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The glass is half full : Volume 1

It wasn’t a great day for me to start the month of August. *deep sigh*

As much as I wanted to make believe that everything wall fall into place perfectly and I will eventually end my day feeling satisfied and full Ha-Ha!  The nature of life has its way to make you realize that, wait. What was that again? Oh yeah, sh*t happens.  But don’t worry this blog can still justify its ever famous title. My day couldn’t get any worst. At least for the first hours of my shift. I was late (for a little 30 minutes), I entered the room and felt like I was in the Twilight zone during training since I was out last Friday which doesn’t help with any apsects since my first class will start next week. I missed not just a day, but almost 3 days of discussion with all the topics.

It was not the best feeling in the world. Especially when it seems like nothing is going right and I am not doing anything right either. I was on dead mute for hours, taking notes and trying to capture the important FYI’s that our Trainer is sharing in between. I think our topic that time is about Process and Delivery.

But the truth is all I can hear the most is my inner self or demon I say, telling me to stop and step back for a little while. What I’m doing is not working, I am angry about everything and can’t attain anything new. I even got mad just by staring someone else’s shirt because I think it’s too crappy for a Monday – dress up attire.

And that’s what I did. I open my blog ( of course during our break schedule) and check the latest posts from the people who I follow which leads me on creating this post and how I turned the tables and end my day still, with a big smile on my face.

I was curious and at the same time amazed by something that my favorite bloggers have in common.

If you are a big fan of blogs, specifically celebrity blogs you might have read or at least have an idea with the following  Happy List, Sunday Currently, Happy Monday.

If not, Oh let me show you….

FYI: I’ve been a loyal follower of Saab Magalona since ever! Want to know when is ever? When she is still Incugirl! Ha-ha! Yes, that long. And Camie Juan continues to surprise me with how she writes and her photography skills in her blog. It is DI-VINE. But in that exact moment is also the same time when I stumble upon Maine Mendoza‘s blog titled The Pessimistic Optimist Bella. I gotta tell you, her online haven is something worth the read. It’s not just a blog, but an open door to know her not just as Yaya Dub or half of The Phenomenal Love Team, but the depth of her thoughts and how good she is in expressing herself in every word. I was in awe especially with her stories. I instantly tap the follow button in no time.

I was awakened to the fact that messing up in one thing should not be the only reason for me to stop doing what I am supposed to do. I do not deserve the feeling of failure and feeling miserable for things I have no control with.People around me do not deserve my grumpy face walking inside the office as If I am ready to punch someone. They do not deserve to also feel what I am going through when in great fact I can just simply move on and be done with it. And lastly, my future self does not deserve how I am handling things just because I had a bad start to my day, Because what I am doing to cope with the negatives is not helping me to do something right that I’ll be thankful for in the future.

I am no different to these people who I look up to, because I also have my list of things, places, thoughts and people to be thankful about in my life. I may have stumbled upon these positive posts on my Instagram and Facebook account all these years, but I still focus on the things I thought will make me happy at least in that moment. The fact that I even discover these posts is something that I am also thankful for. Not only that I have a new daily or weekly posts to share, but this time I’ll never let me myself ran out of reasons that can make / made me HAPPY, PROUD, ACCOMPLISHED, GRATEFUL and LOVED. Only this time, I am sharing it with the world and start doing what I missed on doing for the longest time APPRECIATE what I have all along.

In spite of everything, I should be thankful about the thought that


I knew for a fact how it feels like not to have one and bills are coming left and right. A mistake and yes, unfortunate events that can clearly f***ed up your A game + positive attitude towards work should not take away the idea of not going back to what and how I was a few months ago, When the only thing that I can do is wait for my sister’s help and basically fed me to live and survive. I’ve been there, Done that and it is the last thing that I wanted to relive again. It’s the worst. But something that I should remind myself? It’s never too late. I am slowly getting back on track to share and enhance what I am capable of doing something very close to my heart – To train. Going to work everyday simply gives me an assurance that I won’t be broke again.

For that, I am ever so thankful / happy.

I have a cool /supportive / understanding Supervisor.

How can I ever be sad when I have someone to talk to and be completely myself sharing the ups and downs of my day at work while puffing my cigarette and coffee in between in our pantry area.
Now I’m lucky. Not everyone gets the chance to have a to-go-to-person when you are about to explode and this someone is your boss.

For that, I am ever so thankful / feeling lucky


Laguna and Pasalubong from Italy

Had the chance to finally pay a visit to my partner’s hometown with her family. It’s been 3 months when we last visited her place and it’s nothing short of amazing. Her Tita Dada recently got back from Italy and she threw a boodle feast, BBQ and drinks in one of their resorts that has a running river! Which I’ll have on my next post.

We also hand over our own pasalubong or gifts since we were MIA for that long and seeing their happy faces with their new stuff is more than enough.

Tita Dada and Tita Mhy (who is still in Italy but included her pasalubong to Tita Dada’s luggage) gave theirs and the usual gifts abroad are still and will always be the best! Ha-ha! We have chocolates, canned goods, rosary, toiletries, rings and shirts!

Thinking of our new stuff that we can’t wait to use, smother ourselves with all the chocolates all day errrday and most importantly the thought of having to spend another 2 wonderful days with my partner’s family, especially meeting her Tita Dada for the first time is something that can put a big smile on my face in no time.

 For that, I am ever so grateful.


My very first class is scheduled next week!

Yey! It’s been 6 months when I last handled a class and I can’t wait to finally meet them. And as of this writing these questions are burned in my head already Ha-ha!

What should I wear on our first day?
What are the activities that I’ll roll out on our first week?
Wait, What shade of lipstick should I use? —- Seriously? Ha-ha! Everyone should give the best and striking “first impression” yeah?

For that, I am happy and excited


 I am starting to get back on my “book worm self”

and started to flip the pages of my last newly purchased book Attachments by Rainbow Rowell . And when I say newly purchased I meant a 4 month old book sitting on our center table with a bookmarked on its 4th chapter.

I am now on page 78!

For that, I am excited/ inspired.


And with all the ups and mostly downs of my day an instant happiness strike on my face every time I remember that by the end of the day I have this sweet, caring, supportive young lady who I get to talk to before the day ends and will just remind me that I not only have a partner but a best friend and human diary who gets to listen and comfort me with all the rants and awesome stories that happened on my day.

Yes, I have the best girlfriend in the world! 

I am currently writing a special blog post about her. About us. And I can’t wait to share it to everyone SOON.

For that, I am ever so grateful. I feel loved.


These things became an instant proof that there are so many things for me to be thankful about. My day is nothing compared to what others may have been going through. The fact that I wake up every morning, alive and healthy and still being given the chance to face everyday sums up everything that I am still lucky.  Lucky to have the chance to never stop from trying to become the best version of myself. The chance to still learn from my mistakes and what life has to offer. The chance to still hope and believe that something great is yet to happen.

Okay, I need to stop right here. Too emotional? Yeah. I guess I am just really psyched to be doing this list and what I have included in it. Next time I’ll make it more concise (Keeping It Short and Simple)

If you are reading this blog, You may try this as well. It is fun! I think every once in a while it is still fun to share or post something worth the share on our online accounts aside from the usual things we post (i,e selfies, ootds, groupie, food shots <– Arrest me now!) Ugh! Signs of a millennial! Ha-ha!

Let me hear your thoughts or even share your list!

Love lots,
TheMoodyMina ❤







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