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Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are

In my 26th years of existence here on Earth, I am pretty sure that I value the title of being a best friend and much more when I consider someone as mine.

Now if you’ll look it up on Google same way as other millenials would have done and find what is the real meaning when you are called or when you decided to call someone as his or her best friend.

This is what you’ll get. Oh, wait. No! This is how the internet wants you to know about BFF’s.

FYI: They are surprisingly accurate!


Best Friend or Best Friends may refer to:

  • Someone with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendship

I made sure that mine is someone who I can truly call my best friend. These are the people who had been in the highest of high and lowest of low in my life, The ones who already marked their 5th or 8th year as a constant star in my life and probably those who can tolerate the weirdness in me that only a true fashion best friend can digest.



Having said all that, You can pretty much asumme that I am quite selective when it comes to this Someone with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendship.

Which leads me to create this appreciation post to the strong ones who are living proof that I am still tolerable Ha-Ha!

I have quite a few bestfriends and I know that they deserve nothing less as I make this blog post about them.

It’s kind of funny because even if we would not see each other for weeks and months (Thank goodness for not having any of my bff’s go M-I-A with me for a year or years) It’s like nothing happened and the craziness and laughter in our company had been just like yesterday when we decided to be each other’s BFF. Although now that we have our own individual lives that involve work and the “new” people we’ve met along the way we often do back tracks or our very own #throwback topic about how we used to be few years ago and it’ll crack us in no time. The next thing we know? We all started to sigh and tell each other “Wishing to go back in time. When we were still young and responsible-free” Ha-Ha! I know, I know we got our confirmation of being a certified #TITA because of that!

Let’s start with the people who gave a whole new meaning to my so called college life. Without them, I would not survive. We’ve been friends for 9 years already and even with our own-mature and not to mention our midlife age and crisis? Hahaha We still get to hang out, talk through Facebook and non stop bashing  that only true friends can absorb.

Having them as my friends made me realize that I did some tough and good choices for once during college hahah!

I’ve got some funny and disturbing #throwback photos for the sake of this post and it’s pretty obvious how long we’ve known each other basing on how we looked like and how shitty the resolution of the photos are. Ha-Ha!

*cue Vitamin C – (Graduation) Friends Forever* Yuck! So 90’s Ha-Ha!

During my 18th birthday at Meat Shop Bar Katipunan – 2008. I personally decided to not have any formal celebration for “debut” and I don’t any of these fools would appreciate the fact of being formal on a Saturday night. It was a fun night filled with drinks, food and tons of gifts that I get to keep up until now.
Meet my best friends Mich and Rica. I first met Rica during our first year in college, We instantly clicked and was inseparable. Mich is our classmate till 4th year and little did we know that after a year, They will end up together. They’ve been with me as long as I can remember. I was their resident “third wheel” especially when we are going out during the weekends. This was taken somewhere in Q.C. Ha-Ha!
Me and Rica had a silly fight prior that night and it was so funny because Mich can’t decide who to talk and go to since we are literally ignoring each other over some silly misunderstanding. Of course she was supposed to put her girlfriend first but since Mich has a heart of gold she did not make me feel like a wall flower during the first few hours Ha-Ha! We made up that night of course and we just laugh about the whole thing cause it’s stupid Ha-Ha! That’s one thing I like about Rica. We’ve never been into any fight that’ll take for a day/s.
Back in the day when I thought I looked cool posing with a cigarette. Ha-Ha! Not to mention her favorite Fruit Soda is epic. Waiting for the rest in our favorite “tambayan” Pugon. You are not a legit Arellanite Pasig if you didn’t know where Pugon is. We literally spent half of our school day in this place and it will always be special in our hearts. Up until now whenever we feel like catching up with one another we’ll meet here still.
This was taken when I decided out of nowhere to get my inner left ear pierced at Griffins Tattoo Studio. It’s always fun to do something random because these two are always game for anything extreme Ha-Ha!
With Dice and Shiela. I told you my people got my back. Props to my Baby Milo drum set bag. This was when I used to be obsessed with everything American Boulevard apparels and sh*t.
This by far is the sickest #throwback photo of us Ha-Ha! This was taken the morning after our Saturday night session. We used to have this so called “session” where we will tell our parents that we have a Saturday duty/shift and we’ll be ready with all our stuff , including our nursing bag, geared in our scrub suit like the one that I am wearing. Some of us had to come in a our white uniform with stockings like Gellen over there Ha-Ha!  At around 9 p.m we’d all meet in Pugon and drink. Funny because back in the day it really is a tough battle between Tequila and Gilbeys Gin Mix for our start then we’ll wash our drunk selves with good all Red Horse Beer. It was crazy because we were all wasted when we got home and our parents thought our shitty look is brought by hard work in our “duty” Hahahaha! Look at my Myrene Academia inspired hair! That full bangs is definitely giving me the chills.
During our immersion at Bulacan where we had to live with our sponsored family for 2 weeks. Lucky for us, Our last name made us room mates!
Here is the story. The deal is we had to immerse, blend and live with our sponsored family for 2 weeks and attend to different medical mission and program in the local town of Bulacan. We got lucky because most of our classmates had to live with families with no electricity and they have to share a small space for them to sleep. We were the last batch to be given a family and surprisingly our place look like this. We even get to be in 1 room. Yeah, we got lucky during that trip.
Leslie, Me, Raymund, John and Rica taken with my Nokia 6600. Say whaaaaat? Ha-Ha!
Toffee! This is probably the first out of the 4 pictures that we only had together out of our entire 9 years of being friends.This picture was used twice for my birthday message / post for him.
Noche. This guy whom I used to call as “Babes” used to be my unofficial property back in college. Ha-Ha! I know the title is inappropriate but I have no recollection of a time where he said no especially when I would get into silly cat fight with whoever the girl she is eyeing on or dating. Ha-Ha! As I would explain myself, I just wanted the best gal for this guy. That’s all!
With Rica and Toffee. I seriously missed my natural wavy/curly or whatever you call it hair.
During one of our duties at Philippine Orthopedic Center.
This was taken during our yearbook pictorial. We all look fab (-) Sheila’s headpiece 😦 #thatone’sgottogo
Ladies ❤
During our clinical graduation at Manila Hotel. I remember when I had to run straight for my work shift after our mini celebration. I arrived for work with that heavy make up wearing a plain tee and sneakers Ha-Ha!
One of my favorite pictures. Here we are posing next to our parents 🙂
Parentals get to meet each other too! #howcoolisthat
Forever a #thirdwheel with these two ❤
During our Thesis presentation. The 4 of us were given a task to be the design committee! We nailed it of course!
Love you all!
Even before bathroom #selfie went big, We were living it! Manila Hotel sure have one of the cleanest and fanciest restroom, I’ve been into.
❤ ❤ ❤
We clean up good girls 🙂
When smartphones are not that big yet. We had the Sony Camera to save us!
A special day they did for Mama ❤

Girls Night Out. Yay!
Wuvyouuu Tol!
I’ll bite y’all till it hurts.
Being silly is what we do #postdrunk

Even when we got ourselves a job and a lot of new people came in the picture, We made it a point to catch up every once in a while….. ….

Expect a lot of either food or beer and a whole of bashing with these folks, minute after seeing each other Hahaha!

John, Rayms, Rica, Toffee. Showing our forever love with pizza ❤
Fun Night Out at Tiendesitas
All smiles 🙂
Pizza, Beer, Rice… What about frapp to cap off our night?
One of our biglaan lakad to Tagaytay during a stormy night. We were drinking at Pugon and then all of a sudden we are loading Karla’s car and next thing is we are passing shots while passing through SLEX. That night is a major #blur. We went home at around 9 am the day after. That was absolutely FUN!
Karla convinced us to watch in a comedy bar and let me tell you that there was not a second that I was not laughing my heart out. Jose Manalo did a front act that night and he is clearly one of the best stand up comedian that there is!
With John “Sweet” Lapuz
With Boobay 🙂


One of the most fun celebrations for the barkada at Rica’s Birthday Bash! ❤



I’m a pro in third wheelin’ ❤



Since Mich is thousand miles away. We decided to go as each other’s Valentines date ❤ At Bellinis, Cubao Expo


Dinner with the gang before we bid goodbye to Mikoii! Be good tol! Ha-Ha!
My kitty ears says Hi 🙂
Here we are at Mich’s Despedida Party before she fly to Saudi! We love you tol!


Night Swimming never gets old.



This was when you are just starting taking over your business and I am so glad and happy to see you grow and successful. You deserve it all!
at John’s birthday bash 🙂
Pugon ❤ We can survive kahit Emperador at juice pa yan’
My best friend taking me out on a date every time I had love issues Ha-Ha! She is such a sweetheart.
That was a fun night.
One of our drunken moments at Noche’s Birthday Party.
We formed a crazy heart Ha-Ha! ❤
Tipsy Pig Capitol Commons.
9 years with these awesome earthlings.


I think this was taken after we watched a movie at Sta. Lucia Mall. Di baaa.. Sobrang old school Ha-Ha! Sta Lucia Mall is our favorite hang out place back in our college days since it’s only a ride away from school.
A collage that I’ve created for my birthday greeting post on her 26th birthday,
Open bar night at Tanghalang Pasigueno. Kiss*


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