Friday ❀

Who doesnt like Friday!?

Its that one day out of the entire weekdays that we all love! If you are working, i guess everyone can totally agree that we always tell this to ourself everytime “man, lets just be done with this day and i’ll say hello to the fcukin weekend! Haha! I am guilty as charged and ive been longing for this day to come for so many reasons!

I never thought that so much will happen and its clearly one of the best Friday that i have for this year ( also a good way to start the month of May)

I woke up at around 3:40 AM since im on a morning shift for my new class. I received a text from my BBYGRL Ces and i cant keep but laugh when i read it “maaga kang pumasok at may photobooth!” I love this girl to bits! Hahah of all people its just the 2 of us who knows how to maximize photobooth and stuff! Imagine our working stations almost filled with the pictures of us two! Anyways , im a bit clueless why we have photobooth or what are we celebrating in the office but i jumped off the bed and do my usual routine. Eat some crunchy and healty cereals with a fresh milk.

I arrived 20 minutes prior to my shift which is just perfect. We immediately check on ourselves if we are photobooth ready πŸ˜‰ some of my co trainers told me that she really waited for me to take a picture and turned down some invites haha! How sweet is that?!


I was the only one in the morning shift and it kinda sucks if you were the only one doing some admin tasks, i guess what im trying to say is that i miss my co trainers and working loud in our office hahaha!

Having said that i am the ONLY one with a different schedule. Its already noted to do some tiny adjustments and multi tasking to at least catch up since they’ll call it a day when the clock hits 7 and i was just about to start.

Catching up is always better with some smoothies while enjoying a good laugh and work related discussion with these people 😊





We had a good one despite of (almost) being toast by the sun.

We talked about changes and i heard the best feedback during our talk.

I cant really quote on the exact words coming from one of our POC and training lead but all in all but according to him i had a huge improvement! I matured in so many aspects and i guess im on top of my game now! It feels so good to be hearing these kind of feedback. They also make a joke out of it that i am way better single compared to how i was before when i am dating my ex. This got me thinking that indeed everything happens for a reason. What happened is more of a wake up call that you dont literally needed someone to be a better person and progress with your life but you only need yourself to be determined and achieve what you truly deserve in life. I know my mom would be proud up there πŸ’ž

Its also the first Friday for my class and as a “tradition” i asked them to participate with our class’ theme day. This is one practice or mini event that i started with my previous class. Since its a friday why not have a theme for everyone that can add up the fun to the class environment. Its also the last day of the week and we all deserve that!
When we started it I also found out that most of the classes are also doing it! Spreading the fun to our future best agents as early as Training.

I asked them to wear any head piece πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© and im very happy that everyone participated 😊

Right after our class , we decided to take some pictures πŸ‘




Its a long fun day and at exactly 3 PM im so ready to go home and start my weekend. I am so excited to go home because today is also my sister’s birthday!!! I already set my surprise gift and thats a cake! A long and yes! touching birthday message is what i dearly created for less than 10 minutes! And posted on her wall right after i woke up making me the first one to greet her! So the plan is to not greet her or not to mention anything about her special day and ill assume that she got upset not getting or hearing anything from me before i go to work. Sorry sis!



When i got home, i started singing Happy Birthday to you…… And hand over the cake. Haha! I finally saw that kind of birthday smile! She and our friends are all busy preparing foods (she just wanted to prepare enough foods for family and close friends because we are still thinking that its just 5 months when our mother passed away and big celebration is somewhat inappropriate) Our friends and some neighbors started arriving at around 7PM. It was a simple gathering and we had a good laugh with some delish foods! i still think we serve the best lumpiang shangai! hahaha!! We also set up a mini karaoke since most are into singing specially the birthday girl and the next thing you know everyone is just having a great time on a Friday night. I say goodbye to the world as early as 11:30 (started my day at around 4 AM and it didnt help that there is only a few people drinking hard including myself hahah) and when i woke up at around 7AM her high school buddies made it as expected. I always look up on the kind of friendship that they have. I first met them when i was still a 6 year short haired chubby little girl and now im 23! I cant remember when these fellas missed my sister’s birthday and also special occasions of our family. Their friendship is real, fun and yes you can definitely feel that its not just the typical highschool clique but its more of a sister and brotherly bond that they will always have for each other. They never fail to remind me that they will always love my sister! How sweet!


To my Ate,

Please do remember that im always here for you. I will always be proud to have you as my sister. I know that Mama is up there smiling because we are closer than ever. I promise to not disappoint you again and i will do my very best to repay everything that youve done to take care of your little sister. You are all that i have right now and i consider you to be my second mother. My wish will always be the same continued happiness , good health and more good surprises to come your way. So many people loves you Ate! Cheers to 31!!

P.S as of this writing i just woke up after an 11 hours of sleep✌

TheMoodyMina πŸ’‹


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