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The glass is half full : Volume 2


One word that can give an ill feeling especially to those who

  • Needed to wake up early at around 4 a.m to get ready for work.
  • Just had their 2-3 a.m sleep because Sunday is supposed to be fun and drinking beers, hanging out with their friends/loved ones, catching up with their favorite TV series till their eyes finally doze off are the main and obvious reasons to choose from and the day after should be where ‘rest’ supposed to come in.
  • No one can simply resist the bed weather August season has to offer. Especially when it’s cold and raining outside and all you wanted to do is lay down and snuggle a soft pillow and get covered in your blanket.
  • No specific reason or what have you’s, this can have the tag line / meme  “where did the weekend go” written all over it. WHY IS IT THAT THERE IS ONLY 2 WORKING DAYS OFF?!!! – My inner self is still wondering? HaHa!


I may not be too excited about Monday because it’s as if I needed to battle my way for the next 5 days, but one thing is for sure, I am still excited when I started my day and think about what happened over the weekend and things I am looking forward to for the coming days.


My weekend in Puerto Galera

O.M.G! Me and my friends spent the entire weekend in Puerto Galera and I must say that the experience is definitely one for the books! It is indeed one of the happiest out of town trips that we had.

Will blog about it, real soon.

Thinking about this trip while looking into all of our pictures can simply put a smile on my face.

My New Hire Class

I started my very own class last week and I have to say that I am a little nervous to be handling my own class since I got here in my new work. It’s been 6 months since I last trained and the fact that I am still in the process of mastering our account does not help at all. But after meeting and being with them for 5 days, All the worries were instantly gone. I am thankful for the fact that I was a given a happy, interactive and fun class that lessen all the negative baggage that I used to expect with how our class would turn out. They made it easy for me to bring back my “Trainer self” and have a light and fun training environment.

Everything else that makes me Happy

  1. Colored pens
  2. KFC fill up box ( Ha-Ha-Ha! I’m a sucker for anything KFC and since I only have it along with Chowking and Burger King as my to go place during lunch, I am a happy customer with the fill up box. “Sulit sya” Ha-Ha! My usual lunch days in KFC falls on M-W-F!
  3. MS Excel – Just because. Work and reports turned me into discovering the wonders of Excel and how useful it is to tidy up reports with a list.
  4. Spotify – was able to create and open a new Spotify account that I get to listen to in the office. I was literally dancing with the playlist I recently created.
    Current Songs
    Love for that Mura Masa, Shura
    Colors – (Audien Remix) Halsey, Audien
    Daydream – Youth Lagoon
  5. My 6 AM – 3 PM schedule allows me feel like a normal working girl again.
  6. Oh yeah, After weeks of having a misunderstanding with my sister. We patched things up leading us to just laugh at the whole thing and enjoy our Puerto Galera weekend. It’s all gooooood! Ha-Ha!


Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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