forever grateful.

Love lots,

The Moody Mina ❤


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