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Movie Recall – Suicide Squad, The Purge: Election Year, The Boy, The Amytiville Terror

What’s new? 

If you have been following my blog or at least had stumbled upon my previous posts you’ll have an idea that my nostalgic mind was and will always be influenced by the people and pop culture that I had along my life journey and I’ve been very vocal that the best ones are from the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

My choice of music and movie so to speak was again always Nostalgic. My third person self would have its approval that my pet peeve is reminiscing everything about 90’s-00’s that includes comparing everything about Then and Now when there is a chance and also I AM A BIG SUCKER FOR RE-RUNS when it comes to movies.

Although I’ve been exploring the wonders of INDIE and EDM’s on my playlist for quite some time now, I never get tired of playing some old school movies on my player especially during the weekend. I now understand my girlfriend when she’d rather sleep her way out or browse the internet when it’s my time to pick what movies is set to be played next.

It’s been so long when I last watched a movie in a cinema. And as much as I want to consider myself as a “big movie geek” I found myself getting along with the trending movies months after it was premiered and rather enjoy it in the company of my girlfriend, friends or even myself because it’s less hassle and I can appreciate it more without anyone bugging. It is much more comfy since I am in my place and most importantly, It’s less stress, especially with rude seat mates and back row douches.

But this did not stop me from appreciating movies and owning probably a hundred copies starting from romance- action and of course horror films that  I can play all over when I’m in the mood for it again and again and again. It has become a daily routine for me and my partner to  watch at least 2 movies before ending our day and sleep.

These movies always end up in my To Watch list a.k.a Movies that I’ve watched for more than 5x and I still laugh my heart out as if it’s just my first  Detroit Rock City, Big Daddy, The Hangover, Grown Ups, Scary Movie 1-2, Jackass 1,2, 3D, 3.5 just to name a few.

Binge watching any of these with chips and soda on the side of our bed is something GOLD.

Grown Ups
The Hangover
Detroit Rock City

You guessed it. My favorites are probably 10 years old from the time it was first shown, but seriously, that’s the way I liked it.

This is one fact about myself that I find both with a pro’s and con’s. Con’s, knowing that it obviously holds me back from exploring and appreciating what is being offered in today’s entertainment scene and experience the hype along with the others. You know how joining the bandwagon works right? Talk about how anti social can one get eh?

Shoot me if I started to sound like a righteous bitch or a typical Tita. Ha-Ha! 

Me 80% of the time.

My appreciation for music is the same for my love with movies. For me, it’s not just watching a screen play with famous actors in high definition, but the emotion and the moment you were in by just watching it and let’s not forget, the lesson and learning brought by the movie itself.

I know for a fact that I need to lose my closed minded self for anything new at some point and discover the freshest finds just like the rest and that’s exactly what I did during my 2 days off from work. I just had a major movie marathon date with my girlfriend, which leads me to share my 2 cent when FINALLY I tried to blend in.

I had my work off on a Friday night which is perfect because I got myself excused from surviving the heavy rain on my way to work. I just needed to stay in and enjoy the cold weather. We had our late dinner at Shakey’s and I know that it is the perfect time to play some movies since we had our left over mojos and pizza that we brought along.


We purchased 4 movies that night. 3 of which was chosen by my girlfriend. That movie date night went well that we can’t stop talking about it when were having our lunch. It’s so good. I got inspired to make my own movie review of some sort.

P.S I am still working on a shorter introduction with my posts. Sadly, It may take a long while for me to finally get it Ha-Ha!


Suicide Squad

I was never a fan of reading comic books and comic book action / superhero figures. Although The Dark Knight is one of my favorite films of all time ( I guess, it’s more on the cinematography and Heath Ledger that got me really hooked) and Iron Man is one of the coolest fictional character that I know (Robert Downey is the only one who can play the role of Tony Starks. PERIOD!) but that’s about it.

Since DC released the official trailer for Suicide Squad early this year, I know that this is something worth the view and after watching I promised myself that this is going to be the first film that I should watch inside the cinema after so, so many years. The trailer is FLAWLESS!

I was so excited and happy to finally see the film last Friday ( That happy moment when I can now join the hype of those who already watched it and post our approval or I-expect-too-much-but-felt-disappointed-after rant online #joiningthebandwagon )


I adore Jared Leto and reading his preparations for the role is something that amazed me. His Joker make-up did not disappoint but I kind of expected more when it comes to his scenes. I thought that he’ll have a bigger part or role in the story but I got the impression that it’s just plain I’ll-get-my-queen-back instead of being in the lead to the squad.

AGAIN. I’ve never read the SS comic book version wait, is there such thing? But the hype given to the role of Joker and who will play it after Heath Ledger’s passing, I thought that he’ll be once again the biggest villain / threat to all and the hardest one to defeat. But it’s not. I even told Hazel that it seems like he’s is a longer cameo role in between Harley Quinn’s scene.

The entire cast did not disappoint. For once, Margot Robbie has always been my favorite from her first stint in The Wolf of Wall Street. I love her sexy accent and ya’ll can agree she is drop dead gorgeous. I also like the fact that she did some org help in here in the Philippines without any attention coming from local media.She and her friends did charity work for Rise Above Foundation as shared by Elisabet Hansen. Some of that tasks Margot did include cooking lugaw (rice porridge) and chopping vegetables.

Will Smith – is always amazing. I non stop laugh when his character Dead Shot think of what he really wanted ( You know, the part when Enchantress ask them to join her team in exchange of making their dream and desire to come true?) We thought that he’ll think of his daughter and spending everyday with her but, It’s not. Killing Batman is his biggest desire Ha-Ha!

The pink unicorn is one of the funniest, We had a little crush to Colonel Flag, I find Cara aka Enchantress’ acting to be dull (Helena Bonham Carter could have played the role if she is probably 10 years younger) I never recognized Jay Hernandez aka The Guy from Hostel 1 to be the El Diablo – I wish he still made it till the end. Killer Croc for me is adorable and funny and Amanda Waller used to be a bad as* turned biggest a-hole when she just took 10 years off from prison as their reward. Seriously, that’s it?


Cinematography and production design lived up to what is expected. Maybe we just expected that much especially to those (including myself) who did not know the real comic or backbone story of the characters and SS itself. Even if most felt that the film has its shortcoming you can’t deny the fact that it is still a fun and action filled movie with so many cool and bad ass characters to look at.

Suicide Squad , I give it a 8/10 




The Purge: Election Year

This is probably the most action filled Purge compared to the first 2. I also like the story.

Senator Charlie Roan witnessed how her entire family was purged when she was 13 years old. 25 years later, being the Senator who is now running for President. Her main campaign advocacy is to put an end to The Purge. As the New Founding Fathers are using  The Purge for their own financial advantage and economic agenda making her the main target of NFFA. Head of security, former police sergeant Leo Barnes (from The Purge 2) and Charlie tried their very best to make it to the night as most members of the security force are either dead or NFFA allies.
I specifically like the costumes worn by Purger’s. It gives the word fashionably creepy on a different tone.

I literally hate Kimmy. The scumbag girl who thought they were bad ass by showing up in a light filled car with ammo in their hands and Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA playing in the background.

She ain’t that  cute much more to the word HOT to play the role. She is annoying.

And as much as I hated her character, I felt twice happiness + 2 when Laney “the original bad ass” went down from her geared ambulance finishing off a heavily wounded Kimmy with a point-blank head shot Ha-Ha! too much hate? let’s just say I find them really annoying.

This is also one film that had my sister stay and finish the whole film. And ask how is that special? My sister does not have the patience to watch any new film and will just mind how sleepy she can get and sleep. I guess it simply runs in the genes or some sort? Ha-ha!

The ending sure does satisfy its audience. 

The Purge: Election Year, I give it a 9/10 

It would have been a 10 if not for that annoying Kimmy Ha-Ha! Joke!



The Boy

I remember when we were super excited to watch this in cinema, but ends up re-scheduling till one day, it’s no longer showing Ha-Ha!

The trailer got me hooked. Enough for me to finally decide-plan to see it in the cinema, but after watching I kind of fell short with the movie.

Fact: I have this thing of checking Wikipedia first and read the story can be of the movie or book and if I think the story is okay, then I’ll watch / buy it. Since it took us a while to see the film, I decided to just purchase the DVD copy once it’s available, like how I did (and now stuck with hundreds of CD’s)

I already know the story months before seeing the film, but I still have the urge to see it and it leaves me puzzled with the whole story which I thought can be answered after watching but it did not.

I like the cinematography, I also think that Lauren Cohan aka Greta resembles Lauren German Hostel:II I like her and I think suspense is something that suits her feature.

I just don’t get the following

  • The story of Brahms. Okay, I get it he is a sick bastard who likes to hide in the walls of their house but not even a flashback was shown on why he is hiding, wearing a doll faced mask and eventually has the capability to kill.
  • Why did the Heelshire couple had a doll when in fact their son is fully alive. They even sacrifice their own lives and Greta for Brahms’ keeping. Is it because they wanted to have a child so bad and since they end up with one who likes to wear a mask they convert all their love and care to the porcelain doll? I don’t even know if the attention and care towards the doll is real or for show. Yeah, I am that confused.
  • The house most especially the doll is not scary at all.

I like the part when Greta uses the rule towards Brahms making him follow her orders.

The ending is nice too. To be honest, I kind of expect that I will not be using the word nice to describe not just the ending but the movie itself. 

Note to self – What else can we expect for a doll inspired film. For a SAW movie fanatic, The Boy will definitely fall out. I, am not in any aspect got scared with Anabelle and Chucky and now to Brahms. Chucky is kind of cute for me though Ha-Ha!

The Boy, I give it a 6/10 


The Amityville Terror



Whoever made this. Should hang him/herself.

The first one is okay.But, this is real bad. First 10 minutes, I have to stop.

Cinematography is poorly done. Bad acting from Who-is-that-actor/actress?

Don’t get fooled with how authentic the poster looked like.

It’s that bad for me, I guess.

The Amityville Terror, I give it a 1/10 

That score of 1 made it to the counting for all the effort the team behind this movie have put into (I am being sarcastic right now) It’s just it is poorly done. 



What have I discovered?

#joiningthebandwagon will not make you cheap, main stream-natic and all the other cat calling that can be thrown to someone who will post a picture of their ticket, popcorn or group shot when a new film hit its premiere. I used to be the one who cat called.

Discovering what Hollywood and our very own entertainment movie industry has to offer is something that quite admittedly I should be doing moving forward. Appreciating the film making craft that is being shown in this modern age is the least thing that one can do and knowing how fast technology evolves I know that sooner or later, I should be thankful to experience the kind of entertainment then and now before its long gone.

Who knows when in this later age, actors and actresses are obsolete and will be replaced with robots. Too advance? Nah, it’s just the world is quickly moving forward and I still wanted to keep up.

Now I can’t wait to watch the latest films and share a whole of nothing Ha-Ha! for my next movie review.



Till then let me watch Suicide Squad for the 5th time now and enjoy the beauty that is Harley Quinn. Something just never change!


Feel free to share your thoughts about my movie review. 


Till the next!

Puddin ❤


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