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Mang Larry’s Lechong Kawali

I now officially welcome my weekend! I badly need the rest and the smell of our bed and my pillow and it would be so sweet if i can finish a bottle of beers in between Hahah! Been busy with all the reports,handling of my class, complying with requirements and finishing proposed projects. Talk about dedication huh?

Its been a busy week not only for me but also for the entire Training Team so we decided to hit off our Saturday morning the way we do best! To get served with the most delicious and affordable Lechong Kawali by Mang Larry. Cainta’s famous LK.

It will always be one of our options if we just wanted to have some time off with our double life and enjoy the magic brought to us by their 48 pesos meal! Yep, heard it right.. we dont really go over some fancy restaurant but we all used to conquer the heat of the sun and the good all traffic just to taste our favorite lechong kawali!

My new phone makes it debut 🙂 My saturday dates at mang Larry’s Ces , Ethel , Xernan , Jay , Migs and Mich. Ces took the initiative to send out email invites on having a team breakfast. For today some of our co trainers had to go first since we still have to finish reports and stuff. Next time we will have our complete group shot!
This photo was taken when i first landed at Mang Larry’s. If im not mistaken its also the last day of our shift when they asked me to join them to this famous “kainan”( I guess this is also the time that I was still fresh from a hideous break up , that explains the newly colored red hair that i instantly changed to all red cause its cute) The pictures at the bottom part shows at what you will be getting for 48 pesos. – 1 set of Lechong Kawali with rice and soup. mostly its batchoy soup. additional rice cost you 8 pesos. I mean how is that even possible?! My first got me and Jay asking for 2 extra rice!!!! #warriormodeON

Mang Larry’s Lechong Kawali is one of the best that ive tasted so far. Well, next to our family’s version of course (My sister in law can practically cook anything out from scratch and she never goes wrong not even for one meal. She is actually the one to blame for the super size US haha)

As much as i would love to discuss what got us so hooked i let you guys try it for yourself. ( Im no foodie so i cant give specific details like the tenderness and crispyness of each cut Hahaha chos!)

My class of TS Wave 30. I miss them fellas ……. after their training they eventually became good friends and drinking buddies OOPS! :p

Of course i’ll be an advocate of good and affordable food store for my trainees and im glad that they also liked it!

I also endorse and drag my AYS Wave 142 class HAHAHA this is right after our team building. Mean and Heavy breakfast it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

I heard from someone that the place got featured in one of the episodes of Rated K (and while im typing this , there is a little voice in my head saying that NO its on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho hahaha #epic next time i’ll be sure with the source haha!) and everytime that we visit people are coming in and out proving that travelling all the way to Cainta is always worth the travel and that TV feature is truly well deserved 🙂

Been trying to get the exact details of Mang Larry’s Eatery but as i type it on Google. half will also display their blog review about the place and the rest are foursquare checked in’s …. will try to post the exact location (something im not good at so yeah) but whenever we are driving or if someone will ask our usual “tamad” answer is SA LIKOD NG TELETECH SA MAY PALENGKE. Hahaha 🙂

Exploring foods don’t need to be fancy and expensive what matters most is that you’ll have a full and happy tummy that makes you coming and craving back for more for such an affordable price!

now im starting to sound like a food critic so yeah.. we’ll stop it from here HAHAHAH..

Let’s all enjoy our weekend BBYCAKES!



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