#OOTD Glitter in Gold βœ¨

My first official post for #OOTD πŸ™Š

This one was during my first day of cross training our associates to a new line of business. ( i can still remember when they assigned me to facilitate this class, days prior to the actual schedule i did a whole day of product review just to make sure that i am updated and equipped to teach#trainerduties. It kinda gives me a goosebumps! Hahah! Its been like a year and a half when i last trained this account!

By the end of the day i thinks its always fun to be training and learning everything about internet connection,laptop,desktop and data for that matter! I mean connecting to social media for example, We use it everyday and i guess no one (if not all,MOST) cant last a day without checking their feed on Facebook and Instagram? Haha! The so called “new media”

Since its the start of the work week i decided to wear something that glitter and will match my new chocolate inspired pants 🍫

And lately im getting into this new form of self narcissm haha! 😏 “shoe selfie”


And this guy right here… Over the weekend he is asking me on who’s going to train their class and i just played the part of the clueless one haha! When i enter the room we cant help but to laugh because for the nth time i’ll be teaching him! He for once made my job easier since he is a self confessed on line gamer! He is into parts,details of both the devices that im discussing and in between our schedule we shared some q&a’s which i think is awesome!

P.S i specifically ask him to wear that beanie because i think its cute on him✌


I also bring the love back of wearing headbands since i started smart casual. Its now part of my daily accesories and it feels good to be girly again hahah πŸ™ˆπŸŽ€πŸ˜


Mina’s Fashion Tips 101 πŸ‘„

β–ͺ if you are wearing a loud printed blouse its okay for you not to load with accessories. The colors and the print is already a striking statement.

~in my case i only wore a watch cause i think its a versatile accesory that can go with any type of clothing and a headband that can add a girly touch on the overall style.

β–ͺI’ve realized that matching colors is not a bad thing. The usual is the color/s of the two main pieces which are the blouse and pants. If you’ll wear one make sure to wear at least one color that balance or will be a denominator for that color.
~ i always go on wearing black!

And of course the best accesory and weapon a woman can wear is confidence and pure happiness that makes her glow from within β˜πŸ’—



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