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Early this year, I’ve come up with my own “Bucket List” Well, it is highly inspired by the film with the same title which stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I published it first here on my blog site then shared it on my Facebook account. My friends actually send me feedback that they kinda like my idea and some even decided to create and post their own. My Bucket List is a little different tho since it focuses more on the things that I wanted to buy. Now, this is not some kind of list of fancy stuff just to show off but when I first had the idea I think of it on a different perspective.

At the age of 19 , I started working as a call center agent and with all the hard work, I work my way up and got promoted. At first I thought that the idea of working is just to

a. Be close with my high school best friend since she is also working in the same company (BFF FOREVER)

b. I’m (FINALLY) earning my own money and there is NO NEED for me to beg for anything not even a raise on my allownace from my parents. Because again, I’m still studying at the time HAHAHAHA

c. I know that my parents and friends will be (super) proud of me.

d. I think its time for me to have a taste of what its like to work my ass off! and ……… meet new people?


But time, life events (whether its good or bad) and other stuff made me realize that out of all the reasons that I once had can still change and by the end of the day its all about myself and the people I prioritize the most. I am working to support myself and family, My father. For both of us to survive. I know that my Mom is smiling up in heaven with all the hard work and effort that I am putting to be able to keep my job. And having said that having a job requires a lot of work, effort and .. yeah sacrifices, It’s not bad to at least reward yourself. Its not for the sake of having some flashy items to show off to people and friends but something that can remind YOU that working hard does pay off. I decided to put a list of items that I am possessing to have which I know can also be beneficial or something that I can use in a long run.

I remember what my mom used to say (but her idea of treating ones self is a little different from mine)

“I am working hard so I can try all the cuisine foods that i never got the chance to eat when we were little” – yes, She take her foodgasm seriously.

Mine is a combination of what technology has to offer to make our lives wonderful Hahaha! and a bit of spoiling myself with things a girl wants to have.
It took me 4 months to actually complete my list. But never the less I am happy and proud of myself 🙂

(Should have published this post …for the longest time now , but its better to be late than never right?)

The first set of pictures shows my first post and the other side is the aftermath. My smile on the upper right can define the amount of happiness when i took the picture with all the items that i was able to complete.

Its truly one of the best feeling if you can see, feel and use all the product of your hard work. And honestly it motivates me to work even more! Not just for the cost of the material things (not all the time tho) but the feeling itself of accomplishment and happiness is truly the cream of the crop.

FYI: I am still responsible when it comes to keeping my budget on track plus my personal and family expenses always lead my priorities.

Work Hard, Enjoy and Smile later. Cheers!!!




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