Mama Monster is Back!

If you ask me? I don’t believe in the term “one hit wonder” i mean if people dig your music, thousands to million views on YouTube and you can sell hundreds or  million copies of your album then that only means that there is something special about you that make your music worth listening to the people.

I mean yes there are artists that will just pop out from nowhere with their killer song going on viral and next thing you know you’re just basically typing that SAME song over and over on YouTube and Google.

End of Story.

Lady Gaga is a BIG exception for this case.



The Mother Monster had been idle for quite some time now and the last video that we’ve seen from her is APPLAUSE the carrier single from her latest offering ART POP.  the concept of the video gives justice to the album name and i like that there is a mixture of influence for each song. I listened to most of her tracks and im also impressed with the versatility of her voice.

The Queen of Pop Madonna answered on an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she has a good voice! 


that make up though ❤ ❤ ❤

Some may say that its another piece of chaos from her but i will always will be a fan of all her videos.

I think its well conceptualized (errr i guess i’ll give Poker Face a 60/100 since she is just basically starting that time) and the people behind it really thought about the concept and it is evolving from one video to another (story line and cinematography wise)

Its been some months that Gaga went silent and she is more active participating in different award shows.
– and for the love of *bashing*people started thinking that she may have gone in a different path both for her music and style.

Since she started to look more CLASSY and CLEAN (without the heavy head piece, over the top make up and outfit)


Lady Gaga wearing Versace| Oscars 2014

Some even claim that “she’s in a music hiatus” and planning to focus more on fashion but i know what exactly she is doing on the days that she is MIA. (Which is good for other artists exposure and variation for the audience) she is spending her precious time for her next video! and its gonna be a big one for sure!

Some of my friends posted a screen shot of the video on Instagram prior to its release date last March 23,2014. I guess we are all psyched for the release of the new video 🙂

It has 2 different versions. If your a die hard fan and looking for a somewhat movie type of video like this one that i posted runs for 11:46 and the other video is for 4:11

I super love this song and video. Been playing it everyday and if that wasn’t even enough i even downloaded the video on my iPod! hahaha and there is so many things to love!

– STORY (though its a bit long for a normal viewing)

– the part where they injected couple of her songs VENUS and ART POP on the first part of the video (another must watch and listen from her album) very ABBA-ish hahaha ❤

“when you touch me i die just a little inside i wonder if this could be love”

– the dancing part is really awesome! This is something that i really admire with Lady Gaga. she always incorporate dancing to all of her videos (its a MUST if you’re making a POP video) and she proved it already.

the girl CAN dance!

– the styling on her is just divine! She is the new muse of Donatella Versace. (that pretty much explains the straight,long,white hair and the stellar gowns and corsets that she is wearing not only on this video but also on her recent public appearances.



– and lastly , i like this because its from Gaga!

From the wildest outfit , outrageous public stints even on the biggest awards like the VMA’s. She and her team did everything to be remarkable. Her goal is not to be safe but people wanting more. Whether in a positive or negative (well in either way) she leaves a certain impact to sell herself , music and her brand.

I for once thought that she’ll have the same story for her next coming years but she proved me wrong DAMN WRONG.

Even if your not a fan you have to admit that you are always on the look out waiting for her next unconventional outfit or act.


I still believe that this meat outfit she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010 is GENIUS!!!




Reinvention of music and style is always a must for a comeback!

Being safe makes you boring and people are always after the entertainment (even if most them wont admit it)

Lady Gaga and the people behind her acts sure knows that the more people find her eccentric and mysterious with all the publicity the more they’ll be making money.


Being safe makes you boring and people are always after the entertainment (even if most them wont admit it)

Lady Gaga and the people behind her acts sure knows that the more people find her eccentric and mysterious with all the publicity the more they’ll be making money.


Its all about taking guts and recreating the usual and its only up to you on how far you can go to make a clear statement for yourself. Its also the statement that can determine if you’ll be on a long run or just a gyp shot fame!

Its okay to be idle but make sure that when you come back , you’ll be giving a whip plash that makes people sigh with the term ” She is not Dead”


TheMoodyMina ❤


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