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Bring back the old kids’ show

I’m pretty sure that this is not the first time that you’ll stumble upon this “online protest” but this is one request most of us would agree and wishing to happen the soonest, right?


I personally think that the majority of the cartoon shows nowadays are going beyond the humor of their target audience.

How can I say so?

It started months ago when I baby sat my 6 year old nephew Nicky. Now, In this modern age its somewhat common for kids growing up to be strongly exposed to our kind of technology like the use of smartphones just to name a few. And being the only child and how normal it is for parents to go all out with their kids’ luxury you can only imagine how my nephew can handle iPad, smartphone and cable “kiddie” channels like a grown man.Thanks to my sister (sarcasm is purely intended *wink*)

This one day, just like any normal day when he would play with his iPad for hours and when he got bored or its low batt, He’ll turn on the TV and watch anything that will capture his attention starting from Cartoon Network to Nick Jr. (I wish I can live like that again Ha-Ha!)

While browsing my phone and subconsciously eavesdropping on what’s on the T.V,  I actually found myself laughing and this is not due to a random post on my Facebook timeline or how stupid is Arci Munoz’ drunk-acting with all her interviews just to be the cool-drunk rocker girl,  that I am laughing at but it’s the flow of the humor that got me hooked so I instantly check for what is being shown. I even thought, Maybe he changed the channel and it’s one of MTV’s reality show like Ridiculousness or maybe it’s 2 Broke Girls on ETC but to my surprise it’s THE UNCLE GRANDPA SHOW.

Good Morning!!!

I was shocked and at the same time I thought it’s pretty funny.

For once, I thought that the kind of humor and include light green jokes being thrown is almost the same level with Saturday Night Live or Everybody hates Chris. I strongly said to myself What’s happening to the world? Do they really approve this kind of “fun” for kids?

My face and inner self talking most of the time.

So what I did is to stay still and watch the second episode (Because I don’t want to be a righteous cartoon show critic / bitch and ask my nephew to change the channel right away) To prove whether it’s just me “being a total TITA” or what not and it turns out that. YES. This is how kids oriented channels roll.

It’s kind of upsetting but who am I to criticize and stop it if I can just blog about it and express that if only we have the same type of shows, the ones that we used to enjoy every morning and afternoon, This planet should not worry to the extreme with how our generation will turn out years after.



I then realized that I feel bad especially for my beloved nieces and nephews (they are a total of 6)

How I wish that they got the chance to watch and experience what consumes our entire afternoon, shows that open our minds to things like

  • Sharing cupcake with your friends is sweet and nice.
  • Saying sorry to someone who you hurt is not cowardice, but being brave to accept mistakes and saying the hardest word especially for adults, Sorry.
  • A simple box can mean the entire world. It can be a house, a castle, a spaceship. Anything. You and your friends can still enjoy the simplicity of life as long as your imagination is soaring high.
  • If you are 3 in a group, You all have to identify who likes the color orange, yellow or green and you are all good to go with how you will style your hair and how you will walk the hallway.
  • Angelica is way creepy than Annabelle.
  • Princess and Kate Sanders are the baddest bi*at*ch alive.
  • Miranda Sanchez and Tawny Dean are your fashion pegs just because Sabrina is too mainstream.
  • Tommy, Phil and Lil including their Mom are the coolest creatures ever.

By the end of each day, Whether you fail or succeed on something, You will have your family and friends to keep you warm, toasty and loved despite of everything.

Lizzie McGuire is my all time hero, especially during middle school. I know all the episodes in order and I won’t last a day without watching it. It seems like the actors are really meant to play their roles. Btw, Lanny is my favorite too! Favorite Episode: When Miranda took over the blame for Lizzie and started a whole new level of fight against Kate Sanders.


I knew that this show will be one of my favorites! Raven is a natural piece of comedy! I like it when she says “Ya, nastyyyyy! Ha-ha! Same with Lizzie, I’ve watched all of the episodes of the show and up until now, I’d do re-runs cause that’s how much I missed it. Favorite episode is when Eddie got a psychic power brought  by the comet and unlike Raven he is out and about with it that caused him some major trouble in the end.
The ultimate #squadgoal I remember when I had to wake up at around 5:30 A.M just to watch it’s re-run on Disney. This show gave a whole new idea what it’s like to survive in grade school. I liked the character of TJ “leader”, Ashley, Ms. Finster “The nemesis / assistant teacher” Randall “biggest kiss ass student there is” The 3 Ashley’s, Hustler Kid who sells everything, King Bob and the Kindergartners the little kids with face paint on because they are wild and clever Ha-Ha! I super missed this show and obviously I am big fan of it. My favorite episode is when Gretchen has a boyfriend, King Bob was dethrone from being the “king” and when Ashley joined “The Ashley’s” Ha-Ha! #pleasebringRecessback
Enter a caption
Need I say more? All these represent our daytime superstars! I got hooked so bad with Cow and Chicken, Rugrats, CatDog and Power puff Girls. When I entered middle school, Daria and Beavis and Butthead add fuel to my then emerging rock star self. Ha-Ha!
THE ULTIMATE 90’S KID SHOW. Ha-Ha-Ha! This was being shown every afternoon if my memory serves right. It is the most intense show back in the day Ha-ha I also remember when me and my cousin would pick who will play the final round of getting the artifacts and building the silver monkey without being caught by one of the temple guards. All these with your kind of a mouthpiece on Ha-Ha! This is the old school and original Temple Run kids! This show also tests the knowledge of the contestants when it comes to Geography and Mythology.

This is something that I did not get or at least for most of the parts on top when I last tried to watch a cartoon show. What I’ve witnessed is these shows imitating a celebrity or famous personality and from there they’ll get a cue on how to make it appealing to the children. I’m not even sure if they still consider the kids not only with the story lines but also with the appearance of the characters.  I AM NOT, IN ALL ASPECT IS CONVINCED THAT THE FOLLOWING CAN MAKE ME SAY “OW, HOW CUUUUUUUUUUTE!

Mr. Gus, Muscle Man and Clarence.

If I am watching these shows. I know that I’ll have a good laugh. I had a fair share already. I even asked my friends to watch it and they also agreed that some of the contents are way too mature to its audience. Adults can enjoy it, but can’t we bring back the old type of kids show that we all used to love, watched and up to this date we all misses and still wishing to have?
I am also wondering why cartoons are no longer visible in the top local channels here in our country. Remember when all that is being shown are all cartoons? Starting from 3:00 PM onwards. There was also a time when GMA 7 had Ghost Fighter and Flame of Recca on their list of Telebabad shows right before their soap. Now. Even Soap Operas revolve around the idea of infidelity and revenge.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also be spare from all the dramas and BS and enjoy the simplicity of these shows. Awesome cartoon shows back in the day made me rush to get home as soon as I can to not miss any episodes.

One can agree that back in the day, It’s all about good stories with moral lessons and good animation that captures our young heart and fresh minds. If this is the kind of visual entertainment that kids these days grow up with. No one should worry how they will handle the different kinds of pressure and situation that might lead them into something else.

The inconvenient truth.


I’d be face palm-ing too!

What I did as someone who wants nothing but the best for my nieces and nephew?
I talked to my sister and tell her that letting kids watch TV is one privilege while growing up but it comes with a consequence / consequences rather. Such as being exposed to mature visual appeal and selection of words that will be easily adapted and apply in the long run. We can only do so much and one of the most unselfish act to do is guide our children while letting them enjoy the perks of being a kid.


Are you a 90’s kid too?


Let me here your feedback and response with my latest entry.



Till the next.

Moody Mina ❤





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