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If you are not making a mess, You are not eating right Episode 3: Kanto Freestyle Kapitolyo

I’m not a glutton – I’m an explorer of food ~ Erma Bombeck

If you are a wanderer of good food for a favorable price. This restaurant should top your list, especially if one of your friends or workmates is from Kapitolyo, Marikina or Mandaluyong. They may already have suggested this spot that assures gourmet like food for a price that will not hurt your wallet and mind you that we’re talking about less than 100 per meal.

Has the last sentence gotten you hooked? Yeah, I guess it just did.

One of the perks of having two of the above options is that I get to bring my girlfriend and enjoy the wonders of breakfast in the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast for our second month celebration.

If I’m not mistaken, It was last 2013 when I first step foot in Kanto Mandaluyong branch. It was a team breakfast with most of my fellow Trainers. I was instantly hooked with their foods.  The place will give you a laid back impression in an instant. Tables and chairs set up in a space that can probably accommodate 30 – 60 persons. It is filled with yellow light bulbs, traditional Capiz windows, ceiling fans and waiters with a hanky and shirt in black and yellow. At first, one can assume that the foods served are the regular meals for breakfast such as Tapsilog, Porksilog after all it’s a restaurant dedicated for breakfast meals, But Kanto can turn things around once the customer’s meal is served. You would not even think that the food and the place are actually connected but I guess that is what they are rooting for. I’ve been a customer for years and I got the chance to experience their freestyle breakfast in more ways than one and as simple and laid back the name and place would be, they sure to make up with the taste and presentation of their meals. And let’s not forget the price decided to stick on the laid back side of the business.

Photo grabbed from Google.

Kanto – Kapitolyo Branch
I blogged about my first breakfast in Kanto – Mandaluyong branch but I’m too lazy to do back track now Ha-Ha!  and what happened was when we got there the place was packed with people and there was already a line of 5-10 people waiting for table/s to be ready. We waited for an hour to get ourselves a sitting spot. That’s when I know that this is not just an average place.

The way I open this blog post is merely identical with how I described and explained to my girlfriend the place where we will celebrate our second month celebration. Minus the catching phrase, of course! Ha-Ha!

I remember when we both crave for breakfast meals. Something that people like us in the BPO industry seldom gets to try on a daily basis. So I decided to take her in a place that can make her crave and enjoy breakfast to another level. I promised to take her to IHOP soon and I also made sure that it’s been and always has been IHOP #2nd, Kanto is my #3rd and my first is YOU #1 Naks! Ha-ha!

After work we decided to go straight to Kant- Kapitolyo branch and since it’s the wee hours, It didn’t take long for us to have our table set.

2 months with this pretty lady and I ain’t complainin 🙂

#wacky daw love?????
I am a big fan of their Fluffy pancake topped with Goya and Choknat ganache. Yes, you’ve read it right Goya and Choknat!! I can’t even! Everytime I visit Kanto this is a consistent must – have!
Hazel ordered the Honey glazed chicken. And she likes it!
I had the Batangas beef tapa since it’s been ages since I last had tapa in my system. I’ll give 7/10 rating for this one. I needed more *kick with the flavor of the tapa and their vinegar sauce.
I also ordered Deep fried oreos just because. It’s deep fried oreos Ha-Ha! ❤
Happiness with this one 🙂
We completely blend it with the lights and all. I tried editing the pictures but that’s probably the brightest that it can get.
Her – Pucker up !
Me – Kissy kiss little miss!
Photo grabbed from their Facebook page.
For future reference. Your welcome 🙂

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is and will always be a good idea. Our total bill only costs 460 pesos and this already includes our drinks and tip.

I’ve never been a Kanto branch where it was merely empty. Different types of people also happens to enjoy what Kanto has to offer. Whether a group of call center agents, students, girls who had a great time in Tipsy Pig bar and needed something edible before saying Hello to Sunday morning, family, couples (like US) can’t deny that with all things fancy it is one the best things to be able to indulge one’s self with good food with a very affordable price.

That’s when Kanto comes in.

Now, I am seriously craving for that pancakes …. I’ll leave this one right here guys!

Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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