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Got Read? Para sa Hopeless Romantic

I’m back!

This past month has been a roller coaster ride. But at the end of the day, You can’t do anything about it and just have to move on and live up to whatever is expected and wanted. Expected from the people who are reading this online journal of mine (BIG THANKS and LOTS of KISSES for YOU ALL) and for myself, wanting to share my random thoughts and real life experiences which I thought can be worth the read. So yeah…….

I decided to add “sections” here on my blog and as a start I’ll be sharing MY CURRENT READ, Since my bookworm soul has been alive and kicking again. The title itself  can pretty much describe what it’s about.

My good friend Summer who is also into books was kind and loving enough to offer his latest purchase and I had the chance to finish it in one sitting that only proved that I enjoyed it! And why is that? I am the type of reader that

A. Needs to be hooked with just the cover alone! (Hahaha. This is finding the hidden weirdness in me) I can still remember whenever we are going to Fully Booked. I have to go check them by covers!

B. It should be Young Adult (I mean, One thing or genre that I can relate to)

C. One should get me with the first 2 pages of the books or else I’ll just go ahead and leave a book mark and finish it the day, week or month after.

D. I always check for the reputation of its Author.

Something that I really wanted to capture with one of the things that I love doing the most. Writing.

For me the right choices of words and the first 2-3 pages should capture the mind of its reader or else you’ll just have to wait till one doesn’t have any other books to read with, then will consider your work. I know that I have to improve since I also have admit that I’m into a long introduction (like what I am doing now)

But I was lucky enough to be reading this book first! My co Trainer told me that it’s hard to get a copy on the nearest book stands.


I have to say.. I got a little bored with the first part because I thought its the typical “boy likes girl – but they are best friends- so guy can’t admit his feelings because it’ll ruin their friendship” storyline (deep sigh)  Because seriously, There are way complicated love stories to write about man. But for the sake of finishing the book. I absorbed it (Good writing and humor, plus wit is what I also consider of just finishing the entire book) But I was moved when the pages are turned. There is so much to the story! I am guilty as charged for being so assuming and judgmental  (For once, I thought, I can hear Marcelo Santos’ In your face! comment towards me Ha-ha)  I like the concept of a story inside the actual story! The last few pages will also excite you but, I’ll save it for you guys to read the actual book!

It is worth the read and let’s not forget the fact that my current obsession in the form of JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) will be playing the lead roles of Becca and Nikko. Been stalking their Instagram when they started shooting and if that wasn’t enough, I went Ga-Ga when I found out that they were shooting at Arellano University! (my Alma Matter) Haha. Crazy. It was set to release early 2015.

I have to admit that after this experience I’ve become more interested in reading local books. Most of my current local film faves were an adaptation from Wattpad Books. I decided to start reading some novels and of course it’s my way supporting our very own authors and original story lines.

There is so much talent in writing is still yet to be discovered in our local book writing scene. Hoping that it’ll have its peak in no time. Not just in virtual app but in hardbound books.


Till my next read loves!



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