Heartbreak Warfare





“Smile and let everyone know that today, You’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday” I’ve been hurt for so many times. Both by reality and my dreams. The people who i loved the most left me when all i needed is love,support and care from someone. When all i needed is just THEM. When i thought that i found that someone who can fully understand my crazy little butt. That someone who will never get tired of looking at me and fall in love the way i did each and everyday. That someone who i thought can bring back my faith with the word love.Suddenly crushed with whatever is left of me. That day when i thought i fully understand what i wanted to do in my life decided to give a twist that brings disappointment and lost of belief for myself. But one day i woke up and i finally realized that every single day that is given is a chance for me to live on. Life has its reason and what i needed to do is  to carry on and move forward, without looking back to what have caused me pain. People are not given a chance to do what i am capable of doing. To be loved and feel loved by the people who are still here to support and guide me. People who are still willing to make me smile everyday. What i had is a bitter taste of life and unfortunately i had to experience all these for me to understand the worth of life and appreciate my worth after all I am not just doing it for myself but my Mother is sure to be happy looking down from heaven. Seeing her little girl surviving and (now) happy. – I am not weak , never will be weak cause i am the strongest person that i know.



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