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Got Read?

Let me start this post with a quote from a most notable author

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King

I consider myself as a “book worm”

Matilda Wormwood ❤

I remember my first ever book that my Mom gave me on 2nd grade. It’s a compilation of all the fairy tales, including Rumpelstiltskin and The Little Match Girl which are some of my favorites. This is what I got instead of a Doll House ( I got my pink doll house after a year) Unfortunatley, I have no idea about the whereabouts of the book now, but it was my cousin who last borrowed it. I remember, I was so upset and didn’t talk to her for days. I am still recalling the title of the book, but I guess it’s Grimms? Not sure. Hopefully, i’ll find a picture of it on Google since I can still remember the cover and include it in this post.


I couldn’t be more thankful that my Mom got me a book or I will never discover my love for reading and writing for that matter. Let me share a little secret, up to date, I am still reading my books even magazines out loud.

One time, My uncle was surprised when he found out that I am the one reading because he thought that all the talking and reading is coming from the radio or something. (the sweet way of fooling your niece Hahah!) Me reading out loud is something that my sister can’t understand till now Hahaha! ~ she finds it weird! But anyways, I’ve received praises from grade school that I can read well despite of my age and eventually it all started from that moment.

That “fairy tale book” was the first book that hooked me big time as a kid. But growing up I never had the chance to buy one of my choice, The ones that I have are books that the school required us to purchase and be done with it. So even if I have a LOT, all of it are about Nursing and stuff since its my course and it all ended in a safe place where I keep them and not being open after school year up to this writing. IMAGINE THAT!

When I enter college, I remember going to our library and pick any reading materials (with the most interesting cover) but having said that this is also the phase where you’d rather spend more time with your friends and doing one thing that only you can digest will surely crack the rest of the group, I have a very rare encounter with these “magic portals” Luckily my mom who work in the same school is teaching literature and every weekend I’ll borrow it and tolerate my nerd-self. At least every once a week.

From the time I started working, I gave myself a freedom. I got to buy books of my choices and there is no stopping me now. Because of my work schedule, I am trying to finish at least 2 books (if possible) every weekend. The freedom of doing what I like helped me to discover my fascination with Young Adult novel


For me, Reading is very powerful. It’ll make you step out of your comfort zone and let you have a wider and deeper imagination as you read each word and have your own visualization with the characters in the story.

With the type of industry where I am currently involved right now, Reading helps a lot. I can say that my communication and writing skills are improving and evolving. I am encouraging my trainees who are asking for any tips on how they can be more fluent in speaking. I will always tell them to read more English books since in BPO English is our main language.

I want to share a statement from Bob Ong‘s book – Abnkkbsnplako “the ability to read can identify your moral status in the community. If you know how to read you are considered literate that’s why this is one of the major lesson being taught as early as Nursery”
Whether you like it or not, agreeing or totally disagreeing with this statement , one can’t deny that the ability to read is one of the greatest weapons to your social survival.


Why read when you got the television? If someome will ask me this question, I’ll just say a book and the TV are two completely different things. I love both and sure is I can’t survive without them both.

I love watching the TV because its gives me a daily dose of entertainment and knowledge in all different forms and aspects. Meanwhile, I love to read books as I want to give back to my brain. Yes you’ve read it right. When

“I am reading I feel like I’m the one feeding my brain with all the knowledge that I’m getting. Letting the words, story and pictures in my head give its own form of entertainment, learning and happiness to the most used and without a doubt most abused part of our body” 

If I am reading a certain book its not just me looking smart to someone but you will actually feel good and feel smart about yourself.

My fascination with reading and books gave me an idea to share my Top Young Adult books.

This would have to be one of the hardest decisions ever! But I thought of the ones that I’ll never get tired of reading and anything that I can (at some point) relate to and I know that everyone else will.


DUFF by Kody Keplinger

DUFF is The Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

I have to say that title captures me when I am trying to scan the Young Adult section at Fully Booked.

Its a story about a girl who received the most annoying and mind blown insult from the school’s ultimate heartthrob who is trying to get the attention of her pretty and petite friends. She hated this guy for insulting and attempt on using her but little did they know that they will find comfort and love in each other that all started from the word DUFF.


Every day by David Levithan

One of the best books ever! I am so happy to be starting my 2015 finishing this beauty.

One man living in a different body,name,gender,life each and every day. But when he fell in love with the girlfriend of his previous life, body. He tried everything to stay connected and be with her.

Words by David Levithan sure captivates my curiosity and awakens the possibility that in love nothing is impossible.

~ special shout out to my good friend who happens to be a fellow book worm, To be lending me this book. We startes to exchange books – book swap and that would have to be the best and most convenient way to feed book craving hahaha!


Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

(this is their limited edition version of the book)

One of the most controversial books ever made. Based from sources, Some countries banned the launch of this book because of the explicitness amd story line.

A middle adult man fell in love with a 12 year old girl named Dolores Haze.

For him to be close to the young girl, he pursue the girl’s mother so he can live in the same house and be close to Dolores aka Lolita ( he gave her an alias thru his writing on his diary) Because of his love and lust he made a sexual contact with her whenever he could.

A lot of twist came in the story but till the end the man who destroy the youth of Dolores did everything to look for her and with a letter he said that the young Lolita is his greates love ever.

Pedophile ~ Strong love, wrong time and age?

Trust me when I tell you, This book is worth the read.


My co Trainer Angelique purchase this book as an early gift for my birthday during our cofee date at Fully Booked.

Annie on my Mind is a story about 2 girls who fell in love to each other. This was during the time that same sex is not yet open to the public, Not in the early 50’s. It will give us an idea about the confusion and struggle for 2 girls to open about their sexuality.


I still have some books to share on this list but for now, these are some of them that I finish in one sitting (except for Every day that took me 3 days because of some schedule changes)

Another secret that I have is if am hooked, fell in love with the story and characters or in short IF THE BOOK IS AWESOME, I’ll FINISH IT IN ONE SITTING and I am sure everyone does right?

Nowadays, people think that reading a book is boring specially if you are not the “reader type”. But for starters these books can make you reconsider. Try and let me know if its a Fact or Fail statement.

Feel free to leave any comments and experience with the books listed above, you can also suggest any good read if possible.

~ It’s about time to go back and be entertained, the old school way!

Till the next loves!

x TheMoodyMina💋


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