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I just wanted to share this sweet message from one of my trainees that I’ve handled last month. Being a BPO Trainer exposes us to different people from different walks of life, not to mention ones that can either have a strong personality or the ones with the quiet and “I’m just here to listen and follow” persona. I think for the entire 4 years, I proudly handled more than hundred and it’s still counting.

I always believe that our influence and accomplishment with our trainees will never stop once they step outside the training room and take on live calls. But part of their learning and work ethics  will always be influenced by how this was actually taught onset of their classroom training. The way they see and handle things are majorly influenced by their Trainer. Now I can remember one of the lines from Bob Ong’s book Abnkkbsnplako?! Teachers can either create and mold the next set of leaders of our country or they will be the other half who will add poverty and crime (which is one of our current struggle for the longest time).


As of this writing, little did I know that the entire class has a sweet surprise waiting for me  They surely know that i love chocolates and im a sucker for everything sweet so there! Hahaha! This cake was supposedly for their Graduation Day last Friday, but I didn’t make it since I got home at around 2 am and the rest is history. I screamed like a little girl because of this! Hahahah! I posted this picture on my Facebook account and i made sure that everyone received my appreciation post for everything that they’ve done.


With every class that I’ve handled i made sure that the entire effort of my trainees from coming in to work everyday, the hardship of having to put all the learning in just a number of days to weeks and most importantly the effort of trusting, of someone to enter their lives and mold them to become the best on the journey that they are about to start.

Little things can mean so much and reading the words from them saying how thankful they are with all the help that you’ve given is something that you can’t just get on a daily basis.

I am indeed Grateful.




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