Excess Baby Cushions :)

I will always be proud with my body type. Its me and it’s what i have. It wouldn’t be me if im skinny or size 2.  It’s always been like that or not that i remember. But when i look back with all my pictures that my mom kept for all these years. I was once in a normal size when i was a baby (not the cute chubby baby like what I’ve always imagined or something) i was actually kind of thin? then when i enter Grade school and Middle school BOOM! extra packs of full food pleasure kicks in.


One thing that i also like is the fact that for some natural reason or something. Acceptance is already with me.

So instead of feeling like a sore loser,miserable on whatever aspects i consider that im still smart though cause at least i didn’t end up doing some crazy stuff like


Starving myself to death 😒😒😒


Or pay hundreds of thousands for a surgery (which will never happen cause i don’t have that big of amount hahaha) i also hate needles and anesthesia 💉💉💉


Blame my parents for not doing anything until it’s too late (i will never ever do that cause i am thankful enough for my parents letting me eat those chocolates and chicken hahaha sarap kaya?! and lastly they are both AWESOME )


And worst, blaming someone for your weight! Hahahahaah 😭😂😩


clearly one of the best lines from MEAN GIRLS.

I will just simply embrace the excess cushions that i have. yep ,i call them “cushions” instead of FATS not because im in denial of what it actually is or im so full of myself but i thinks its cute to call em cushions cause they’re soft and people like them fluffy whenever they needed hug


Who will say NO to that?

On a serious note.

I am obese

BMI measurement is one way to see if you are healthy at your weight and it is based on your weight and height.

Underweight: BMI is less than 18

Healthy weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9
Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9
Obese: Your BMI is 30 or higher

Clearly mine is different from the usual but im telling you right now that i never see myself the way others see them or the way people see someone like me. I never hated myself or anyone because im fat. I love to eat , i love chocolates, i love rice and i love cold sodas and soft drinks ( i started to appreciate sweets and sodas since i was 5 or 6?)

Did i ever try to lose weight? YES – Of course i did. Growing up,it’s all about peer pressure. your friends are all dolled up with their beautiful dresses and as much as you want to dress like them (but maybe with a different style hahaa) it’s so hard because they don’t have any to offer for big sizes like you.


one epic example that everyone can relate to…..


Entering college and you’re starting to develop a certain feeling or “crush” towards someone when you know for a fact that they are more after (if not drooling) over the perfect 36-24-36 size and least of their concern is if she looked like an angel or someone who got punched and never survive





y’all know what it is.

It is hard and whats worse is people (friends and even relatives for cakes sake!) around you will try to rub in your face that you are FAT and expecting that we have high tolerance when it comes to ambush jokes and stuff. But all these are things that cant be control and even if you try to ignore there will be a certain point and person that will remind you that you are far from the perception of being normal.



Yeah, that exactly what i’m doing *inside my head* Haha J.Law ❤

Did I receive any support or encouragement from my family to lose weight?
I received all the support but my family specially my Mama will always remind me that i need to be more aware and concern of my weight for health reasons but usually those type of talk will just lead to me asking her on where she wants to eat on our next date. (its like we have a clear proof system when it comes to this matter. I guess since you {except for your father} are all healthy within your family really helps for everyone to better understand that we are not different from the others and we can still do stuff and stand out in our own ways) We are taught that this should never be a hindrance to show how fabulous you are and all that we needed to do is to enjoy life.

In a nutshell i tried but i didn’t go through the extensive diet program like regularly going to the gym, taking diet pills and stuff. I tried for like a couple of weeks but geez my heart keeps on coming back to me and my tummys first love FOOD. My family keeps on reminding me from time to time that it’s not good/healthy specially for a lady like me to keep on gaining weight. They are also after the idea of me getting into a relationship (yeah you have to admit that most of not all still think that weight will also be a major factor in getting a serious relationship) and me living longer if im FIT.

All this time i never consider my weight as an issue and i know that’s it’s simply because my family wont make me feel that it is one thing that can mess up my life. I never care before because i decided to just enjoy what i have.

I know everything. Maybe im just too stubborn to think or worry more about all these. But yes there are times that reality will just knocked me out from being the hard headed one and will being me back to my psyche that lots of bad things can happen if were talking about one’s health. I know that im not getting any younger , hell i may not even reached my 30’s if i didn’t do anything.

So i started a little guide line to being healthy and staying ALIVE. without the use of any pills,drugs or recommendations from books, i listed down some baby steps that i can do to control and lessen my weight.

If you are reading this post i suggest that it’s also helpful if you will set your own steps that are realistic and attainable (something that you CAN do and not something that seems like you are FORCED to do because there is a 99% chance that you will quit or fail as early as Day 2 and you don’t want to be a loser on your own race right?)

We can start little by little……… Baby steps if i may say

-im starting to lessen my meal for the day (im giving myself an allowance to eat more come to dinner so i’ll have energy prior to my shift and you’ll just probably need a small bite during your work lunch break) FYI: I am not skipping meal because it’s also dangerous for a starter like me

– before i can drink 2-3 bottles of COKE or Mountain Dew and thats just for the whole day! but now im trying to lessen my count to 1and survive my day with water.

– going to work and going home i prefer to take route that needs long walk. I know sweat is not cool at all but a little wont hurt right? as long as i have my ipod and earphones with me IM GOOD.

– im also starting to eat healthy. i have to admit i was never a big fan of veggies in fact i hate em but when my tummy needs some fuel up i am buying healthy foods like CBLT sandwich and freshly packed fruits.

So far im surviving…….

My goal is not the same with some of our local celebrities that are dying to look like Miranda Kerr or Alessandra Ambrosio (thats hallucination hahahaha) i know that it will take time, can be years and a big amount of effort to lose weight but im in no rush. All that i ever wanted is to at least lose a little not for whatever or whoever reason but FOR MYSELF. I have dreams that i want to accomplish and for me to do that i need to be alive and for me to be alive i need to be fit and healthy. Not a modele-sque type of fit but just the normal.size not too thin and not overly “cushy” Hahaha

Im currently on my first week now and lets see on what will happen (SOON on my next post)

I’m no expert when it comes to being healthy (obviously) but when i started this post i just simply want others *specially woman with the same size* to realize that we can and SHOULD be inspired to focus more on things that DOES matter.

We cant change what we have overnight but we can still show people that we are more than what they see.

Yes. we don’t have the Alessandra Ambrosio frame but lets focus and flaunt what most of us have. Our cute faces hahahaha! geez one should admit that majority can bank on that pretty face.

That’s why they have this viral “meme” about a combination of body type and facial value. On how most of the times they are disproportion.


So much for stereo typing but you cant really help to laugh cause its partially true HAHAHAHAH!

Okay, going back. We can always bank on our asset.

Taking good care of your skin , putting some colors and adding that extra touch on your face with the help of make up and other beauty products that perfectly fits your skin and preference.

But lets not forget the rule of thumb. Being simple can never go wrong 🙂

too much makeup

I love you Christina but my.. ANYAREH?! too much can lead you on looking like this.

We can still flaunt our curves and mix it with our flare for fashion.

In my case ,  I love fashion and experimenting with it and because of that i can’t really put a name with my fashion preference hahaha. But i have a big appreciation with bright and neon colors lately 🙂

Whoever said that we cant join the #OOTD (outfit of the day) madness?

20140412-132638.jpgWe can also do whole body poses and still look cute right? Heeeheee…


And we can always embrace everything that life and happiness has to offer and let it be captured through film.



I never thought purple and white can be cute together.

20140412-133010.jpgLet me flash my new pair of DM’s while waiting for my dress. This was taken hours before our company’s Christmas party (2013)


Feeling like a hipster during my class’ GREEN Theme Day 🙂





Dont you just love flower crowns? ❤ ❤ ❤


The main key on being happy is clearly the acceptance of the things that you have and just simply be it.

Just wear your smile and some killer taste for fashion.Walk the talk, Always think and act smart to be successful. By the end of the day people will still see not just the outside part but with how you strive to be on top regardless of the flaws.

You can be fabulous without a size and a number!


TheMoodyMina :*

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