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If you are not making a mess, You are not eating right Episode 4: Pasto Italian Cafe Eastwood

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. – Mark Twain 

Our 3rd month celebration falls on the wonderful month of December. We were really excited since we’ve committed to dedicate our special day every month to discover the best restaurants in the metro for now, enjoy the company of each other and celebrate the happiness brought by just being together. Aren’t I the sweetest girlfriend? Ha-Ha!

Since it’s the Christmas season, I thought of having pasta just because…. Christmas won’t be complete without pasta or spaghetti to be specific,right? Ha-Ha! I don’t know I just thought it’s setting the mood along with the cold breeze and bright lights everywhere.

We went to Eastwood at around 10 p.m and the place is packed when we got there. We were walking around looking for a “new place” to eat since we’ve already been in the usual suspects before who doesn’t? When we passed by Pasto Italian Cafe. Between me and my girlfriend, I took the liberty of deciding where we will eat since I am the resident foodie between the two of us I know size shows Ha-Ha! Plus, I also want to take her to some of the places I got the chance to dine before, since she just fully adapted the Metro when we got our own place months ago. The place looks nice and when I saw their menu board displayed outside my pasta craving gave its go signal right away.

The place is not that crowded when we stepped in but that’s okay. We’d rather have an empty space anyway, so it’ll be more intimate. We can also feed our inner self that it somehow feels like we got the whole place reserved for just the two of us Ha-Ha! But the other couple in the other table seems nice. So it’s all god for young lovers. The place is clean and has nice interiors, they also have free Wi-Fi and not to mention the waiter and other crews never fail to flash their smiles the whole time which I think is totally awesome. #notobadcustomerservice Ooh! It is also a dessert bar and can bring some minor to major damage with their wines and liquors.

I was not able to take pictures of the actual place so I grabbed some pictures from the master G. It turns out that aside from restaurant – review apps, then customers are also sharing their view and feedback about the place. Most of the reviews are somewhat in favor with Pasto.

Italian colors are pretty evident with the interiors.
Refresh yourself ladies and gents
The best Christmas gift ❤
Me and Hazel thought that it’s really a bonus and not to mention + points with flying colors if the restaurant’s waiter/s are much as game as we are during photo ops and a good set of eyes with your 1-3 shots that are totally #intsagramworthy just like this one 🙂


Hazel ordered Pollo Mediterraneo. It is a spaghetti with chicken, sun – dried tomatoes, olives, mushroom and feta in a light mascarpone sauce.


Mine is the Marinara It is Fettuccine with assorted seafood in a spiced tomato sauce. It has everything that I liked such as mussels and shrimp in big amount of servings.


For our shared dish I ordered the Milanese, It is a Parmesan crusted chicken topped with tomatoes, mushrooms and basil served with a side of balsamico salad. This one is delicious!


We had fun and the foods are great.
Hazel also decided to wear that cute pink dress from mwah! She looked lovely in it ❤
Our third shot is always the silly ones Ha-Ha!
Happy 3rd month to us my love ❤

We stayed there for less than 2 hours and I have to say that the place is perfect, especially for couples who just wanted to spend a good dinner / date night with their loved ones. The serving of the food can also be good for sharing and there is no need to go outside to grab some beers to digest all the carbs intake. If there is one thing that I am not quite fond of? It’s got to be their Late Alcio Colatto. It is like a chocolate smoothie. Feedback – Nothing special. Wait, how can I describe it again? Hmmm.. yeah it’s just pure plain.

At one point I even told Hazel that every restaurants, whether the 5 stars or even the average ones, needed to have everything balanced. Not all can be that good or that bad. And Pasto happens to have one too….

Nevertheless. It was a fun and delicious date night. We end up sharing our meal and enjoyed our entire stay. 

Pasto Italian Cafe, I enjoyed your pasta and salad, My partner cleaned up her plate so yes. We will definitely come back 🙂


Keep the love and appetite burning everyone!


Love lots!



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