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If you are not making a mess, You are not eating right Episode: 1 – Burgers and Brewskies



Ugh! Just by the word food can give me a certain chill and my guilt free mind will start to think all things that can make me happy in an instant like, again FOOD.

I am and will always be a food lover and matter of fact is who doesn’t? 

Aside from the obvious fact that we need it, Eating has become a different form of adventure in this day of age. In my case, the evolution of food and discovering restaurants has taken the idea of just plain “food” and “eating” on a whole new level. I mean, seeing all the new restaurants with different themes and specialties will give serious reason for us not just settle with the usual daily meals.

I always believe that in this age being a food lover doesn’t just validate the word eating but it is the chance to also explore.

Exploring first, the great minds of human to elevate the standards of what seem like a normal meal into something exciting and worth the share on social media, The places that will eventually lead you to a new environment and discovering what other culture or at least meals greatly inspired by other countries has to offer and lastly, For me,it let me live under my Mom’s philosophy that “wouldn’t it be nice to try all the best and fancy restaurants with the best food to serve before you die? I’d answer it with a big YES!

This is what she’s been doing before she got sick and its kind of funny when we used to see all these dining napkins from different restaurants inside her bag. My mom used to do it all by herself. We end up teasing her for not letting us join her! Ha-Ha! But my mom said that this is her way to have a “me-time” Knowing her as one of the most hard working people in her field, I know that there is no reason to protest and she deserves it.

She may no longer be here to do it, but I know that with every experience I had and will have she is always with me smiling and envying up from above. Ha-Ha!

In my case, I found myself lucky to have not just a partner but a food buddy in my girl friend who shares the same level of admiration for all things edible Ha-Ha! and loves to go to different places and enjoy the ambiance of different restaurants and be 100% satisfied with the food and service and not to mention someone who is also fond of taking pictures to add in our album.


Accurately true.
images (1)
Undeniably true Ha-Ha!

I’ve decided to start collecting memories of this new found adventure and made it part of our love’s monthly celebration.

On our first monthsary. We went to Burgers & Brewskies at Capitol Commons Pasig.

I’ve been seeing pictures of their “Call the Nurse” Burger and I knew in once glance that we needed to try it ASAP.

It was a rainy Saturday and when we got there the place looks good and from the interior it shows that the owner may be a fan of Breaking Bad.

P.S we just celebrated our 10th month and going through all these pictures again take me back to memory lane and relive the happy moments and crave again for all these monters! Ha-Ha! 

When we walk in, A guy assisted us in no time, forgot his name and the funny thing is after finding out that me and my partner are together, He sat with us and tries to get answers for his confused mind Ha-Ha! We get that  a lot, So it’s all cool.

Hazel had the Flipped Burger it has spiced mustard, aioli, cheese sauce, string onions and roasted tomatoes. 
We also had Onion Strings and this one comes with their B&B cheese and mustard sauce.
Tadaaaaa! Of course, mine is Call the Nurse and according to B&B’s website it has Honey Sriracha Bacon, Seared Mac & Cheese, Spiced Mustard Aioli, B&B’s special sauce on a choice of buns, including Brioche. My review for this burger? HEAVEN SENT! I go crazy for anything bacon and mac and cheese, Imagine how much I adore this beauty right off my first bite Ha-Ha!


Love ❤


After we realized that we had too much beef in our system we also try their dessert selection and again, We got to experience their cold sweets with a twist. We had their home made ice creams named Bacon and Beer, Black Sesame and Peppermint Brownie. Note: This B&B guy decided to join us outside for a smoke still trying to figure us out Ha-Ha! But we truly had a nice conversation with him so we decided to give the other cup while we all enjoy the night of our first monthsary.

Place: I personally like the ambiance of the place, I am a sucker for brown interiors. I also like their mini bar where you can order a number of unique beers to help you digest your recent party in the tummy

Price: 1,000 bucks covered our table (not bad, since the menu proved its worth)

Review: All in all this place is a new found haven, especially for burger lovers in town. I thought Adam Richman (The host of Amazing Eats, Man vs Food and Food Fighters) should go and visit B&B and have it featured.

If I can get another job? I’d totally get his. I mean, c’mon what’s the fuss of someone who travels around the world to eat the best burger, the best bacon meal and basically try every meal served by the best on a cooking show? It definitely is a dream job Ha-Ha!

Here is their wide set of menu, If you decided to give it a try after reading this blog Ha-Ha! Thank you by the way! :p


I am thinking of going back……….tomorrow? Ha-Ha!
Photo grabbed from indeemand.com

Burgers & Brewskies 

Address: Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Meralco Avenue, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City, 1600 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 531 5632

Let me know your thoughts or if we share the same experience with B&B.

Let me end all my food blog posts with my line ” To trudge and fly to all things fancy and great foods PH has to offer, my journey has just begun!” 


Till the next!

The Moody Mina ❤


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