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Aaah! That overused hashtag all over the social media sites. I am no hater if that’s what you think or felt upon reading this first line. In fact, I always find it amazing seeing these people / couples being a living proof that wait, Am I actually saying this now Ha-Ha!    Forever has existed with their love and story.

My idea of a #relationshipgoals is always a combination of objective and subjective judgement.

Say example, the way these couples complement each other like their styles, things that they do together as a couple, the positive aura or a strong sense of presence when they started to walk hand in hand, hearing how they helped each other be the best version of themselves and most importantly how their story started.

In real life, I still don’t get why some are very confident or braggy to self proclaimed that theirs is a relationship goal. Again #nohatin It’s just me and my partner totally agreed to the idea that this kind of millennial compliment should be coming from someone else or from a different mind with a different perspective and with another set of eyes. But if one is just too proud with the love and what they have who am I to judge? So I guess I’ll just leave it as it is. Ha-Ha! Insert my borderline sarcastic voice over Ha-Ha

I wish that in real life, I can look as funny and adorable like this whenever I am doing this face Ha-Ha!


FYI – Oh btw, That meme on the top. That’s Nicolas Cage who happens to be Nicolas Kim Coppola in real life, Sofia’s cousin.


I’ve been wanting to share my admiration for these two.

Not only that they are gorgeous standing next to each other but the brains to match with it!

Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola


Now if you don’t know these two. GTFO! Ha-Ha! kidding. Sofia Coppola is the daughter of Director and Producer Francis Ford Coppola. The Director of probably one of the biggest films in Hollywood. The Godfather (where Sofia had a cameo role when she was still a toddler) Bam Stoker’s Dracula, Jeeper’s Creepers and even Robin Williams’ Jack. Her Dad established a huge name in Hollywood and what I liked about her is that she did not settle for anything less that is not deserving of that famous last name. I personally think that she happens to be as much as a bad as* film maker like her Dad.

Campaign Ad for Louis Vuitton feat The Coppolas ❤

Sofia always landed a spot whenever I am asked about my #brainpeg or #girlcrush

For starters, Her being a Director and Writer is nothing short of amazing considering she is the main head for some of my favorite films such as

The Virgin Suicides.

A story about 4 sisters (Their eldest committed suicide on the first part of the film and the rest of the movie revolved around them) who was trying to be raised by their overly – conservative parents. One night the group of boys who has a huge admiration for the sisters found them dead committing a suicide pact. Up to the present time of the film, The group of boys who now aged can’t help but think about the sisters and why they committed suicide.

Lost in Translation

Bill Murray’s character is an aging star who is asked to shoot a whisky commercial in Japan. Charlotte (Scarlett Johanson) accompanied her husband who is a photographer who is also in Japan for a shoot. Both were literally lost in translation given the fact that they are in Japan and there is a big language barrier. Their characters also felt being lost in their own troubled lives. They find companies in each other and started to form a special bond. If you are wondering that is a PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP people. The film focuses on the emotion and how one handles such situation if or being lost



Marie Antoinette 2006

Kirsten Dunst plays the role of Marie Antoinette. This is the first film that truly embodies both the glamorous life as well as the ugly side and struggles of being royal. It shows the reality of being the most powerful. Non stop partying, gambling, infidelity and being called Madame Deficit of the people under your power for not giving a shit to their dying community. This is way different from the other movies that deals with the life of the royals. I also like the fact that the movie is a combined historical comedy-drama. 

For once, I thought that Kirsten Dunst is Coppola’s muse because of the projects they made together.

She also directed some of the most interesting music videos that I get to appreciate growing up.One of which is White Stripes’ “I just don’t know what to do with myself” with Supermodel Kate Moss pole dancing and just being Kate. Looking hot without even trying! White Stripes is one of my favorites too.


Now in the other hand.My #girlcrush used to be married to a cool guy who had faith that someday Jackass will be big and it did.

Spike Jonze

I first know about Spike when I started watching Jackass where he is one of the

producers and occasional actor a.k.a Gloria. 

Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine. The three main heads behind Jackass!
Yep, By this time you may have known his alter ego as the slutty grandma who likes showing her tits! Ha-Ha!
I knew from the first time I’ve watched Wolf of Wall Street that there is something gnarly about this guy Ha-Ha!

 He is the director for some of these highly acclaimed films and music videos


This is a story of a man who is an introvert writer that later found comfort and fell in love with his Operating system with Artificial Intelligence or simply a man falling in love with Siri if that’s more convenient to imagine.

One of the most iconic videos of all time. Bjork – It’s Oh so quiet. Bjork is one piece of a disturbingly beautiful art.
If you want to destroy my sweater Whooooah whoah oh whoaaah! Weezer – Undone (Sweater Song)
Kanye West and Jay Z – Otis.
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Y control

With all their craft, especially in the television and movie industry, I just can’t help but think how did they came up with that movie, that video? They are so awesome and this is one rare moment when I can’t point a finger who I am mostly rooting for. Ha-Ha!

The two creative minds who happen to be lovers. Can’t get any better than that eh?


One must know that these two are so awesome together that even them have to part ways. I may have said it before that #relationshipgoals are the ones that will prove that there is forever in love. But for me life comes with a lot of surprises and all that we can do is make sure to keep up with people and things that can make or break us. That’s why we have memories right? Okay, I’m starting to go outside my blog with my beliefs and shit Ha-Ha! But life happens with them and as much as I want to keep them together we can’t. Together or not I still see them as my goals. I like how committed they are with their passion in film making. They have a different approach with their story lines and cinematography and quite frankly the movies they have written and directed is unique compared to most film makers. I find it bad ass when married couples under the same line of business are both successful and knows how to run their craft. They may not be together but the memories of them as a couple made its history that up to date people can gush online like the one who owns this blog Ha-Ha!or regret about because of the break up.

One can agree they looked so cute together!

I can totally use the hashtag #pleasegetbacktogether for this post Ha-Ha!


Till the next!

TheMoodyMina ❤


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