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I always wanted to be a stylist. Growing up I’ve been exposed in watching Fashion TV at the tender age of 10. I guess not having anyone in the house aside from my Lolo and Lola most of the time is kind of a good thing ( I remember going home in the afternoon and having the privileged of being stuck in front of the TV till my parents and siblings arrived before it gets dark outside. One thing that most kids of my age are dying to have haha!) It also helps that i am into drawing since pre school. I am in love with the idea of drawing woman. My mom had me enrolled in an art class, but I got bored after 3-4 session haha!

Fashion is something that i am very fascinated about. I can be involved in any form of arts like writing and public speaking, but dressing up and dressing someone will always remind me of my first love. I’ve tried experimenting with my own style over the years and as it evolves, My perspective of fashion changes too. From “Being eccentric is being fearless” to “Colors can make fashion dance” hahaha! So i guess you can visualize or at least have a picture of how my style preference would look like over the years.

I am also designing clothes and some of my clothing but i think i’ll have it on a separate post.

This blog entry includes my creative shots with styling people. I am indeed thankful to have these people (mostly my friends and former trainees) to bring all their selected clothing and trust me enough to glam them up. I specifically asked them to bring skirt, dress, shorts, pants and plain and printed top and shirts so we can have 2 to 3 looks.

and YES i am planning on putting these shots in hard copies for my upcoming port folio and hopefully, someday try my luck to make it as a profession.

So here you go…


Let me know what you think??

“Long walk with George” This look is highly influenced with my current fashion staple. Pull over – shorts – choker – sling bag and a pair of boots. My good friend Mitz used to model for runway shows and shoots and I guess it was captured with every shot that we took that day. Model: Mitz Gamet with special participation of George. Styling and Photography by yours turly.
” Perfect Combination of a different kind” Since she has long legs (which btw is one of her assets) flowy skirt will always be an option. This time I paired it a jean, sleeveless top. This look can turn heads, I’ll say. Styling and Photography by yours truly.
“Flower Girl” For our final look, I’ve decided to have a laid back look on her. Printed top can always ut justice with a washed out jeans and high heels. I also ask her to tie up her hair and leave her full bangs as her main accessory. Styling and Photography by yours truly.
Model : Karen Campani Styling and Photography : Yours Truly You can never go wrong with a printed top and a plain black jersey skirt. I paired it with a black vans and rayban shades to add a little bit of angst to the over all look “SIMPLICITY AT ITS BEST”~she is all set for Day 1 of Coachella 🙂
Model : Karen Campani Styling and Photography : Yours Truly I mixed her red top with the jersey skirt used on the top photo. I also added the studded collar and japanese inspired boots. It seems like she’s wearing a full dress with a twist.
Model : Karen Campani Styling and Photography : Yours Truly Our final look and my favorite from the entire set. I was so happy after seeing this laced full sleeve top with the matching collar (also used in the top photo)

The next set of photos was taken late last year when I was asked to write for our proposed online article in our company. Obivously I got the fashion -section titled ‘Spotted’ My first write up is to feature an employee (can be from the Operations or Upper Management section) to share their fashion sense.

When I got the part ,the first name comes into my mind and I immediately tell her about the proposed project and ask if she is willing to model and be styled. Of course she said YES and the rest is history as seen in the pictures below.

InstaSize_2014_10 _ 74441
Model : Owtsar Gapud Styling / Photograph / Color Grading – Yours Truly ” MONDAY DOLL”
InstaSize_2014_10 _ 73359
Model : Owtsar Gapud Styling / Photograph / Color Grading – Yours Truly “TUESDAY WITH A TWIST OF COLLAR AND CHUCKS”
InstaSize_2014_10 _ 7446
Model : Owtsar Gapud Styling / Photograph / Color Grading – Yours Truly “WEDNESDAY PLAYMATE” ~we share the same love for prints and colors ❤
InstaSize_2014_10 _ 75852
Model : Owtsar Gapud Styling / Photograph / Color Grading – Yours Truly “THURSDAY MATCH UP – DRESS AND JEANS “
InstaSize_2014_10 _ 74873
Model : Owtsar Gapud Styling / Photograph / Color Grading – Yours Truly “PURPLE AND LEOPARD LOVE”

Styling for both men and women is like a cherry on top of a fantastic cake! Imagine a kid wearing a big smile on her face while checking on the clothes and accessories for every shoot! That’s how I looked like every time I am styling someone Hahah! I was indeed lucky to have very supportive friends and I mean it when I say “VERY SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS” who came along and nailed each of their poses. This would not be possible without them.

Here are the photos when I first try to check my skills in styling for men featuring the ever fabulous Jesther.

“I like the idea of him bringing so many options specially with the clothing.”

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 235752
Model: Jesther Mayol Styling Photography by Yours Truly ” Bohemian Lover”
InstaSize_2015_2 _ 23556
Model: Jesther Mayol Styling/Photography: Yours Truly “Summer Boy”
InstaSize_2015_2 _ 235893
Model: Jesther Mayol Styling/Photography by Yours Truly “Its always Sunny with Mr. Acid”


I am still on the look out by adding more photos and of course styling more men and women. Aside from trying my luck as a facilitator in a BPO company which turns out to be one of the bravest and smartest idea that I’ve done for myself , I also want to try my chances in showcasing my capability in this line of art.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions (if you feel that there is a big need for it) It would be highly appreciated 🙂

Before I wrap up this post , let me leave one of my favorite fashion quotes coming from my all time fashion icon Anna Wintour

If you can’t be better than your competition , just dress better! – WORD!


Till the next loves!

xoxo, The Moody Mina :*


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