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Let me share the complete article that I’ve written for our company’s online article.


Hello people! I’m Mina (by legal documents i am Romina Olarte) one the Silver City Trainers. I am very happy to be sharing my love for writing here on our online journal (you can also get a read from my blog whoisrominaolarte.wordpress.com)

I write about random thoughts that can also be yours or was once yours. But my love for writing has the same level with my passion for Fashion. I always believe that “Fashion is an unspoken introduction of who you are as a person , It is one’s identity.

When I was given the chance to have my own section and write about my how to’s , reviews and tips about fashion, I thought about sharing my insight about the Do’s and Dont’s and Must Try in dressing up in a BPO company. I am hoping that this can be beneficial specifically with my colleagues here in Results. Everyone can be a Fashionista on their own. And quite frankly, besides from the people in the high society and fashion events, Most of the people with the most style and outrageous statement can be found from the people who are about to get home when the clock hits 7. And I’m talking about the lads and gals from different Call Center companies. You have to admit that going to work with whatever you want to put on is one of the best things or should I say “bonuses” in your work. I mean c’mon been dressing alike with your classmate for the entire middle school and its about time to dress up that will still incorporate with the company’s standard dress code. You don’t want to go to work looking like KeSha.

Freedom of what to wear is blissful but too much is obsolete.
We all want to dress in whatever manner we wanted and i know that being comfortable is the main priority when picking on what to wear prior to their shift (minutes and real time for the BOYS , hours and planned over the weekend for the GIRLS) but sometimes being too comfy can also cause a violation to the standard. I guess the worst comment that you’ll receive from your team mate or work mate is “Nasa Bahay lang teh?”

We are lucky enough in not being reprimanded to wear long sleeves and blazers 5 days a week, but it would be best if we can also dress in a way that will be looked up by the others. Every day we are not just going to work for the sake of money , friends and hangouts after shift, but on our way and journey to work we are also representing our company with the way we present ourself and how outside people are seeing us as their employees and associates. SMART CASUAL would have to be the safest way to describe on how one should look like.

This post is not to encourage everyone to spend more on their clothing and flash their OOTD’s with branded clothes and shoes ( you know the term “CONYO” look has got to go) but how  to mix and match whatever you have in your closet.

You can always mix and match and previous outfit that can help you survive fashionably in 1 week!

“White and Inspired Monday” Monday is the first day of the work week. This is also the time where everyone (not just the people from the upper management) is encouraged to dress up nicely. I mean, I myself make sure that I put more effort in dressing up during this day. I feel like when I dress up in a so called corporate attire on a Monday, I’m gonna go well for the rest of the work week. Monday is also the busiest day and you also want to look reserve and classy even under pressure.


I usually pick the combination of white and black. Why? You can never go wrong with the likes of black and white. Plus, you can incorporate any types of accessories especially for the ladies.
“Much Fresher Approach Monday” For our lovely Men, Long sleeves are like the epitome of wearing a smart casual attire. Bright colors (like the shades of blue) are definitely my idea for a fresh look for the boys. You can also style up by mixing some alternatives like pants, Topsider shoes or go with the basics footwear.
“Accessorize Tuesday” Ladies, we can always accessorize basic outfits. We can mix and match a printed blouse with a plain pencil skirt. Or add color by wearing a belt to an overall colored dress, Add sophistication with the likes of blazers or add a twist with an equally fashionable handbag.
“Let’s do the classic Mix and Match bro?” Tuesday should never stop us from dressing up. When it comes to men’s wear. Classic mix and match will always work. Can be with a jacket, and even washed out jeans.
“Let Loose Wednesday” Of course. We all know that our week can’t just simply end without the touch of a classic dress! We can always play dress up with some flowery dress and add some touch with a little help from our beloved accessories like belts, headband, necklaces and bracelets. A haircut can also add its own stylish touch to the outfit. Straight locks and a bangs or a clean bun or braids.
Let’s always make sure that we are still following the standard length for dresses which is 3 inches below the knees.
“Real man wear colors” Prints and colors can and will definitely work also for men. You can never go wrong with Printed long sleeves, whatever the season is. One can also add spunk to their style by adding appropriate accessories like coat, jackets and men bag.


“Put on some prints and waist on it says Thursday” I will always be in love with colors and prints. People who know me can attest to that. 2 days before we welcome the weekend we can spice up our style by putting on some printed long sleeves or shirts matched with a high waist pants and doll shoes. Simplicity can also scream the word FUN!




Also for my fellow plus size women, I recommend wearing printed dresses with lively colors! One clear statement that whatever the size is, we can all have fun with the way we dress.
“On Thursdays, we wear jacket! “ Men’s working in a BPO will consider this as their best friend. This can completely change one’s outfit. Different types of jackets will never get old in styling a man. Whether it’s in leather, cardigan or jersey jackets. This is also perfect since it’s that day of the week that we just feel like wearing whatever we can grab in the closet. It puts magic even on a simple shirt and jeans.
“Pull Over Friday!” Does the term “washout Friday? Rings a bell? Hahaha! Definitely, most have been waiting for this day. Its been 4 days of glamming up and we sure need to take a break and dress with the comfiest as much as possible. I recently found out the magic of pull overs. After purchasing 2 pairs I just simply can’t get enough and I’ve been very vocal about this new found favorite with my friends. It has a touch of Korean fashion in between. It is also perfect for the coming season and weather. You can accessorize with a little help of eyeglasses, shades, bangles and oversized necklaces – GIRLS Clean haircut, watch, nice pair of man shoes and flashing smile for BOYS


So there you have it! Hopefully this will inspire each and every one that being stylish is not just with the clothing you have on but the confidence that will make you stood from the rest. Remember, Always be yourself and make sure that by the end of the day you’ll be comfortable and happy once you look into the mirror. Convince yourself first that it’s your fashion statement because if you don’t know one would.

Till my next Spotted loves!



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