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It’s always nice to time travel and have a flashback with how you look like with your old self. Whether it’s something that you can be proud of and share with your friends because you’ve transformed from a pea to a swan (wait! a pea? hahaha labo)  or something that you don’t want to share with the world and you just want to move on with your life. In short, this is the skeleton in your closet = your deepest darkest secret. (Can be, because nothing really improved  AT ALL or you don’t want people to see the big ENHANCEMENT that just happened) Speaking of which, if you’ve transformed by any means I’m pretty sure that you are also excited to share it with the rest of the world with the help of social media.


These days, It’s pretty rare for you to bump into someone who doesn’t know hence clueless on how to pronounce #tbt – #throwbackthursday. Hashtag (#) has become a global trend. I can’t even remember when I started to use one in uploading all of my posts on Instagram ~ where it all started. But one thing is for sure the writer of this post has been using it a LOT hahaha! Going back, there is nothing wrong sharing with the world your old self, the people you were with, the memories you’ve had 3, 6, 9 years ago. To me 30% is for you to go back in time and reminisce and the other 70% is for a one stop entertainment pleasure. I have a lot! And some of my friends will just crack out of joy once they see one from me. What a bunch of as* right? Hahaha!


#throwbackthursday has gone viral world wide! And one can expect tons and tons of entries from the people on their friends list and people that they follow every Thursday. Which makes total sense on why it’s called throwback Thursday. (can someone care to explain why they pick Thursday?) I love it whenever i see a #tbt picture from my favorite artists. So I thought of not just sharing it on my personal account, but also here in my blog.


Let’s time travel on what and how I dressed before (3 years ago)

(c) Instagram – TheMoodyMina

I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever, but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita.


I will always be in love with Lolita.

Not the Japanese fashion tho, but yeah, I think it’s cute, but still over the top fashion. Not even close to the modern pin up inspired Lolita but I’m talking about the book written by Vladimir Naboviok.


Lolita – is one of the greatest books that I’ve ever read. It is also the first book wherein I got exposed to adult novel. Lolita is beautifully crafted. It is scandalous, but righteous in its own way.

Every time that someone ask me for some good read. Lolita is on top of my suggested books listing! And with so much excitement I am “unconsciously” telling the entire story to whoever I am talking to. What a great book spoiler I am right?! Hahaha… I know that whatever is showing here on the picture relates nothing to the book AT ALL. But when I first read the book it got me big time.

I read it over and over and over and this was also the time that I’ve been hooked on wearing silk and satin dresses, black tights and big ribbon on the side of my head.I wanted to embody Dolores Haze ( in my own perspective) So vulnerable yet secured. So young but reckless.


So there, been browsing my FB pictures and found these ootd shots (outfit of the day).

~ I look so young and innocent with these pics.

Again. Playing dress up does not require a size 2 and skinny legs. Anyone who has the confidence and a big sense of fashion can always flaunt and pose in front of the camera.

Till the next loves!


TheMoodyMina :*


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