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What’s in my Bag?

Its been a little while when I last posted my What’s in my Bag entry. A little over a year now and today seems like the perfect day to spread all my stuff (like what i always do EVERYDAY , specially when i can’t find my pink lippie and eyebrow liner haha!ITS MADNESS)

Don’t take my bag lightly dear………….

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I got my Michael Kors bag last year. It’s my first time to invest for an authentic bag and despite the heavy battle that it carries on a daily basis the price live up to what is expected. Kinda thinking of what my next bag will be. #workhard #shopharder Any suggestions?
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Hello Kitty Notebook – I always bring this notebook anywhere I go. I am using this for my random writing about random stuff and honestly speaking some parts of this notebook serves as my daily journal. I write here when im upset, happy, aggravated, inspired or burn out and surprisingly i’ve come up with some mean, deep quotes and line. (will post next time) Starbucks Planner – Always a must to have this beauty anytime, anywhere. This keeps me away from the lazy as* woman that i once was or sometimes was? . Hahahaha! #2015GOALS = #BEEXTRAPRODUCTIVE Chap Stick and Hello Kitty mirrors – recieved them both as a gift Travelling tissue – my life saver for almost everyday Cat ears – always picture ready bae 🙂
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My folding umbrella (which i rarely use but its better to be ready all the time) Tory Burch wallet – my life is basically inside this pink thingy Hahaha! money , cellphone and ipod! Once lost, i’ll die. x Fan – the leopard print is cute My pedestal key with the free Oreo bear, usb stick, hello kitty and baguio keychain 🙂
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Finally using my red MK make up kit which was a post christmas gift from my friend Jaqui. I love the fact that it can carry all of my daily essentials. There was a line in the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days” (one of my favorite chick flicks of all time) when Ben – Matthew Mcconaughey refer to the woman’s purse as a dangerous thing ~ her source of power and secrets Hahaha! this can justify that line hahaha! Eye shadow pallete, blush on, mascara, make up brush, air brush , hair cuticle , eye brow liner – brown and black, lip gloss. Obviously im into lipstick and even been exploring different shades from time to time. Most are given as gifts from close frieds. My current favorite are the wet n wild lippies that our GTP Manager gave as a gift when she had her US trip early January. I have the Noveau Pink and Dark Wine shade. I can go out with a light eye brow shade and just put a stronger shade with my lipstick. simple make up can still make a statement (especially when youre running late for work hahahaha!) cant leave the house without this red pouch.
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Let me take a selfie to wrap up this post hahaha!

I encouraged my co trainers to have their own Whats in my bag entry for me to post and share to this blog. Yay! They thought its cute and they are also excited to be sharing their weapon and secrets hahahah!

How about you? Care to share what’s in your bag?

Till the next loves,

TheMoodyMina x


4 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. Super cute! Love these types of posts 🙂 I want to do the pink/red ends on my hair too!! Is it hard to maintain them?

    1. Hi Monika. Thanks !

      Been wanting to color my hair since ever! I only had the courage late last year. My friend was the one who suggested to try ombre and i did. I want it to be a little funky so i go with brown and red. Yes it is. If you are planning to color your hair consider the thiings that you can and cant do right after the bleaching part 🙂 🙂 🙂

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