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Find yourself a heavy metal girl

This is a story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world. Not.

I’ve always been proud to share the first album that I’ve listened to and my dream pair of sneakers at the tender of 7 years old are as shown below.

Nike Air Max that my brother used to own during his Grunge – Punk days landed a spot in her little sister’s feet and heart. Too bad, I can’t find the exact design elsewhere. Last time I used was during my first year in college. 😦


Again, My brother’s cassette tape of Family Values ’08. It felt weird knowing that back in the day cassette tapes can make you and your music relevant both in taste and social status but now, I hardly know anyone who is still listening to cassette tapes. Vinyls I supposed.
My original #squadgoals Korn, Limp Bizkit, Orgy, Rammstein, Ice Cube.

I can still remember everything. How it started, How old I was and how my brother looked like. To be fair, This was the time when I actually think that my older brother is C-O-O-L.

I was in grade school. As my friends and cousin started to appreciate and adapt the culture that basically started everything, “The Britney Spears Era” I was sitting in our staircase waiting for my Lolo and Lola to keep me company since all of them left for work and school except for my brother who will turn on the cassette player, pump the volume to its maximum capacity that can literally bring our house down. Funny, because my Mom had to deal with “some” of our neighbors complaining (I mean, who wouldn’t)

I am thankful that my brother let me be a part of his growing up phase. ( Sort of, All that I have to do is just sit there with my toys and subconsciously memorize all the rap lines of Fred Durst and Jonathan Davis’ “Are you ready” ( one of their famous chants from  their top singles “Blind” ) If not for him my love and appreciation for loud and heavy metal music will probably be unknown still up until middle school. I remember when I was once asked “who is your favorite singer?” I got this look of awe when I answered Korn. Imagine a 7 year old listening to all that screaming and explicit lyrics that seemed to be a perfect melody in her ears. That point of my life, I am grateful to have a brother who shares the same taste of music or pave ways to my forever and always type of music.


This one is pretty elaborate but a close summary of how I was in middle school except for the “no right eye-bangs Ha-ha-ha!
Who can resist that look?  LET’S!


The first local album that I purchased from a friend during high school. Now this is one of my prized possession! I got this for 60 bucks only. 60 FREAKING BUCKS! When he is about to sold it, I even asked him if he is sure to be letting of the CD with that lame price and he said “yes” HOW CAN YOU LET GO OF A SANDWICH ALBUM WITH THAT SHITTY PRICE?!

But thanks to him still, I have this beauty up to this current day.

Sandwich is one of my favorite bands of all time. This album would have to be one of their greatest albums, content wise. I think Five on the Floor is a little overrated. Thoughts?
My first battle at the age of 15.  My ex boyfriend told me that the guy is Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz.  ????
One of the most memorable Summer Slam that I’ve ever been to! I can honestly say that they have the best line up for this year. Starting from Pre Show up to the Main Show.

Heavy Metal music, Summer Slam, Queso, Greyhoundz, Red Horse beer are mainly the things that made my teenage years the best that there is. Early 2000, When the local indie music hit its biggest years. Teenage boys and girls sing along and slam to their very own music. Back in the day where almost all the music videos on the top 20 list are all local bands / artist. No EDM, NO DJ’s, No overpriced drugs Haha. Just pure talent , low budget production and sincere appreciation from the audience and viewers. That’s how we roll. Wait, That’s how people used to roll.

This post is not about bragging and reminiscing of how awesome my teen years was. Because I do have an awesome one. Ha-ha #killmenow

But this is to share how I realized that these memories might have its final play.

Not everyone. At least for girls, get the chance to be inside a mosh pit. I can see myself telling my future kids with the hype inside this war of bodies.
It was during Rakista 2005 in Marikina Riverbanks when I had my first mosh pit. I think that was during Cheese’ set. I have to literally let my body give in to the motion of the people slamming. I had to look up to get some air and remain strong. While waving and shaking my arms and head, my main goal is to finish one song, Do not fall and die, Survive.  It may be one the most dangerous and situation I put myself into but it felt so damn good after. I came back during Sugarfree’s set. 🙂

It was 5-6 years when I attended my last Slam. I wish I can ask myself and hoping to get a reasonable answer on why I stopped. But left me with all the blame and answers that I can’t contain myself with. Closest answer is Work and Aging comes in.

Shoot. What was that? Aging?!!!!!!!!!!!!



I myself can’t help but do a face palm when I remember how sad I was knowing that I can’t make it to the slam.  This has been my yearly statement when I reality knocked me down that “You ain’t going child” But, To be honest. I know for a fact that blaming my work schedule and such to not attend Summer Slam is the most convenient way of fooling myself. I can attend if I want to, If not I can at least make it in the succeeding years. I’ll tell you what happened. Life happened. I mature and adult commitments and priorities started to have its own face and value.

Years passed and I found myself getting stuck to the same music I played with my band, music I have on repeat everyday from the time I downloaded it on iTunes and getting stuck to the realization that both I and the music that I grew up to move on.

That point of my life, I realized that sh*t I’m already a Tita. (Mixture of sarcasm and pun intended)

Hell No.


I forced myself not to give in and accept the hurting truth. Ha-ha. (Stage of Denial)

So I decided to intervene and go back to the exact same place that holds a huge part of my teenage-social-relevance.

“Attend to Summer Slam”

The photos below will serve as my photo diary on what happened during and after that day when I decided to go back  and bring back my inner child.

2 days prior to the event, I posted a somewhat free invite status on my Facebook account  asking for who wants to go with me to the slam and the other half of my post is asking for someone who is willing to join me with their group of friends and basically enjoy the entire day. Sound desperate eh? I was.

These are the responses I got with that awful post.

Ana – Gusto kitang samahan tey, kaso walang bantay kay Adam.
( She is one of my beshies who is also into anything Heavy metal and my first choice or to- go to when looking for a company, the last minute. But unfortunately can’t since she has her adorable son Adam and its the weekend. )

Erwin – Game ako!
( One of my online friends who graciously replied to my post in no time and sent me a message asking about the time and where should we meet ) Followed by 2 comments from different folks (MEN) expressing that they are willing to come with me and have me joined their group.

Then Ana sent me a new message.
“Naku Tey, Wag kang sasama dun sa Erwin ha? Mukhang iba balak nun. Hahahaha”

To make the long story short. I have to send a message for the folks who at least replied to my “over the top begging post” a day prior to the slam that I already have a someone to keep me company and thank them for the offer which is probably the least thing I can do.
The story continues……

It was a stressful Friday. I don’t have anyone with me and most of my friends are not buying the idea of coming with me right after I’ve shown them the pictures and insist that I should not go. But I don’t want to. I have to! That day I already burned in my head that I will go all by myself. Besides, that’s the spirit of the rock star that I always am.

Around 3-4 p.m I got a message from my former trainee turned friend Joseph.

He said that on his way home, he heard from one of the advertisements on a radio show that his favorite band Escape the Fate will be one of the main acts and he is very much willing to come with me and drink some ice cold beers on a Saturday afternoon.


I never really thought of him as someone’s buddy to a concert like this since he is more on a hip hop side of the scene. But who am I to protest right?! He then asked me if I know Escape the Fate and I just answered “never heard of” wearing a clueless face Ha-ha.

Finally. I now have a buddy with me. Around 5 pm we were able to buy tickets from Astroplus day before the slam. This is one point of my life that I have this ‘GAME ON’ face with me the entire afternoon till the morning after Ha-ha. Sweet!


We arrived there at around 11 a.m since I don’t want to miss the Pre-show. I find it a little weird that all of our local bands and the ones who are the crowd’s favorite are all line up for the afternoon show and they move all the international acts on the main event.

Ask me and I’ll tell you, I (We) come here for Queso, Greyhoundz and Wilabaliw dammit! Seriously, they deserve the main show time slot too!  But anyways, here are the photos I took during my entire stay on the show.


And the main advantage of coming in early and literally fought against the heat while standing in line for almost 1 hour?! Getting the chance to be on the sweetest spot of all! FRONT ROW!!! Seriously, I can see the perfection of Luke Holland (drummer of The Word Alive) from where I am standing ❤

Enter a caption
All smiles 🙂
In less than an hour after getting in, Joseph bumped into his buddies who are also waiting for the same band. My buddies are starting to get bigger Hahahaha!
I did not have a single clue that I was about to front line 25,000 strong heads at my back.


Warming up while Godzilla vs Tokyo is playing their set.
Getting there….
Attracting their fellow martians.
The Kids your parents warned you about.
It felt good to see these shots that I took with my 3 year old iPod touch.
Color grading will not kill the kids, eh?

I’ll leave this one right here and upload the rest of the album till I *finally* finish this blog.


Hooray for new beginnings and being back to my blogger self.







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