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Love and Music

I’m back!

I’m excited to be working on this new post because I have a lot going in my head that I wanted to transfer into words for the longest time.Besides, who wouldn’t be giddy and excited to write if it involves love and celebrity couples?

After the last Grammy Awards I got hooked so bad not just with the red carpet fashion 101 but with Beyonce’s performance of Drunk in love (the carrier single of her latest album)
It features her husband Jay Z. Man, Beyonce still has it whenever she performs. She is like a one piece band where you can’t really take your eyes off of her and one should admit that she sing and dance as if it’s her last. She is an all out true blue performer and she has once again claimed the title Queen B!

This was actually the first time that I’ve watched them perform together live except for their hit video Crazy in love back in the days. But I was not quite sold cause I think its too shaky hahaha 😁 ooh! I like Bonnie and Clyde though! ✌ Anyways, I was completely blown away with how they blend well and complement each other when they perform. Beyonce nailed it with her killer voice and sexy moves (check out that booty!) Jay Z on the other hand doing his *thang* on that suit is so sexy and legit. I can now picture him with his title “Music Mogul” because of that! Compared to how they were on that Crazy in Love video, They have evolved into a sense of music and fashion. I mean they have to since they are one of the biggest stars of today.
It’s just appropriate to keep it classy shawty.

But what I absolutely love is it’s one stellar performance and while watching you will just be reminded that they are husband and wife! How cool is that!! Jay Z is also a big rap star and music producer but he never steals the spot light from his lady love. You can also see how proud he was with his wife. They end it with Beyonce kissing Jay Z and they walk together to wrap up their number *I think that’s the sweetest* If  I’m Blue Ivy I’ll be the proudest daughter seeing my folks performing at the Grammys.


I also downloaded the song cause it’s sexy hahaha and I watch the music video, but i gotta give it to their Grammy stint cause its more realistic and way cuter. I even downloaded that video for cakes sake hahah! (Couldn’t get enough)

Now I understand why some local celebrities adore these two and kept on posting their picture on Instagram. I was never really a fan to begin with (not because some folks are claiming that they are part of Illuminati LELZ. My thinking will not go that far) But after watching them and seeing posts about their story I couldn’t help but to re consider of adding them on my “Couple Peg List” which is also my main inspiration for this post.

Hahahahah …. I am still working on a less introduction readers hahah!

Couple peg list. What the hell is that?! Its my personal list of real life couples both in the local and international scene that I adore, idolizes. Love stories that I wish i have and overall my couple crush. That’s it! I have a number on my list and will start with….. Who else?

Beyonce and Jay Z

We all know that before they got married they were in a long term relationship as bf/gf and they’ve been doing collaboration since then.

They are also considered as one of the most powerful couples with their individual achievements.

But I stumble upon some photos on Tumblr and Instagram that I personally think is really sweet and gave a whole meaning to their relationship.






Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

I remember my first post in Tumblr about Kanye West. That was the time when he surprisingly grabbed the mic to then new artist Taylor Swift when she received the Best Female Video and protest that it should be Beyonce leaving Taylor in the most awkward position ever! A lot (millions) thought that its an inappropriate act. But I was never bothered with how Kanye acts. I mean, he is self centered and thinks that he is God but it wouldn’t be Kanye if he is nice, right?! All these years Kanye evolved himself both for his music style and is also noted with his unique and innovative style.

I always wanted a guy with his own fashion statement.








Out of their thousand pics , these are my absolute favorite. I mean they tame each others (in a very good way) Kim used to have a not so good reputation with the media and press. Remember that she is famous for being famous.

Who can forget that private video of Kim and then boyfriend Ray J that went viral. ( I guess this can take the 50% credit with where and who she is when she’s still starting)

Kanye being the biggest douche alive. Throwing mean,offensive comments and non stop bashing with his fellow artists and how he (and still) introduces himself as the greatest rapper alive. He is Yeezus. (Although I was an instant  fan from his first album The College Dropout) just sayin hahaha!

But now if you’ll look at them you’ll forget whatever and whoever they are in the past.

All that we can see is a much sophisticated (and yes a better version) Kim with her improved fashion statement. (I think she is now and finally convinced that the lesser the exposure *of the boobage*is way better) Hands on and a very proud mother to their adorable angel North and good publicity for quite some time now.

Her two younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the ones in the spotlight now.

Kanye West still doing what he do best. Showing everybody how to dress up like , well whoelse like Kanye. He is also a mainstay with most of the high end fashion shows both in Paris and New York with his lady love. Same with Kim, after giving birth to North West what people see is two hot, fashionable and fine celebrity couple with an adorable baby!! Need i say more? They been good and people are also liking it ( more positive than negative feedback on their IG posts and tabloid feature)

Why I like them is the fact that they started as good friends. And who would have thought that these two troubled souls find their way to each other?

Kim made Kanye a better person and much better media rep. She tamed the monster that everybody knew and same goes with Kanye. I like this kind of Kim K way better.

Can you at least imagine the level of maintenance one should possess to be Kim Kardashian’s husband? And how cool it is that Kanye West is your baby daddy!?


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