Take me back to where it all started

When i decided to pursue my writing in a form of blog i knew that big part of what i want to share is  my childhood memories. Yep , i know i had a good one. I cant see myself enjoying it with how it was for teens today. The TV shows , lifestyle (which i strongly believe is way decent compared to date)  uhmmm not sure with fashion because obviously there is a big improvement now thank Gee hahah! and to top it all off its definitely the music that i love remembering the most! its my favorite! When everyone is still dying to know who is better between Britney and Christina and when my brother first played that Family Values ’98 tape that literally changed my whole life (in terms of music and style)

I can and always love going back to the music that i grew up with.  Most of the songs that i’m downloading is either from the late 90’s or early 2000. I only have a few for today’s music (mostly are also from the same artist or band) playing on my ipod.

Since i am on a morning shift i am waking up every 3 AM to prep up for my 6 AM shift. So early and its brutal cause i literally need my Dad + 3 alarms to wake my system hahaha! Its really hard at first but im also loving it specially with how light the transportation and the company of my co trainers “WE ARE ALL LOVING THE MORNING SHIFT” ahahaha!!! going back one of my daily routine to wake my damn  system is to turn ON my playlist, put my earphones and turn up the volume while listening to LIMP BIZKIT. Been listening to most of their songs for the whole week and i am loving it!

So i decided to write a post about them and their music videos that i’ll never get tired of watching.

They may have changed their music style but they will always be one of my favorite bands.

I think they are all adorable specially Wes Borland and Sam Rivers hee hee ❤

I am just happy that even at the end they band decided to stay as one. I am just hoping that Nu Metal can still wave its flag and make some music that is worth listening.


P.S (to be continued)


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