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When do you know that you’ve already matured?

I guess, the title can pretty much sums up what this post is about, but my office life since half of my daily life is spent in the office, talk about mid-life crisis eh? Ha-Ha Ang O.A ko ata sa part na to! These past few days made me realize that I can now handle probably the most awkward situation, not to mention the most annoying people that I get to socialize with on a daily basis.

Last night, I was busy creating my email before I took off from work. I am trying to compose my introduction and catch phrase for my daily UK update. Yep, you’ve heard it I am turning myself in to be an Anglophile in work Ha-Ha!

So going back, While binge typing and all this office mate of mine approached me. I mean, yeah, we had some “small talks” before since we worked during group activities inside training but we are not that close. Not to judge her or anything cause I don’t think like that, but me and our team heard some not so friendly feedback from our agents with how SHE talks and interacts with our new hire colleagues. Just to give something to back up this story on some sort.

She approached me and this “small talk” again lead me to be creating this post and it eventually landed its spot on my Facebook timeline.

She: “Hi Mina yada-yada-yada-chu-chu.. Bakit andito ka pa?
Me: (still, busy with the email thing) Ha?Hinihintay ko pa si jowa eh
She: (In her highest-borderline annoying-mind blowing maximum insulting tone) Ha!? May jowa ka!! May jowa ka tapos ako wala?!!! Pati mga kaibigan kong bakla meron tapos ako wala!?
Me: Froze for 5-ish seconds.
Then, looked at this young lady who is still confused why she’s still single. When in fact she can easily drop that mother****ng statement and very quick to judge to someone she barely knew. Not thinking if she is already crossing the line.
I looked at her and just simply said “good for you”
She: Okay, bye. Ingat pag uwi!


Now again, In all honesty, I was almost on the tip of my tongue to lash back at her and response like how I would 2-3 years ago and state the obvious answer on why she is so fcuking confused “Hello, wag ka na magtaka kung wala kang jowa, eh itsura at ugali mo pa lang” leveling to the same pitch and annoying tone of hers “DUHHHHHH?”

But I didn’t.

If I remember it correctly, my mouth was still half open even when she already left. Still in shock, I guess. I tried my very best to keep my cool and move on and finally click the SEND button. Geez.

I posted it and some of my real life friends shared their 2 cents on this whole “bakit wala akong jowa story” and a clear proof that If I am who I was before? Things would have not run down so smoothly. NEVER.


Being able to control myself and keeping the peace and orderly conduct of the company in times like that and not to mention restraining myself from killing someone made me realize “putangina matured na ako magisip Ha-ha!

I may have over reacted with her whole comment thing but this is me in an ambush situation being insulted right in my face (my very first in my new work) but after 2-3 minutes I shook off all the negativity that’s starting to gang up on me then it hits me that at this moment I was able to handle the situation, the way that it should be handled like a grown as* woman that I am. Ignore it. That feeling of maturity was, gold.

Now this is not the only story that I have. You have to admit, Every day your patience will definitely be put to the ultimate test even if you don’t want to. Again, that’s life. Ever heard of a passenger who punched the Nurse sitting next to him in a UV Express Van just because of the sitting (space) entitlement? Or the passenger who slapped the Flight Attendant just because the FA didn’t carry her luggage.See, Some people can’t help but simply lose it, too bad for them, theirs went on the public.

Going back,This one time when I was falling in  line to buy food inside the pantry area and this group of trainees ( I should know, since this group can’t stop talking in their pa conyo English even inside the elevator) cut our line to check  what to buy and eat even if it’s TOO OBVIOUS that there is a pile of line waiting to be served.At this point all I can do is roll an eye because I for once will not tolerate such behavior specially WHEN I’M HUNGRY Ha-ha!

When the other guy said and probably noticed how close I am to approach them

Uy, may pila” This girl then just whipped her hair and said “eh bakit ba” then walk away as if she is Margot Robbie of some sort. 

Again, Imagine how I tried and take control not to scold this punk.

But I didn’t.

Another is when I’m on my way to work when this woman needed to hand over her fare to the driver. Wait, let me put it like this. Below is what exactly happened.



Well, except that it’s a girl. After lending a hand (literally) she is wearing this grumpy face and condescending tone as if it’s someone else’s job to do it for her, I mean, YES. Someone has to, but the thought of at least asking someone to do it on their behalf and their lame ass self in a “nice” way or even a smile if it’s not too much of a hassle will do.


Did I react or at least ask her to go do it herself? Nah, I may think that I’d love to

But I didn’t.

So when was the time I knew that I mature? And what do all these “on a scale of 1-10 How patient can you be?” stories have in common? Is from from the moment when my push comes to its final shove and lose, I would have stooped down to their level of

a. entitlement

b. mood (If they are on a really bad, bad mood)

c. being a total jerk to someone else’s day


But again, I didn’t.


It came to my sense that I do not deserve the consequence of doing so just by being provoked. Imagine if things  got pretty ugly, It’s going to be the both of you in that wall of shame section of your life titled “I made patol to some strangers now I’m on T.V” No one has time for that!
It sure does get out of hand especially for some extreme cases but when you found yourself having the level of patience to just ignore these things and discover how helpful the resting bitch face is while waiting for this annoying character in your story to vanish and move on and be the star again of your story, You are on your way to awesomeness.

Yeah, the “resting bitch face” is going to be your main and safest weapon to not indulge yourself from not being stressed.


That’s the time your level of patience increased to 2 Ha-Ha! As Miley counter trash-talk to Nicki CONGRATU*fucking*LATIONS! You mature!


Main lesson: If someone or a certain situation puts you to this test, just think of the following and wait for a few seconds

  1. You are cute, They are not.
  2. Drama and humiliation + bad rep is time and effort consuming, save it for your precious nap time. You’ve worked hard with your own life title, which includes your peace and sanity. Keep it
  3.  You will still live and so they are. So *wink*

If all else fails, picture yourself doing the exact same thing as this fella right here.



(When I first laid my eyes on this meme I can’t help but crack myself bursting and laughing, Because I used to do this Ha-Ha so fu***ng perfect for this blog)

Do this and  You’ll be okay.

Let me know your thoughts and story about this new found safe society precaution of mine.



Love lots,

TheMoodyMina ❤



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