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#DU30 for President

So this just in. Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a our last hope to make this country crime free declared that he won’t be running for President for next year’s election. Trust me, I got my heart broken over this news. Back track, 2 weeks ago, When I first heard the news and claims both from his supporters and future critic that he’ll be running for Election 2016 started to make a headline. I talked to my sister and asked her to come with me so I can be a registered voter. Yep. 25 years of existence here in PH and if not with the tax that I am contributing to this civilization I honestly consider myself as another useless punk. My mom once told me that voting is our main responsibility to contribute to the future success of this country. What a mother right? But you can’t blame me if all my life I’ll be joining half of the members of my family putting their efforts, filed in their votes every now and then and still, regret in the one’s elected. The blaming game for whoever is sitting is what you’ll see and hear every day. It’s like, no one can fit the shoes of being a good leader. I mean, I know that there was never and never will be a “Perfect President” But you have to admit that our current state as a country is getting worst. Different President over the years, but still the same problem. Poverty and Corruption. Now, can you blame someone who lost her hope with the power of vote?

I suddenly felt that this is the perfect time for us to put someone in charge and rule peace and order. Some may say that he is getting way out of line with how he implement the law but who cares?! Do you guys still consider graft and corruption to be the main problem of our country? I don’t think so.

Let me tell you this. No one can ever stop corruption. Lets face the most hurting reality, But is this really the main problem and what you are see in the news every day? SECURITY. Me travelling all the way to work requires me to be alert from snatchers and hold uppers. This douche bags not only steal, but if you got lucky they will kill you. You can’t even ride a cab without sending the plate number to your boyfriend and family. Fearing that they’ll spray some drugged water to knock you up so they can steal and again if you got lucky they will rape and kill you. You can’t be at ease with your daughter or nieces,nephews playing outside your house and give them the best part of the day because some sick people will just kidnap these little angels and sell their organs for money. Again,  it involves killing. I honestly want to reconsider how I see myself 10-15 years from now. Living with my family and stay here till my last day. I already have this fear that the worst thing can happen to anyone. No one is savable. That’s how sick most people can get. Your life and security to your loved ones are way more important than to be stressed thinking about how to destroy and stop some greedy people in their position enjoying the luxury of using the money that is intended for the needy ones because again, This is a disease that can never be cured its as if you are hoping that one day Miley Cyrus will be back on her normal psyche. We need someone who can set the bar and make these killers with no soul to be afraid of their own death. Because if you’ll ask me that is the least of their worries, Truth is, one may have an impression of simply getting away with their sh*t. So yes. If taking the life of one person who already took 6 is the only way to bring back the security and peace in our country. I’ll be 100% joining the others who believe in the same mantra and elect the one who can do the job.

I can only wish and pray that he’ll do the right thing and see the nation the way we see it.

If that day comes…………..

Yes, I am now finally voting. Not because I was forced to do it, Got bored, About to accompany someone so might as well do it, Got bribed (YUCK) But I knew that my beloved country is about to hit it’s darkest downfall and for once I have to do what I know is right and will benefit not only me, the people I love but the entire nation who still deserves a second chance and a better life.

I am Romina Olarte and I am a certified #DU30.

P.S Whatever happens, Let’s hope that our country will have a clean and peaceful election.




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