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I’m now a grown as* woman #25th

To be honest, When I woke up on the first day of July, that’s a Wednesday. All the excitement for my upcoming celebration were replaced by some random thoughts, Most of it made me sad and emotional.

I thought,”Wait a minute,I am not getting any younger and 5 years from now I’ll be blowing candles for my 30th!” The scary part is that, I myself is not even sure if I am looking forward to the future, But I know deep down my subconscious mind that what worries me the most is the fact that the numbers for my age is getting higher as the year passes by and my goals and dreams when I was 6 years old are not happening the way I wanted it.

What are those?


Get married at 23 and have kids by 25 Ha-Ha! I definitely need to work on that, But see, what can you expect from  a little girl who thought that raising a family at an early age is CUTE. Kidding aside, I still have a long list of my bucket list that is still yet to be accomplished and at that moment I took a long and deep sigh and got frustrated with no one but to myself.

What a way to reminisce about this stuff as a start for my birth month right? I’M THE WORST But as soon as I received messages from my friends getting more excited than I am on when and where I’ll be celebrating this year. All the worries and dramas were instantly flushed alongside the pepperoni pizza and squid sisig I had the night before. I got back and gather my psyche and just shook the entire negativity that I used to carry and just be THANKFUL.


Thankful that I was still given another year to live, Have the ability and resources to still throw a simple celebration with my friends and loved ones and have the people who matters the most to me are still looking forward and find my birth date special. I do believe that my birth date is somewhat unique. I mean, First it’s my birth date and second I hardly know anyone who is also celebrating on the same day.

I just recently found out that Doug Kramer and I share the same date so that makes us 2! Hahaha! I remember the month of March when I think I have 8-9 friends celebrating all at the same time in one month, Crazy! My cheesiest self got drain for all the greetings though. My point? Its not a common month or date for birthdays and I personally think that it’s one factor for my friends and loved ones to remember it.


Let me share that all the planning and preparation got me big time. The original plan is for us to celebrate in our condo unit but something came up (which leads to me and my sister having a little misunderstanding. But all is good now) I had to talk to their Management to reserve the pool area, but as fate would be so kind it’s only open till 8 PM! First thing that comes in my mind? Are you freakin kidding me?! That’s just the start of the celebration and knowing my friends so well, Some might even be sleeping during the daylight and will just walk in at around 11 pm. It’s a Saturday and even the celebrant and the best friend who is helping in preparing the foods can’t afford so little time, so I have no other choice but to change the venue last minute. (My invite stated a Saturday, but I was able to make a reservation on a Friday afternoon what a genius right?) I was almost on the verdict of cancelling everything because a lot of things came up that seems to be preventing things to happen.


The place, the weather (It was a stormy week , We had 2-3 storms that’s washing off Metro Manila and I literally prayed for the weather to be clear by the weekend or else I’m Fcuked) and my outfit Hahahaha! When I sent a group message I specifically told everyone that we’ll have a “Hipster Theme” and it was only last Saturday that I got myself worry-free. One thing that I’ve discovered about myself? I can pull off a party and work under pressure even the last minute. Proven and tested. Ha-Ha! So here you go,

Let me share my photo diary of how I spent my birthday , post birthday celebration and the people who contributed so much to make everything possible.

A day before my birthday. My former trainee / friend Maricris surprised me with a slice of a chocolate cake. She knows that I’ll eat anything chocolate, so you can imagine how giggly I am when she surprised me with this. Not just with the cake but with the note! She is definitely one of the sweetest 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 140877
My former wave (previously handled class) Wave 184 B surprised me with this! One of the biggest surprises I’ve received in ages. When the clock hits 12, All of them came over to my new class and the original plan is them lined up in front of the door and once I arrived they will all be singing Happy Birthday. “That was the plan” Unfortunately me and my co Trainers had a team lunch and they all have to go back and take in calls since their lunch break is only for 1 hour. So they left the cards, the cake and the gift on the table. They know me too well for giving me cards, chocolate and my current obsession Hello Kitty. I was very surprised and couldn’t help but cry. I thought it was the sweetest things ever. If you’ll ask why the cake says Yada2x? Its my catching phrase whenever I’m teaching and have to give some given information I’ll be saying Yada Yada! Hahaha! Everyone who had been part of my class know this line pretty well 🙂
Thank you so much Wave 184 B ❤ ❤ ❤
July 11 / Friday Its my new class’ turn to surprise their Trainer. The moment I arrived in the room I put down all my stuff on the trainer’s pc when I saw a box with the prettiest gift wrap on it and has the card saying Happy Birthday! They know that I’ll be moving in our condo unit anytime soon so they got me a Hello Kitty lamp. It’s so pretty!!! I remember when opening the gift. I was trying to unwrap it carefully cause I don’t want to mess the entire gift wrap. I am one of the luckiest for having the sweetest set of trainees.
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 140649
Same day, My former trainee drop by to hand over my gift. It’s another Kitty pillow. He said, since he can’t make it on my post celebration he’ll be giving his gift in advance. You can tell, I am one happy kitty today 🙂
And of course, My Training family did not forget my special day. Duh! I’ve celebrated my birthdays with the team for 5 years now. I don’t want to spoil their predicted surprise but I kind of now that something is up their sleeves. Our manager Xernan, sent an email asking for an emergency meeting and we all freaked out if we received a call out and I am sweating like an as* There was a meeting and before he wrap it up. he entered the room with candle lit cake from Starbucks. My SC training family is simply the best and sweetest! They got me big time with that “meeting” tho hahahahah!
Make a wish Mina ……….
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Its about time!!!! Meet the crew 🙂 Hideto, Mac, John, Rica, Me, Mitz, Anna, Joanne, Kulas – not in photo since he’s the one who took it 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204713
Rams, Vivo, Mitz and Kulas! Just like the old days eh? 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204885
My favorite sisters are here! Joan and Anna Bear 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204152
Lucky to have a pretty beshie who also listens to the same heavy metal bands that I adore 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204878
Rain mad it! Yey! Spreading his fierceness and his ever famous pout!
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204596
Rain brought his friends from J.P Morgan! 🙂 Thanks for joining my party guys.
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204424
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204605
Are you ready?????????
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 192822
My best friend / favorite -personal chef Ha-ha! made sure my birthday celebration will have a clean plate with these to die for foods!  I have beef and mushroom, lumpiang shanghai, spicy chicken wings, buttered tahong, kaldereta. YUM!!



InstaSize_2015_6 _ 20488
John and his huge gift! A birthday cake! Thank you! It’s pure chocolate on the inside  🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 204449
A clear proof that my celebration went on from PM to AM. Ha-ha! 8 AM and we are still smiling! My boys. So much fun to have these fools around. Joseph, Benj, Joshua – Rhocel cause he is drunk as fcuk he can’t save it for the cam Ha-ha!
My best friend Tonyo! He knew that I’ll go mad if he missed my birthday, but I guess his love for his bff is way thicker than his shift Ha-ha! Awwww! He is the sweetest! 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂
One of my favorite shots from that night / morning? Labo. Ha-ha!
It’s my birthday, I can pout if I want to. Ha-ha!
One of the Boys. Always. In all ways.
Since it’s my birthday, I asked Rhocel to take some solo shots using his fisheye lens. Thought it made me look #COOL Ha-Ha!
I’m a drunk gypsy fairy
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206979
A week after my mini party, I got a message from my best friend Rica, asking me to clear my Saturday schedule since she booked us a schedule at Vikings buffet. She said this is Mich’s post birthday gift for me (Mich is one of my best friends since college and she is Rica’s partner who is now based in Dubai) All I can think of is OMG!!! Game ako diyan! All I can think of doing is dancing to the tune of Spaghetti – Sexbomb Girls Ha-Ha! Lucky me indeed! Thank you for giving me the best friends ever!
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206154
And of course a photo op with the famous Vikings Birthday hat! The crew made sure to give us their best birthday group song and dance number 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206750
We almost missed our 6 p.m schedule, but good thing because Vikings tried to contact us the last minute. I made sure that I emptied everything in my belly before I went there! Ha-ha!
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206275
I love you Rica and Mich! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206291
My first selfie as a 26 years old Ha-ha!
The food is glorious as ever! I specifically enjoyed their sushi, cakes and pastries, steak station (Ha-Ha! Lahat na enjoy ko ano ba! Ha-ha!)
InstaSize_2015_6 _ 206505
We were twins that night! ❤
Blowing my last candle for the year. As I blew my candle I was thinking of my Mom. I know that my happiness due to all the surprises, the presence of the people I love on my celebration, gifts, greetings and messages is x 10 if she is still here with us, But I know that she is smiling up there, celebrating beside me. I know you’re with me Ma. I miss you and thank you for being my angel.



Amidst the pressure, last minute changes, sister drama and bad weather. I am still the happiest as I celebrate my 25th year of existence here on Earth. I used to think that after my Mom’s passing celebrating my upcoming birthdays will be nothing but getting drunk and be greeted on your social media accounts and be done with it the next day. 2 years have passed and quite frankly each year is trying to make a point that there is still a reason to celebrate and excluding yourself, Someone or others are still happy that they get to share another year with YOU.

Happy Birthday to me!

Dear Self,

I only wish that all the pain, self doubt, regret, hate that you are feeling right carrying in your heart for the longest time may all vanish as you blow your last candle. For once, I know you deserve to be happy.

Being 25 is going to be awesome, that’s for sure. Enjoy!



Love lots,

TheMoodyMina ❤


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