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My Life as a Trainer 2014

Long time no blog! It’s been more than 2 weeks when I had my last post and let me tell you that its not the best feeling ever ( I promised myself to *try my very best* on keeping my online journal updated as much as possible but I failed to keep my promise. A lot has happened and I don’t know where to begin. . .

For sure I did not miss the following

– Miriam Defensor Santiago announced her plans for the 2016 Presidential elections and confessed her diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer
– People (including yours truly) showed dismay when Nora Aunor didn’t make it on the latest list of National Artist 2014
– Twitter war between DJ Mo Twister and Jules X Jel Ejercito
– Its on between France and Germany on World Cup Series
And “netizens” are still drawn by Miracle in cell number 7. Include me on the list of those who cried so hard till the last scene of the movie 😥

Crazy, right? So far, I ended the month of June with mixed emotions. I mean it’s been a busy month on my work and the people around me. Gladly we are now living on my favorite month July.

FYI : 6 more days and I’ll turn a year older! Now this is crazy,  I can’t imagine my number continuously increasing! Ha-ha! I can still remember when I had my 18th birthday. Those days when all I needed to do is pass all my subjects , going home early and just simply enjoy what college life has to offer. But it’s really different 6 years later.

When I was a little kid I dreamed of becoming a Teacher. I know that every time me and my friends will play every 3:30 pm after school, I’ll be getting my bag, mini board and chalk to discuss any subjects that will cross my mind. I can actually mix Math and English at the same time! My parents will also tell me that same story. I know for a fact that teaching is in my (our) blood. Growing up in a family where all you can see is your Mother and Sister wearing that formal school attire and being able to join and watch them teach will make you hooked. (If that wasn’t enough my Grandmother , Aunt and even our Dad used to teach) but its something that eventually changed for a little while when I was introduced to TV and magazines. I can also design clothes at the tender age of 5. I started drawing girls and they have 85% genes of Sailor Moon. This is also the main reason why they asked me to join Art Club but I got bored. When I flipped the channels and started watching FTV/Fashion TV Channel my hands started to focus on dresses and accessories. I watched it everyday that I know all the names of the designers and supermodels before I turn 13. I will always be in love with fashion. It’s pretty obvious that am highly influenced by it, With the way I dress and my fashion choices including my fashion icons that are way far from the others. I also tried styling people for shoots and events. It was fun and truly fabulous. All these used to have a big part of me growing up. I may not be able to be paid to dolled up models but now I’m also the happiest with what I’m being paid for and that is to Teach.

If you take a look on my bio. You will know that I am working as a Trainer for a BPO/Call Center. I would really love to take the title that was once tagged to all the people who worked overnight to bring better food and enough money to their families. “The Modern Day Heroes”

In reality people think that what we are doing is easy and they find it unfair for us to be paid more than the usual. But let me tell you that it’s not.

Imagine the efforts that we are doing just to stay alive from 10 pm to 7 in the morning and you have to adapt schedule changes from time to time. Most of the BPO centers consider on having their closing shift started at 3am till 12 noon. Now, for a grown up woman like me it is a struggle, especially when you are commuting. Imagine placing yourself in a situation where you are prone to all types of danger (hold uppers, burglars and worst murderers) and you have to (required) do it. You have to be strong , alert and yes, you have to make believe to win everyday for you to get into your office safe, 5 times a week. You have to be awake physically and mentally for the entire 8 hours of your shift (and the hours still depends if you are required to do overtime on that day or week) Mind everybody that not 2 cups of coffee not  even energizer drinks are enough to keep you smartly sane and the challenge that you have to put all the skills and talking all at the same time. The sacrifices of spending special occasions and holidays like your Birthday,Christmas and New Year. I should know. Because I was in the exact same position 2 years ago when I started as an Agent. One should wrap its mind that regardless of what the current calamity is you are REQUIRED to come to work. There is so much more than I can share when it comes to the hard work and sacrifices that we have to go through while working in this kind of industry, but in the other hand I cant blame the others for belittling this kind of field, I’ll assume that its 40% insecurity and bitterness cause amidst all the effort and working you have to admit that we still look our best in terms of people always flashing the biggest smiles on their faces. We are definitely not paid to have fun but the people and the environment around us will definitely help to not make you feel the stress and the actual job that you are doing. I mean it’s my first ever job and it became my second home not only because of the need of having a job but the want and happiness in whatever I am doing right now.

I was a so called a “call center virgin” when I started. I’m not even that good with desktop and laptops for cake sake! But I now understand what the others used to say that if you put your mind, heart and dedication to whatever you are doing, you will succeed.

This is the exact same talk that I am doing with my trainees when we do our meet and greet. I used to be clueless with what I wanted to do with my life. Tried so may stuff depending on my current interest. But time will also have its courage to make one realize with the purpose in your life. If you’ll ask me, I am destined to teach.

Teaching is not something that you just have to be good at. This is something that you should be passionate about.

  • In our line of business,  It’s a requirement for one to be a good speaker and facilitator using the main language, English. This is something that should start and finish for straight 8 hours. Honestly, I still have learning to do with grammar, prepositions and stuff. But I always keep in mind that “practice makes perfect
  • Established great reputation or what we call “perception management” with your students / trainees. You are set to handle 25 – 30 heads coming from different walks of life plus 80% used to have a call center experience  while the remaining ones are the “newbies” that includes fresh graduates or first timers in the BPO industry. Some can be cheerful and cooperative while some can throw attitude and be difficult  when it comes to following guidelines and procedures

You have to identify and master the approach that should be used to each individuals with different personalities and learning curve. Admittedly this is one of the main challenges during the first phase of the class

These are the things that I discover throughout my entire journey.

I will always take the experience and memories with me. Forever.  For once, I know that with all the people who I got the privileged to work with, It can be one way or the other. I know that I was able to show my craft and let them feel the passion of what I am doing, spread the knowledge and last but not the least is letting them understand that this is one job that can only be done with the right amount of strength, will, skill and courage. That made us a certified ROCKSTARS!

These are some of the photos with my trainees from different waves and classes.

I’m glad that I was able to capture moments with these amazing folks.

-at least my 2nd year of being a Trainer.

Our Boys from Technical Support Wave 33. One of the craziest bunch that i’ve handled. These fellas made my job easier as a Tech Trainer because they are good! Not to mention the “funniest” as well! Hahaha
Team Lunch with our Mentors 🙂
Our last group picture before we end our class. I make it a point that i”ll have a group picture with my class before we end our training. So i’ll have some pictures to look at and remind me of our happy times 🙂
I got the chance to train our associates for other sites like Results Manila Alaska Land. I handled Foundations Training for H&R Block Account. Here we are enjoying our lunch courtesy from our resident chefs. We had 2 versions of Monggo ( with pork and tinapa) It was so freakin delicious!!!!!!!


Post Graduation pics at Antipolo 🙂
AYS Wave 142. I can say that it was my brain child idea of having Theme Days every Friday. I mean , its that one time that we can all let loose and be on our comfiest and cute attires so here…. We started with different cartoon Character shirts. We all look happy and in favor with what we have on hahaha! I represent my Mickey Mouse shirt :p
Fun times 🙂
With every class , expect a “Kikay Clique” I am so happy that we still keep in touch and we reamin good friends after all this time.
My class for Technical Support Wave 33. One of the happiest classes that ive handled! Big Thanks to TL Marc (that cute guy with the eye glass) for helping me in between the class and other stuff. We were all complete in this photo. Taken during our late lunch and OBVIOUSLY it’s our GREEN DAY that day …. 😛
Did i mention that they were also active when it comes to participating on our theme days? Hahaha very competetive (because there is a prize haha boo!) Here we are during out must do’s every friday . Group Picture with our neck ties 🙂
Small class can also be FUN! All smiles during our Uptraining to Dealer Support class 🙂
Hat Theme Day !









I am one happy Trainer am I? Ha-ha!

Which reminds me of a quote from Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account

“Doing what you like is Freedom, Liking what you do is Happiness”

This is the kind of feeling and accomplishment that I will never trade in any form.

The state of being happy and being contented with what I am doing and having the chance to share it with others.

Thankful. Proud. Happy




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