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If Not Now, When?

I just have to come up with the perfect title for my comeback post, really. Nothing fancy and clearly not a blog post about Brandon Boyd and the rest of Incubus. (Well, that wasn’t a bad idea, Is it?)  But going back.

It’s been less than a year when I stop writing. 

Now, for someone who consider writing in any form (paper, online blog sites, even on a tissue paper when an ambush thought was translated into words, in a perfect manner) as one of the main passions in her life. That statement is more than what it seems. In my case, it seems like I admitted to myself that on that day, month last year, I turned my back to something that used to make me feel free and whole. I ran and settle to the person that I’ve become. Someone who simply settle with the obvious and common. Typing the last statement made me realize that with everything that happened for almost a year, I did not have the luxury of time and self realization of everything good and bad. The time to appreciate things and remember it through my words. A lot happened and not having the courage and effort to document it left me with no other choice but give myself a quick scan on how fast time flies and I am stuck with how I am feeling right now.

But here I am, taking my shot of doing things right. Giving myself the privilege of being brave to not quit to something that makes me appreciate more of what I can do. Oversharing the good and bad judgement of my life, The wonders of the people and places that I’ve met and hoping to meet in the near future. The tragedy of what reality is slapping in our faces in this modern age and hopefully the passing of my own happiness and sharing it to my current and future readers.

Good thing : I have TONS of happy and positive posts to share.

Scary thing?  Which one should I publish first? … … .. … .. .. Or should I finish the pending ones?

I’ll leave this one right here and unleash the hidden “NERD” in me. Ha-ha!


To a new beginning.


P.S I promised myself to buy and smother 2 slices of pizza if I finish some of my pending posts and publish a new one tonight. Ha-ha!





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