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A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view

Before you get too excited or need I say, melancholic while singing that famous line from Aladdin’s OST. I know you just did. Ha-ha!

Let me share that, I got myself a NEW JOB.

Now, This is some great news that was supposed to be published last June but I just never had the chance and now that I’m all psyched finishing one post to another  can’t wait to share to with the world another life changing decision I’ve made this year.

Back track to how and where I was last 2015, Here’s a little post I did when everything seems so wrong.

It is unfinished and the main reason is definitely not the vacation suggestion. I gather all the strength and courage in my system and decided to finally break up with my 5 year old relationship with my previous employer.

I can’t find the exact nor appropriate word to define how being employed, Grow from being a call center “newbie” to someone who got promoted as a Trainer, Be at my happiest and eventually on my worst state in the same company in a span of 5 years. I was pretty shocked when I only needed a matter of days to think things through, if I’m making the right decision or not, But I guess if you are no longer happy regardless of how thankful you are with all the memories all that’s left is moving on and move out.

I filed my resignation and though it’s not that hard since it’s just a piece of paper that I needed for my requirements to still get my back pay. The hardest part is saying goodbye to the people you’ve worked with all these years. I was in tears as I was creating my “thank you” post on my Facebook account and it has my very first picture inside the Operations as an Agent.

Why do I decide to leave? I don’t think it’s fair for the company how bad I feel about myself being stuck in the same place and they don’t deserve the crap I am doing with how I work. I think it’s not working any more mostly for me, So I have to break up from it.

I was jobless for months and bills are coming in uninvited. During the days when all I have to do is binge watch my favorite TV shows like Cake Boss that literally saved me from complete boredom and hang out all day with my partner since there is nothing left to do, we can’t even go to the mall because we were broke. (But that’s okay talking to her is something that I’ll never get tired of doing. She is one of the funniest creature alive Ha-Ha!) I analyzed my situation if I am ready to get a job, I just don’t want to apply for the sake of making money which is something that I truly needed! But again, I asked myself that aside from needing it, Am I ready to have a new one?

But the answer that my mind led me is to finally admit what I am missing using the 3 letters, spelled Y-E-S. Being a couch potato is definitely one of the best feeling and past time in this human nature, especially for someone who’s been working while studying and never get the chance to rest for at least one summer of her life, I used to think that I never ever wanted to retire from this position but trust me,You’ll be the one to just simply get sick to your daily – nothing routine. I thought of myself not gaining anything AT ALL. Sure, I now know that ganache makes the cake taste like HEAVEN SENT and fondant is one of the most important tools of Cake Boss Buddy Valastro but is this the kind of challenge that I was looking for all this time?

I don’t think so.

Its like you broke up with your jobless boyfriend only to replace him with  cute guy who plays the guitar and is still living with his mom.

Why did I have to leave my job in the first place, because I am not challenged anymore? I feel like I was stagnant and I am not growing in my work field anymore? YES. But resigning did not justify my decision when in fact I am back to the exact same feeling. I AM STILL STUCK.

So there, I decided to apply and basically tried all contact centers available in The Fort,the urgency to get one is at its highest. I am thankful that for all companies that I’ve applied to and exhaust my effort from interview – demo teach and project my smiling face for less than an hour Ha-ha! I passed all of ’em.

I even passed to my dream company. But never get the chance to push through with my signed contract because something came up, that leads me on removing it from my dreams and waiting list.

Then, that day of June 10, 2016

I had my final interview with the Training Supervisor who reminded me a lot of my former Manager / friend Rams which is a total plus! We talked for almost an hour about the usual. Training, Attrition, Setting of expectations blah blah blah. I know I did good but not enough for me to think that I passed already. My partner always asked me if I still get nervous during job applications and I answer her back with a strong HELL YES! It is an established company with a good rep, After that interview I prayed for a good result, same with my other application.

And at around 3 AM, I got a message stating that Congratulations! You passed the interview and your start date will be on the 15th of June.

Wow. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mama.

On that day of June 11, 2016

I am now employed. I am now in a new relationship with my employer.

Maybe the sense of urgency to finally hire a Product Trainer is same as mine and I can only be grateful that our needs paths crossed.

Had my I.D picture taken during my first day of training. In fairness, I looked pretty decent here Ha-Ha! Ika nga ni Tyra Banks e “smile with your eyes”
Had my I.D picture taken during my first day of training. In fairness, I liked my picture Ha-Ha! Ika nga ni Tyra Banks e “smile with your eyes”

Like the normal and new relationships, I have to say that we are still in the “getting to know each other stage”.

I am craving for a whole new challenge for myself and my new employment gave that to me in a whole new level. I used to work for a TelCo account in the U.S for 5 years and now I am about to explore the wonders of  retail in the U.K.

It is a whole new different learning not just with the line of business but also my own learning to develop myself. I now know how to adjust and adapt the culture of the clients that I am now reporting to, adjust myself with the new work environment and established myself to blend in with the people inside. For once, I finally understand the concept and consequence of perception.

I may think, talk and act like a Queen Bee with my previous company (You know, the usual “tenure attitude” you’ll eventually develop as time passes by once you are in your comfort zone ) but the truth is you’ll have to give up whatever kind of entitlement you used to own because then again, that was before and this IS NOW. You have to go along with whatever makes them comfortable to be working with you so you’ll have a nice and peaceful work relationship with your new office mates, That’s something I’ve learned for the first 5 days of my work.

Don’t get me wrong, but I am not saying that you should just act nice for the sake of doing so, but what I meant is you have to learn the fast pace reality of adjusting to your new environment.

Leave all the negative habits that you used to do, emptying your cup for all the new learning that you are about to gain and most importantly, learn to love your new job (that includes the company, account, your superior) In my case, I am still struggling with the product knowledge because I have this tendency to incorporate how things are being done in a Tel Co account. I am still working on it. It’s not easy, but I am proud to try. Ask about my boss and my new Training family? They are awesome!

I can only be grateful to have the opportunity to know these people from different back grounds of the industry, I am not just working with them but I am also learning from them. It’s also the nicest thing on earth if you all share the same love for KFC during lunch breaks Ha-ha!

My New Training Family –  Rj, Nel, Grace, Rye, Jan, Allen 🙂
Our first team lunch courtesy of our Training Manager Jah 🙂
Friday meeting should end like this Ha-Ha!
That’s more like us. Ha-Ha-Ha!



A new found commitment is something that can start off as a but minor bump road along the way, but this is one thing that I’ve prepared myself for. I can’t wait to enhance my skills, know the in and out’s of the so called “people skills” master the art of facilitation, learn more about my new account and possess a strong product knowledge that I’ll pass on to my new set of trainees, and most importantly achieve all these with my team.

I’ve also learned that “blending” in should still allow you to be unique and fought for what you believe can benefit not just for yourself or for your team but for the company as a whole. Still, in this process never lose yourself. That’s what makes you different from the rest.

Lastly, I’ve learned that to this new found haven, that you need to learn to trust again.

Whatever happens in the past is a whole different story for what and where you are right now. Learn to trust that this is going to be another joyful phase in your life, Being able to do you what you love and inspire others. That’s what you are aiming for and that’s what you will get in this new journey.

After all, I know that I have the best job in the world. 

P.S As of this writing, I am currently handling my first class and I can’t contain myself out of happiness. It’s been a good 4 days so far filled with learning not just for them, but also for me and fun! I truly missed the feeling of being called Miss Mina again Ha-Ha!


Can’t wait to blog about my class soon!

For now, let me get some good sleep and cuddle with my pillow while its mid raining outside #bedweather it is! ❤



Till the next!

MoodyMina ❤



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