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Whenever someone would dare say this word during a group chat, meeting or simple chikahan with friends or relatives. I’d volunteer to save myself from looking clueless or worst, display what I’ve mastered the “resting b*tch face”

I’m just out.

How to make lots of money. How to make my wallet thick-er.

These are the kind of topics  where I’d get myself involved in no time – Everyone would,right?

I knew from the start that I was not given a in any form gift when it comes to

  • Budgeting
  • Being resourceful
  • MATH

I’m actually laughing at my own self shame with the last bullet, but that’s true. I hate MATH, I can’t compute to save my life and you know the saying it’s either one thing or the other, You’re good in Math but bad in English or You’re good in English but bad in Math. I’LL GO WITH THE SECOND ONE! Hahahaha!

Being so freaked out and confused with numbers, signs and computation does not really help with me handling money on my own. When I turned 20 my brother started to convince me to get a credit card since I’m already working. My mom would be so upset with the idea and tell me that I am setting myself for an ultimate failure of being broke when I lay my hand on a plastic if ever I’ll get approved.

I am certain that she is right. Till today, a part of me still consider myself to be a shopper than a seller.

But aging sure knows how to knock up in one’s system to do yourself a favor and turn things around.

Growing up, I used to get stuff that I wanted with the help of my mom. The only struggle that I’ll have is when she says NO and I needed to level up my convincing powers to the highest notch.

That was before.

But as the saying goes “You’ll never know what you have till it’s gone” – This saying happen.

I was placed in the situation where I spend more than what I need that eventually lead me to need more than what I can spend. Trust me it is the worst feeling the world. The feeling of being helpless. You have people who can help you but you’d rather face and solve the situation that you’ve lead yourself.

Me and my partner always talk about the days where we needed to face the consequence of being careless. We pampered ourselves in a lavish way that we forgot to remind ourselves about our responsibility. The responsibilities that come every month and they will not take NO or “can we do it next month?” for an answer.

We celebrate our love day, every month in a fancy restaurant that cost no less than 2000 pesos above. We even got a flat for 9,000 for just the two of us and the next thing we know we both got sick of our work. Both resigned without even thinking, caring about our daily expenses and monthly bills.

What a stupid decision from two people and one being 6 years senior from the other right?

I told myself that I’ll never go back in such situation, this is the same promise that I told my partner. This is the time in my life when I finally re-consider the idea of putting up a…wait, here I’ll say it now. BUSINESS! Whoaaa that was huge Ha-Ha!

Just to make myself clear,This eye opener situation led me to think of ways to make money not for spending (like how I used to think) but saving. Earn money that I can use in case of emergency, Earn money that I can use in the future, Earn money to start from something that can go big and make more money. That’s what I did. A few months ago I sat down with my partner and told her my plans of setting up a business. Being the ever supportive girlfriend that she is. She told me that she has full trust with whatever decision I have and she’ll help with me once I start. Isn’t she the sweetest?

We first thought of something that I am good at.

  • Writing – There are several sites where you’ll get paid for every article. I’ve been blogging for less than 10 years now and I am sure that I for now, I will write based on my own inspiration and stay on this platform. This is ALL ME. This is the way I wanted.
  • Cooking my Sardine Pesto Pasta with Garlic bread – I can’t cook for sh*t and it was last Friday when I get to add another dish on my resume. People like this dish of mine especially my girlfriend but I am not that confident to share it to the world with a corresponding price on it. So it’s a NO from the get go.
  • I’d like to put up a strip club but Hooters is way hard to beat so I stopped wondering Of course the last one was a joke.

We are almost on the edge of getting tired with all the thinking when my light bulb decided to be felt.

  • Fashion –  I used to be a freelance stylist mostly for friends. I posted my portfolio that I’ve created for less than a month. Here is the link, in case you might want to check it out. But this time I am not planning to put up my style team. Geez, that one may happen yearsssss from now. Ha-Ha! I tried to gather the level of reputation that I have for my friends, workmates and online friends when it comes to my fashion sense. It’s either they’ll ask me what’s my recommendation for their outfit or if I’ll give a YAY or NAY to what they are wearing. That’s where the idea of Debonair came from.

I thought about it, going back and forth whether or not I am fully decided to try my luck in business and mixing my passion with it. Then I was finally convinced that the only time for me to know that I fail is when I stop myself from trying and finding out the answer on my own. So there I’ve decided to announce my new found passion online. I decided to make money from something I am passionate about, Something I know I was able to pull off for myself and for the others I’ve styled before.

Me and my girlfriend opened our online retail fashion shop called Debonair.

These are what I’ve created as our official posters before we launched and when we go live.

Don’t be too hard, I got myself a little less than an hour when I made it along an info graphic in work. Ha-Ha! Everything that one needed to know is there. Help yourself 🙂


And this one serves as a must know poster about Debonair 🙂

We also created our Facebook page and so far, comments from close friends turned out to be great. They got so excited and started to request for styles that they wanted. We can’t help but felt proud and giggle matched with a flip hair – high five when all of our products were sold out in less than 2 weeks!

Here are some of the items that we sold.

I did the layout, styling of the items and photos, Hazel did the marketing piece. ~ Sounding like a true business woman if you ask me Ha-Ha!




For now, we are still trying to look for some unique items that will be included on our second batch. This is something that made our store different from the the sea of online shopping. We are trying to spread a unique fashion especially in this millennial age where most of the girls would dress up like Kylie or Kendall Jenner. In case you are asking I am #TeamKenny all the way!

After all, one woman’s nightmare will always be bumping into someone else that dress exactly like you right? May I remind you of a famous reminder in a Regina George’s tone “that’s social suicide” 

Standing out from the rest not because of being drab, but for being fabulous in an affordable way.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll have the same response from when we first launched it but nonetheless we are so happy with what we have started so far!

By the way, our business income was actually saved and as planned we’ll add more to it who knows this small business might lead us to something big in the future.

*sigh* Dreaming big is not a crime after all.

I’ll leave this one right here for now.

Any comments, related stories and even suggestions are very much welcome!

Till the next!

TheMoodyMina ❤


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