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If you are not making a mess,  You are not eating right Episode 2: Highlands Premium Steakhouse 

With all the reasons that I am truly thankful for, This would have to be one of my absolute favorites, Thankful for having not only a sweet and caring partner but a best friend. Someone who totally got my back with all the adventures and misadventures that I’ve been to and will probably have in my life. This so called little adventure that I get to start and continuously do with her is something close to my heart and appetite – I guess everyone else’s too!

Exploring foods and different restaurants and fast-foods PH has to offer.  Like what I have said to my first post This is something that my Mom used to lived by when she was still alive.  “Reward yourself with all the best food while you can, This is something that you can brag about in heaven. Being able to taste the wonders of food is one of the best and satisfying addiction in this world.

True enough! And for the love of steak and pizza, that’s my Mom!  She is amazing. Too bad heaven can’t wait that long for all her food reviews.

So that’s exactly what I am doing.  Lucky for me my partner is also a big fan of anything delicious and we get to discover the best food for our soul everytime we celebrate our monthsary.

For our first month. I decided to take her to a place where I know can give us one mean and heavy loaded meal.  Anything that has steak written on it ? I’m down with it.  Plus I always find steak to be somewhat romantic and sexy for a date night. So there.

We went to Highlands Prime Steakhouse in Capitol Commons. It is located next to Burgers and Brewskies where we had our first date which I also published months ago.

Happy 1st month my love ❤
The pouting turns out to be my thing now. Ha-Ha!

We had her best friend / housemate  to join us for dinner,  William. It’s also nice / not a bad idea to bring someone close to you or your partner in date night every once in a while.


It was awesome since we get to chitchat and share a few laughs while waiting and in between.
We arrived at around 10 in the evening and the place is squeaky clean. No need for a reservation and basing it from the people who are already settled in their tables,  the place is a crowd favorite mostly by families.

All smiles 🙂 We were given bread and butter for appetizer.
🙂 🙂 🙂

It is our first month celebration and I made sure that it’s going to be a memorable dinner for the 3 of us so we had.

William had the BBQ Baby Back Ribs in half (600) A very soft and juicy falling off the bone, marinated and cooked in our special smoked marinated sauce.
Hazel is into white meat so she had the Apricot Chicken (550) It is a spring marinated in espresso coffee and apricot juice. Grilled and roast finish, served over sauteed mixed vegetables and marble potato.
I had the Highland Prime Chops (580) It is a Marinated grilled French cut pork chops served with garlic rice, grilled pineapple and special mushroom bacon sauce with a touch of Balsamic Vinegar.


It was one of the best dining experience I’ve had for a long time. We ended up sharing our meal, so we get to try other dishes. Me and William also ends up ordering 2-3 plates of rice! I appreciate the presentation of each meal and how they mixed pork/meat over vegetables. My girlfriend is not a fan of greens, but she cleans up her plate because it is as much as delicious!

Our total bill that night was 4,500 and that already includes the rice serving, drinks and the service charge.

They also have a fast Wi-Fi connection that made us post photos real time #Millennialsyndrome  Ha-Ha!

All the meals being served is good for sharing.  We could have just simply share our plate but we thought, It’s not every night that you get to eat these delectable meals. And again, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little on something especially if this is calls for a happy celebration and for the heck of it why would you, right? Ha-Ha! *kidding! 

I also grabbed some photos on Google so you’ll be able to see the interior of the place.

You have to agree that the place passed to be #instagramworthy 🙂

We had a blast. As you may have seen we had too much pork,  meat and carbs in our system, We instantly went to a bar nearby to grab some beer after. It was awesome.

Me and Hazel enjoyed every minute of our first month celebration and I couldn’t be more happier seeing her full of smiles, love and appetite. I keep on falling every time.

So there… before I go all cheesy and sh*t  We can’t wait to be back and be surprised again.


Keep the love and appetite burning everyone!


Love lots!

TheMoodyMina ❤


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