Monthly Bucket List

Late last month i came up with this idea (out of nowhere) to create my “monthly bucket list” obviously i was pretty much inspired by the movie “The Bucket List” whick btw one of my favorite movies of all time. “Jack Nicholson fan here “✌

I thought days are turning into months then years and it passes by without us noticing it. So why not live your life to the fullest and took some time off and save money to reward yourself in between. But of course we ALWAYS need to make sure that we live up to our means and responsibilities.

I should know, I mean ive been working my ass off for almost 4 years now and im proud to say that i was able to make an investment by purchasing a 2 bedroom condo unit for me and my family. Were set to transfer hopefully late this year or early 2015. So while waiting i thought of saving some for myself. My sister and friends totally agree to this idea… They once said that instead of wasting my money by going out i’ll buy something that i can actually use.

Its a win win situatiom actually.

So early this month (MAY) i posted this on my facebook account.

I started with the famous lippy 💄💋

Girls Must have – red lipstick – stylish tote bag – smart phone



For the longest time ive been using local brands like Ever Bilena. My mom got me hooked to these brands just because they blend and work fine with our ( sensitive) skin and who can say no to their affordable items. I’d give it a YES for both the quality and quantity 👍 but as much as i love EB i will always have a special spot for MAC products. I mean no questions asked if its a MAC. The quality will always be given and as far as i can remember there is no artists,stylists or even models who doesnt have MAC on their essentials. Which makes it a living proof that it gives justice with their starting price for lippies and most of their products (1k) 😁


Once you go on MAC you will never go back
taking selfies never felt this good HAAHAHA #killmenowisolovemyself


I got mine at their Eastwood Mall store. I was really wooing for Riri Woo but my its out of stock for all their branches! but since im specific with my type of shade they recommended Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Ces already have the Ruby Woo so i gave it a shot for Russian Red and so far im lovin it!

Im always obsessed with Red matte shade because it can still make you look sexy with just the lipstick on.
There is the brand MAC written all over your face!


CALL ME ……….

As i look back i never had the chance to own a smart phone or at least a handset that can cost more than 15K. The most i had is a gift from my mother when i turned 20. For as long as the phone can send, receive message/make and receive calls IM ALL GOOD! at least for a good all 2 years i thought i couldnt care less with the phone brand and stuff.

When my sister borrowed my phone i was left cold handed with a super old school NOKIA phone. Its fine with me actually cause to be honest i am much concerned with my internet access that i can do on my iPod touch HAHAHAH! but out of nowhere i suddenly realize that even if its not a smart investment, no one said that i cant avail my self produced quote “treat yourself / YouOnlyLiveOnce to get a high end phone why not buy the latest and biggest!” and its you who work hard hard for the money use the privilege to own it! In either way i also need to have a phone that i can carry with me all the time specially in front of our associates and clients.

Now its starting to sink in… This is what modern life means. Expensive gadgets can definitely define one’s social status and clearly add happiness with all its amazing features.

After 2 years im back to Android! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Hi there baby! Mum is so excited to use you… – days prior to us purchasing the phone i had to go through the toughest decision making in my life! what to buy ANDROID or IOS! but i guess there is a clear reason why you got my final vote.

Its almost a week now that im using this phone and everyday im exploring more and more reasons to love back in Android ❤ ❤ ❤

Im giving myself at least a good month to check each features and apps for SAMSUNG 5 and maybe a review post is on the works but so far im lovin everything about it 🙂


My good friend Joyce ask her future sister in law who is currently based in London to purchase me a brand new Michael Kors tote bag. I just recently found out that authentic items in the states are sold twice cheaper compared to how we price and sold it here.For me that makes no effin sense at all!!!!!!Grr.. Anyways, she is set to take her vacation here in Manila mid month of June. So i still have 2 weeks to finally cuddle my new bag!

(will be posting the pics once it arrived)

When i posted this o my facebook account , i received positive feedbacks from my co workers and facebook friends that this is a good idea and they are about to create their own list too!

My first list was almost complete and it feels good that i was able to achieve it with the right amount of self discipline and control in terms of budgetting. Having said all these , i am now confident that i can put bigger things next on my list! Im so ready for you JUNE! 🙂

Cheers to that!


i am now confident that i can put bigger things next on my list 🙂

Cheers to that!



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