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My Top 20 Music Videos of all time

I am and will always be proud that I am a 90’s kid.

The thought of growing up in the late 90’s and living in the reality in the 3rd millennium, to be honest, It’s a little strange. I can’t help myself but compare how and what the world was like then to now.

When someone asks me about my line as a blogger, I answered them with the topics and write ups that I’ve posted, Me writing as a third person oversharing my life, likes, experiences, and most definitely reminiscing all the bittersweet, grateful  and heartbreaking moments that made me for who I am today.

I’d say music always has a big impact in my life. I honestly don’t know how I survived and will survive  life (most especially during my teen and college years) without it. Up to this day, I can’t let a day pass by without listening to one or to my set of playlist for that matter.

Lisztomania – A need to listen to music all the time. That’s how I am.

Music evolved me as a person. It sure is my way of expressing myself, and identify my inner self. Having a knowledge with the artists / musicians and know their story and inspirations for their album made me feel as if I knew them and contributed to the whole album process. And lastly the inconvenient truth arise that  as time goes by music affects people same way that people and technology affects music. Music has a constant process of evolving. Its changing from the craft and sound  I grew up listening to and the kind of music  I was forced to live by now.

That includes the videos alongside.

Gosh, I made it sound like it’s a doomed post. I can’t really choose if it has something to do with this gloomy weather that is making me sound mellow or more of a “Tita” Ha-ha, or I’m just really feeling outdated with the kind of entertainment that I am seeing nowadays.

But take my word for it. I am one serious music video type of person. It may be the best song written in ages, but if its music video looked like it was just conceptualized and start the shoot in no time? It’ll just be one of those catchy songs and I’ll have to tap the next screen and move on.

Another thing that differs is the concept and production. You have to admit that there were songs who are always on repeat when your listening to it but when the video came out, All you can give as a feedback is “I like the song but not the video” Word. 

When I started to write again for my blog I swore to myself to have this article as my comeback post. Note: Most of the videos on my list are from late 90’s to early 2000’s, I tried to empty my cup and stuck myself in watching MTV and Channel V over the last weekend but I got nothing in particular. It made me sad  about not being able to see the kind of music and visual craft that I used to adore growing up. I now remember my teenage days when I have to patiently wait till midnight so I can turn our TV on because I know that Smashing Pumpkins video made it to the top 10 list and its a replay.This should explain my featured photo on top. yeah?

I then thought that me being too shallow is a huge factor for me to be cynical and gave up on trusting the music and videos nowadays and just basically settle with the videos I saved on my iPod. Play, repeat and get stuck with it and focus more on cable shows *clears throat* Cake Boss and Pawn Stars. Now I don’t want to be the righteous one or even the “know-it-all punk” who’s ranting about how bad the music scene has gotten now, I just really miss how it used to be. If someone asked about the latest bands? I can only answer YUCK, BEST COAST, locally RUSTY MACHINES and Oh! Flamingo. Yep, I am so outdated. Because these awesome bands have been playing for years already. cue “kill me now”

But then again the only constant thing here on earth is change. I guess I just have to wrap my mind around the idea that its called LIFE and GETTING OLD. I am still thankful for having the chance to enjoy, love and appreciate what it was before and support the craft being made today. After all, that’s the least thing one can do to support all musicians who are and still trying to create and spread music before it is long gone.


Now, how did I come up with this blog post? I was mainly inspired by watching our local artists sharing their top 5 favorite music videos on STAR MYX ( I wonder if they still have this portion though) and I have to say that this is my favorite show from Myx. This is my way to check what kind of music my idol/s are listening and watching. I even asked myself if my friends, readers or someone who just bumped into this post will have the same pick from my list. So why 20 for mine? Gaaah! Okay, I tried and it was the hardest thing to pick just 5 even the top 10! ( I had to re-watch all on my list ALL OVER AGAIN! But, geez It really has to be 20. I tried. But I have 20. No but’s and if’s ITS MY BLOG POST Ha-ha)

Hoping to get my point and message across with what I am expecting and missing with music and music videos nowadays in a “millennial” point of view.


1.Filter – Take A Picture

2. Sandwich – Nahuhulog

3. Korn – Got the Life


4. 30 Second to Mars – Kings and Queens

5. Imago – Akap

6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Scar Tissue

7. Sandwich – Masilungan

8. Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly


9. Kjwan – Daliri

10. Urbandub – First of Summer


11. Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight


12. Greyhoundz – Apoy


13. Rammstein – Du Hast


14. Soundgarden – Black hole Sun


15. Cage the Elephant – Shake me down


16. Dream Kitchen – 16 Hours


17. Taken by Cars – December 2 Chapter 7


18. The 1975 – Chocolate

19. Best Coast – When I’m with you

20. Smashing Pumpkins – Perfect

I have to be honest that I  am still trying to check if I’m already good with this list Ha-ha! But I guess my first 20 will be these awesome videos by some of my favorite bands. I also have 10 from these videos saved and on repeat whenever the mood calls for it.

So there, Hoping that we share the same choice (or at least we have some in common) Try creating yours too and you can share it with me or also to your prefer online plat form.

Trust me it’ll glue you from where you are seating Ha-ha!



Love lots,

TheMoodyMina ❤











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