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#WCM – Saab Magalona

I’ll always have a #girlcrush on Saab Magalona. She is my forever idol and defines everything about ones admiration. 

When was the first time you saw Saab?

I know it’s a little less than 9 years. From her Incugirl- Tumblr- WordPress, Juice.ph now to her official website, Lipgloss, Koreana, My Beloved acting stints, Diamond Shotgun video, Meiday, GirrrlScout events, and being the lead vocals for US-2 Evil-0, Duster, BBYGRL and everything and anything in between that she used to be up to this day that she is now part of Cheats and happily married to Jim Bacarro. Yea, that long.

What made her special?

She writes as she speaks, She dress with angst and style effortlessly, She sings like a teenage girl and capture the lyrics and emotion as we sing along to it. She made sure to create her own identity that can only suit nobody else’s but her. She created her own name and followed her oassion when everyone else stick ti whatever js convenient and glamoured by mainstream. The way she looks in her photos made everyone wanting to try and have the same shots like hers. She is a true definition of a woman that not only looks good, succesfull in her field, but a woman with substance. She truly is a definition of beauty and brains. Not to mention she is also a cool girl! 

P.S We also love young adult and non fiction in books and writing category! 

Writing this blog posts would have to be one of the most challenging that I’ll ever write.

Sharing the admiration to someone who inspired me to blog and use this online platform, I only want nothing but honesty and perfection. Perfection in a sense that I’ll try to give justice not only as a “fan girl” but someone who got inspired by simply being true to one’s self and being confident not just by looking good but being smart or hungry to become one.

I love writing. I started with my diary before I enter high school, I’ve also written poems when puppy love strikes me then Multiply emerged for some years before I discovered Blogspot. I was a girl who is still trying to know my purpose and what I’m good at. I used to play the drums, win school programs and competitions in spelling and declamations, But writing is what I’ve always adored that only me and my pen knows. When I started to “stalk” her blog that is the time I was convinced to share my stories, random thoughts and life memories. When I finished my first ever post I know, I wanted to be like her, I wanted others to be inspired too!

Years of sharing my life online and I am happy as I’ve always been. Friends, Colleagues, I don’t know 3-5 of them started Tumblr, as they say “because of me”, 2 started WordPress, again, as they say is “because of me”. We are all thankful to be discovering a safe outlet where we can be our self and have the freedom to speak our mind through letters and words.

I am proud to be a fan and will always be proud who I’ve picked not just a style but also my brain and beauty peg. My girlfriend approves too and we both adore her!

So for my first celebrity #GirrrlCrush entry, I know that there is no one else, I would love to write about but Saab Magalona.



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